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Business Intelligence (BI)

HP ERP Business Intelligence

ERP systems serve a critical function by integrating separate business functions into a single application architecture.

Business Intelligence for Tax Planning: Value, Strategy, and Vision

Single Sign-On for Webintelligence

A Structured Method for Specifying Business Intelligence Reporting Systems

Business Intelligence in a Real-Time World

The Critical Shift to Flexible Business Intelligence

Transforming Telecommunications Business Intelligence

Unleashing Enterprise Business Intelligence in an Era of Affordable Computing Resources

Netezza Performance Server Appliance: An Architectural Comparison

Clickstream Analysis: Tracking the online customer - Challenges and Solution

QlikView - Using Complemntary Business Intelligence Software with SAP

Transforming Excel

This white paper not only addresses the breakthrough of MSSO/SD4E, it also tells you how you can easily and instantly begin taking advantage of this powerful, yet surprisingly low-cost technology.

Leveraging Intelligent Resources

Operational BI

This white paper reviews the current understanding and usage characteristics of operational BI. It highlights the fundamental differences between operational BI and the more classical strategic and tactical usage of business intelligence.

What's Wrong with this Picture?

Transforming Excel into a Powerful Tool

Hosted Business Intelligence - New Options for Small-Medium

This white paper is about new hosted reporting offerings for small to medium enterprises.

The Transformative Economics of Professional Open Source on Business Intelligence Technology Selection and Evaluation

This white paper focuses on the technology consideration and evaluation dynamics and the significant advantages for prospective customers that professional open source business intelligence can present.

Performance Tuning - Business Objects

This white paper is intended as a reference for Business Objects performance tuning information, techniques and pointers.

Business intelligence and the distribution industry: Are you missing out?

This white paper aims to show you how business intelligence can be used by companies in the distribution industry to improve six key issues.

Business Intelligence for the Telecommunications Sector

This white paper is about the needs of the telecommunications sector and how Panorama NovaView can meet them.

Panorama NovaView For Retail

This white paper is about the needs of retail organizations and how Panorama NovaView can meet them.

Panorama NovaView for Manufacturing

This white paper is about the needs of manufacturing organizations and how Panorama NovaView can meet them.

Panorama NovaView For Financial Services

This white paper is about the needs of financial services organizations and how Panorama NovaView can meet them.

Pro-Active Metrics Management

This paper reviews the capabilities of metrics management software and outlines the most important features and capabilities to look for in a solution.

SAP and Business Intelligence

This white paper explores the choices available to organizations that wish to maximize the value of SAP and other application and legacy data through business intelligence. Topics range from basic reporting against SAP applications to more sophisticated systems that capitalize on BI’s ability to integrate data from multiple SAP and non-SAP sources.

Enabling Business Insight, Agility and Performance

This paper is intended for information technology and business-line executives with an interest in the current and future trends of business intelligence. It discusses high-performance organizations and business intelligence.

BusinessObjects XI: Redefining How Information Empowers Users

This paper is an introduction to BusinessObjects XI,

Business Intelligence Standardization

This paper gives an overview of the advantages of implementing BI standards and takes a look at some of the real-life best practice techniques used by industry leaders. Read on to learn how successful organizations have standardized on, and benefited from, business intelligence from Business Objects.

Business Intelligence Software: What It Is and Why Is It Necessary

This white paper looks at business intelligence software, its purpose and importance.

Leveraging Intelligence Resources

This white paper discusses how intelligence agency management can apply machine translation as a much needed support tool that can make linguists and intelligence analysts more effective in producing meaningful and actionable results.

The Franklin Institute Dramatically Improves Revenues and Profitability with Actuate

This white paper is about the Franklin Insitutes use of Actuate and the impact on its industry management tools.

Organic Customer Growth for Financial Services Institutions

This paper will look at innovative strategies and technologies to support customer growth and profitability.

Automated Analysis Technology

Read about the Verix solution in this white paper.

2006 AT&T Business Continuity Study

For the fifth consecutive year, AT&T; has polled CIOs and other senior IT executives at companies throughout the United States with more than $10 million in annual revenue for their views on disaster planning and business continuity trends. Despite the devastating effects of Hurricanes Katrina and Rita in 2005, approximately half of the 1,000 companies surveyed said that they do not take specific protective actions even when state or federal governments issue warnings for an impending disaster.

Is Your Data Warehouse an Asset or a Liability?

ProfitBase 2007 ensures that your DW stays synchronized with your business' information requirements because it is quickly and easily reconfigured.

The IQ Solution Cycle: A Methodology for Building a Data Quality Initiative

In this white paper, data quality expert, Frank Dravis helps readers avoid pitfalls and unnecessary detours by guiding them through the phases of the IQ Solution Cycle and the detailed steps in each phase.

The Top Ten Trends in Business Intelligence for 2007

This paper offers you a glimpse into the BI challenges and priorities of other organizations and can help you bring your own BI plans into focus for 2007.

Business Objects and Microsoft Interoperability

This white paper discusses how customers using Microsoft and Business Objects technologies can maximize the interoperability from their existing investments.

Connecting Microsoft BI to a Teradata Warehouse

This white paper will address the collaboration efforts between Teradata and Microsoft technologies.

The Myth of One Version of the Truth: Creating the "Holy Grail"

This white paper discusses some of the reasons for creating a single set of reports and definitions for all business term and describes a surprisingly simple solution. Learn One Version Of The Truth Today!

Helping Customers Get Maximum Value from Enterprise Data

Combined Microsoft and Informatica Technologies can help you maximize the value of existing systems and easily integrate more affordable technologies without disrupting day-to-day business operations.

A New Business Model to Drive Business Intelligence Acceptance and Adoption

Pentaho’s professional open source model delivers flexible, standards-based BI at a far lower total cost of ownership than proprietary BI products.

Better Decisions for Better Performance

Enterprise decision management is a practical, sensible approach to boosting operational results while creating new value from current investments.

Data Shadow Systems: Eliminating the Liability of Data Housed in End-User Access Databases and Excel Spreadsheets

This whitepaper will define what Data Shadow systems are, identify them in your enterprise, acknowledge where they fit in the enterprise information delivery infrastructure and how to improve and validate them for the purpose of better, more timely decision-making.

7 Critical Characteristics to Demand from your Lead Company

This whtie paper reveals how you can prevent companies from bulldozing your budget, how to avoid stale, overcalled leads, and how to start enjoying better ROI now.

The Executive Guide to BI Success

Learn new methods to collaborate, explore and integrate vital business information companywide, in a user-driven environment.

The Olap Survey 6 - The World's Largest BI Study

Download your free copy of the OLAP Survey 6 Summary by BOARD.

Closing the Management Information Gap with Operational BI

This white paper discusses how to address needs and challenges with operational BI, to provide the right information to the right people and when and how they need it.

Operational Business Intelligence: The Lawson Approach

The next horizon for BI involves deploying BI solutions in parallel with specific operational solutions and processes, thus enabling “right-time” decision support to a broader base of users at all levels of the organization. These new types of applications are called operational business intelligence (OBI).

Board M.I.T.: A Toolkit Approach to Corporate Performance Management.

A new breed of solutions, described as CPM toolkits, is now available to help companies answer these challenges.

Product Information Management: Business and Technology Trends

Product Information Management (PIM) is increasingly critical for managing the “information supply chain,” including data capture, assimilation, synchronization, and publication of information. This independent survey reveals critical insights into the needs, practices and problems faced by organizations planning or implementing PIM, and recommends a six-step approach for PIM adoption.

Oracle Business Intelligence Suite Enterprise Edition Plus - Technical Overview

The purpose of this white paper is to detail the components of Oracle Business Suite Enterprise Edition Plus, which can be used together or independently. Whether you are an Oracle BI customer or not, this white paper will help you understand best practice requirements of world-class business intelligence implementations.

Simplified BI for the Masses

Information is the lifeblood of accurate decisions. To make informed decisions, employees need accurate and up-to-date data and a way to make sense of it. This whitepaper focuses on the data needs of organizations and the benefits of simplifying business intelligence to enable a broader audience to access corporate data.

Fast Analytics and Business Intelligence for Everyone: Best Practices for Deploying Collaborative BI

This paper will show you how to navigate around the usual hurdles and deliver collaborative business intelligence (BI) that works and will discuss:
• How analyses are conducted and then how that information is used for collaboration and consensus
• How organizations share interactive analysis with others and building analytic templates without the overhead and delay from IT development
• How to find and qualify next generation BI tools that can scale, react in real-time and are accessible via the Web

To V or Not To V: Business Intelligence Gets Virtual

Managing critical business data has never been easy, and it's getting more difficult as organizations increasingly need to access and combine growing volumes of data from inside the enterprise and even from external sources. The solution for many enterprises is a virtual approach. It may be virtual - but it provides real results! In this white paper, Claudia Imhoff outlines how virtual data marts and operational data stores can provide real-time information across operational and historical data. Read about companies that have made the switch to virtual and are reaping the benefits.

Roundup of Business Intelligence and Information Management Research, 1Q08

Gartner's business intelligence and information management role spans five IT-led initiatives. This document highlights the key issues addressed by Gartner research on these initiatives in 2008 and lists research and toolkits aimed at IT leaders.

Delivering Business Intelligence with Open Source Software

The high cost and complexity of enabling business intelligence (BI) technical infrastructure has inhibited adoption for many companies, but the advent of fully functional, usable and industrial strength Open Source solutions has made BI much more accessible. Rigorous selection criteria must, however, be employed when choosing the technology platform, and the supplier, for this demanding application. This white paper reviews:

• The four key attributes common to all good BI systems,
• The challenges of implementing BI,
• Open source platforms for BI and
• Open source supplier service and support considerations.

IDC Case Study: The Path Toward Pervasive Business Intelligence at Cardif Pinnacle

Despite the fact that the term business intelligence (BI) was first coined in 1958 and the first BI software tools emerged in the 1970s, BI is not truly pervasive in any organization. As organizations identify more stakeholders who can benefit from improved decision-making capabilities, they are choosing to deploy BI and thus come increasingly closer to achieving pervasive BI. For organizations struggling with changing organizational structure and culture, business and IT processes and technologies, several lessons can be learned by examining the best practices organizations employ on their path toward achieving pervasive BI. Download this case study to learn how Cardif Pinnacle, a leader in global financial services, has made significant strides in its efforts to achieve pervasive BI.

Maximize Business Value with Right-Time Information Using Data Services

Download this white paper to discover how you can maximize business agility with right-time information to increase competitive advantage, improve compliance as well as reduce cost, complexity and risk.

Making Open Source BI Viable for the Enterprise

In this white paper, learn how to choose the right open source business intelligence (BI) solution for your company.

BI is a compelling application for an enterprise database, and now it’s increasingly available in the form of cost-saving open source appliances and solutions. This informative third-party white paper shows how companies like yours can take full advantage of open source BI, by providing guidance on what to look for. Topics include:
• Flexibility: Subscription model versus proprietary lock-in and the importance of extensibility;
• Requirements: Reliability, availability, support and functionality; and
• Myths concerning enterprise-readiness, functionality and TCO.

Old Problem, New Solution

Software as a service (SaaS) has revolutionized business intelligence (BI), allowing executives and managers to get the information they need in the blink of an eye, without having to rely on IT or be constrained by a complicated data infrastructure. Companies should look for SaaS BI vendors who deliver end-user self-sufficiency, high quality visualizations and a high degree of interactivity to answer ever-changing questions. This white paper explores how executives can leverage SaaS BI to “do, test, then do better,” using BI to take action as opposed to merely analyze.

Business BI Requirement for IT: What Every IT Manager Should Know about Users’ Real Need for BI

In today’s marketplace, the half-life of business intelligence (BI) is typically shorter than the life of the project needed for its implementation. This means that companies are getting a continual negative return on their BI investment. It is time to approach the problem from a new direction and empower the business owners and knowledge workers to quickly and easily find the answers to their questions. This white paper will address the following questions: • What are the business requirements of an operational BI system? • Can an organization afford to wait for a top-down operational BI initiative? • Are there better, more rapid options than disconnected spreadsheets and disparate reports? • What does it take to provide the environment and capabilities needed for operational BI while leveraging existing data infrastructure? Download this paper and learn how to rethink the requirements for an operational BI tool.

A New Model of Business Intelligence

Organizations have struggled with the complexity and limitations of legacy business intelligence (BI) solutions. But new BI applications offer agility, ease of use and scalability. Read this paper to see how.

Business Intelligence: The Definitive Guide For Mid-Size Organizations

Business intelligence provides a spectrum of tools and solutions to analyze data and transform it into useful information. It’s the underlying technology behind, and a key component for, more effective decision-making.

The Business Value of Business Intelligence

BI is the key to leveraging the wealth of data that accumulates in an enterprise. With BI, non-technical users can pinpoint what drives their business activity. They can help reduce costs, increase revenues, and improve customer satisfaction. While many of these benefits are clearly quantifiable, some of the more intangible ones, such as improved communication throughout the enterprise, improved job satisfaction of empowered users, or sharing of intellectual capital, can give your business the greatest edge over its competitors.

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