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White Papers and Research

Collaborative Data Integration: Coordinating Efforts within Teams and Beyond

This report by TDWI Research defines collaborative data integration as user best practices and software tools that foster collaboration among the growing number of technical and business people involved in data integration initiatives.

• Collaborative data integration growth and increasing importance,
• The reach of collaborative data integration encompassing both technical and non-technical people, possibly in multiple organizations,
• Approaches fostering collaboration, bringing extended teams together, and
• Requirements for tools, techniques and teams.

Simplified BI for the Masses

Information is the lifeblood of accurate decisions. To make informed decisions, employees need accurate and up-to-date data and a way to make sense of it. This whitepaper focuses on the data needs of organizations and the benefits of simplifying business intelligence to enable a broader audience to access corporate data.

Mitigate Risk with Security Assessments Using BDNA Insight

To mitigate risk and manage security, organizations must be able to measure the effectiveness of the people, policies, processes and products securing applications and data. By gaining transparency into risk and security status with rapid, flexible security assessments, organizations can rapidly improve risk management. Assessments should deliver a risk-relevant view of the IT infrastructure, enabling you to track progress towards policy compliance targets. This white paper describes a new technology for conducting rapid, flexible assessments.

Enterprise Risk Intelligence

A Business Analyst at Satyam discusses the Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) concept, the implementation challenges with Basel II ERM Framework and some of the recent trends in this space which have a potential to transform ERM.

Integrating Data in the Information System, an Open Source Approach

Today, many organizations are deploying new systems - relational database management systems (RDBMS), business applications such as customer realtionship management or enterprise resource planning, data warehouses, etc. Any new technology deployment in an enterprise information system requires the newly-deployed system to interoperate, in one form or another, with a number of other applications or databases, to guarantee the consistency of data in the overall information system. This White Paper describes a number of real-life interoperability scenarios and explains how an Open Source approach helps solving the interoperability challenge.

Hit the Ground Running with Operational MDM

Jump-start your master data management (MDM) initiative with the efficient Operational MDM approach. The next generation of data integration and master data management systems employ in-line data services based on self-learning semantic technology.

Data Warehousing, Next Generation Business Intelligence and the Evolution of Data Quality

Business intelligence (BI) is only as good as the data that supports it. But real-world experience is showing that existing data quality tools and data warehouses can’t support evolving BI requirements. In an new whitepaper, David Loshin explains how embedding data quality services directly into applications can help meet key challenges involving: unstructured data, globalization, the explosion of raw data and the need for realtime synchronization between data sources.

A Leading Solution for a Leading Technology

Download this whitepaper to learn how you can transform your data into trusted information in real time! IBM’s recent acquisition of DataMirror is helping enterprises increase their business agility and streamline operations through the revolutionary data integration software platform, IBM Information Server. Complete with data profiling, cleansing and transformation capabilities, organizations are now able to support Information On Demand initiatives including Dynamic Warehousing, Master Data Management, SOA integration and eBusiness with up-to-date information.

Evaluating Real-Time Data Integration Solutions

In a survey of 300 enterprises, 85 percent said that delays in the availability of required information were impacting their decision making capabilities. The need for more timely and accurate information has become a critical driver of business success. But increasingly, companies are hitting roadblocks in their quest for up-to-date information. Download this whitepaper to learn how you can increase your business agility with real-time data while eliminating the batch window from your ETL processes.

A Roadmap to Data Migration Success

Many significant business initiatives and large IT projects depend upon a successful data migration. Your goal is to minimize as much risk as possible through effective planning and scoping. This paper will provide insight into what issues are unique to data migration projects and offer advice on how to best approach them.

Show Me: Automatic Presentation for Visual Analysis

This paper describes Show Me, an integrated set of user interface commands and defaults that incorporate automatic presentation into a commercial visual analysis system called Tableau.

Visual Analysis for Everyone

This whitepaper describes how Tableau Software solves problems with a declarative visual query language (VizQL), describes how to query data and how to present it visually.

The Definitive Guide to Midmarket ERP Solutions

This comprehensive guide contains: 'The Inside CRM Midmarket ERP Solutions Buyer’s Guide,' 'The Inside CRM Midmarket ERP Solutions Checklist,' '10 Questions to Ask When Choosing a Midmarket ERP Solution' and 'The Inside CRM Midmarket ERP Solutions Comparison Guide.'

Data Quality Essentials

Trillium Software’s ”Data Quality Essentials” white paper introduces strategies and techniques that have been used by many Fortune 500 companies to plan and implement a successful data quality solution and process. Incorporating an effective data quality solution into your project requires a number of additional activities throughout the lifecycle of your project plan. Find out why and learn who should perform and execute what technique during each of your project’s phases.

Advances in Data Warehouse Performance

WinterCorp analyzes IBM's DB2 Warehouse and how it addresses twin challenges facing enterprises today: improving the value derived from the torrents of information processed every day, while lowering costs at the same time. Read this paper to learn how to reduce query response time from hours to seconds, support real-time data warehousing, optimize your storage and lower operating costs.

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