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White Papers and Research

Expand Potential Market and Enhance TCO with Cost Effective Mainframe Integration

Lower operational costs have been addressed in a way that not only reduces the cost of running existing applications, but also adds the value of service-oriented architecture and Web services capabilities at little extra capital cost and virtually zero additional operating costs. In this report, learn how to expand the range of SOA and data connectivity options available to existing System z mainframe users.

Getting the Most from System z: Redefining Mainframe Economics with the Specialty Engines

One sure thing in the current market is that companies are looking for ways to cut costs and to be more efficient. For IT, this may mean attempting to do more with existing hardware, or it might mean replacing inefficient systems with more modern ones that can drive down expenses. In the case of the System z specialty engines, it might be a combination of both. Learn how the mainframe can be modern and cost-efficient while providing reliability with System z specialty engines.

Seven Steps to Scalable Data Quality

Ensuring data quality is not just an enterprise-level challenge - it is of crucial importance to small and medium-sized organizations where there is no margin for error. But many don't know where to start. This white paper outlines the seven steps you need to develop a data quality initiative that can scale to your growing business needs.

Protect Your Data with On-Disk Encryption

Experts anticipate that cyber thieves will increasingly hunt for sensitive information right at its source - the database. Sybase Adaptive Server Enterprise’s Encryption Solution can protect your sensitive data on disk from internal and external security breaches with no changes to your applications and minimal impact to database performance. Enterprise databases represent an attractive source of sensitive and identifying information to cyber thieves. But data breaches don’t just lead to operational upheaval, they are bad for business. In fact, the average data breach costs $6.3 million and a full 20 percent of security breach victims end up terminating their business with the company in question. Sybase Adaptive Server Enterprise’s Encryption Solution can protect your sensitive data on disk from internal and external security breaches with no changes to your applications and minimal impact to database performance.

Forrester Report: Financial Impact of Migrating to a Sybase Database Management System

This independent study provides readers with a framework to evaluate the financial impact of migrating to Sybase Adaptive Server Enterprise (ASE) 15 within their organizations. Forrester utilized its industry expertise in database management and its Total Economic Impact (TEI) methodology to complete the study. TEI not only measures costs and cost reduction (areas that are typically accounted for within IT) but also weighs the enabling value of a technology in increasing the effectiveness of overall business processes. Readers can use this study to better understand and communicate a business case for migrating to ASE 15.

Business Intelligence: The Definitive Guide For Mid-Size Organizations

Business intelligence provides a spectrum of tools and solutions to analyze data and transform it into useful information. It’s the underlying technology behind, and a key component for, more effective decision-making.

The Business Value of Business Intelligence

BI is the key to leveraging the wealth of data that accumulates in an enterprise. With BI, non-technical users can pinpoint what drives their business activity. They can help reduce costs, increase revenues, and improve customer satisfaction. While many of these benefits are clearly quantifiable, some of the more intangible ones, such as improved communication throughout the enterprise, improved job satisfaction of empowered users, or sharing of intellectual capital, can give your business the greatest edge over its competitors.

A New Model of Business Intelligence

Organizations have struggled with the complexity and limitations of legacy business intelligence (BI) solutions. But new BI applications offer agility, ease of use and scalability. Read this paper to see how.

Business BI Requirement for IT: What Every IT Manager Should Know about Users' Real Need for BI

In today’s marketplace, the half-life of business intelligence (BI) is typically shorter than the life of the project needed for its implementation. This means that companies are getting a continual negative return on their BI investment. It is time to approach the problem from a new direction and empower the business owners and knowledge workers to quickly and easily find the answers to their questions. This white paper will address the following questions: • What are the business requirements of an operational BI system? • Can an organization afford to wait for a top-down operational BI initiative? • Are there better, more rapid options than disconnected spreadsheets and disparate reports? • What does it take to provide the environment and capabilities needed for operational BI while leveraging existing data infrastructure? Download this paper and learn how to rethink the requirements for an operational BI tool.

Data Migration

Migration is a key process in the data warehousing environment. Data migration involves the integration of data from multiple sources to a common repository for building data warehouses and updating systems. During such a process, there is a likelihood of data being lost in flight. It is of paramount importance therefore to circumvent this risk and maintain data integrity. This may be achieved by validating the data that is transferred from the source to the target system. As manually performed validation is a time consuming and cumbersome task, an automated process is the ideal resolution. The automated process of validation is performed using a prototype version with respect to character count, null value detection and inadvertent entry of unnecessary data. Migration is then effected from different source tables to target tables.

IDC Best Practices Case Study: How Ferrari North America is Delivering Pervasive Business Intelligence with Limited Staff and Limited Budget

Read IDC’s findings about how Ferrari North America (NA) is expanding business intelligence (BI) use and analytics to help improve decision-making - all while tightly controlling costs. This case study uncovers the business drivers, challenges and solutions at Ferrari as they sought to deliver high-value BI on a budget and help speed and improve decision-making.

IDC White Paper - Talend Uses Open Source to Deliver Low-Cost, Easy-to-Use Enterprise Data Integration

This IDC White Paper sponsored by Talend discusses the data integration market, examines the approach taken by Talend and shows how the combination of Talend's technical approach and its open source licensing overcomes key barriers to adoption of data integration. Talend's product line, which is positioned to offer scalable, incremental enterprise data integration with components that are easy for nontechnical staff to use, breaks the mold for open source, and its success could shake up the software business.

Real-Time Data Integration - Using Change Data Capture Technology with Microsoft SSIS

Yesterday’s data is no longer sufficient to run a business. Real-time data integration keeps your business responsive and agile in a world where the demand for information immediacy is growing. Getting the most out of the data you already have and being able to deliver it in a timely manner can be tough. Change data capture (CDC) provides a solution. This white paper from Attunity introduces the need for CDC, typical use cases and describes the ideal CDC solution for your business.

The ROI of Data Governance - A Revenue Generation Perspective

Concentrating on increasing revenue necessarily means paying attention to metrics such as return on investment (ROI). This white paper from Gwen Thomas of the Data Governance Institute provides a practical guide for determining ROI for data governance, data quality, metadata, master data or other data-related programs, projects or ongoing processes.

Data Quality and Identity Resolution

The market for identity resolution processes evolved from simple search-and-match functionality for customer service, fraud detection and security screening processes to today's highly accurate, high-performance, real-time, cross-language search and match services across multiple application. This paper describes how identity resolution complements and extends the application of data quality and data integration processes into business applications.

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