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Espresso Shot Web Seminar: Uncorking the Data Bottleneck with Operational BI

Date: January 29, 2008


Mega-sites like YouTube™ have mastered the pull power of the Internet by creating an infrastructure that achieves two key objectives: let users populate the content, while also facilitating the discovery of relevant material. In an ideal world, corporations would fashion their business intelligence environments in much the same way.

The evolution of Operational Business Intelligence is combining Web 2.0 principles and extending the capabilities of search technology to enable that very development. By letting information consumers not only search and find reports but craft their own using natural language questions, the traditional inhibitors to pervasive Operational BI are overcome. Operational business intelligence is now ready to recast the information management paradigm in a more user-oriented way.

Tune into this 35-minute Espresso Shot to learn:

  • How the combination of search and natural language query makes BI as easy as Web search
  • How Web 2.0 is redefining how business users develop, distribute and maintain corporate knowledge
  • Why true operational business intelligence extends the value of both traditional search and BI investments exponentially

Sponsored by Progress EasyAsk, this event will feature a 10-minute presentation by Mark Madsen, Principal of Third Nature, followed by a 15-minute product demonstration by Dr. Larry Harris, General Manager and Vice President of Progress EasyAsk, and 10-minute Q&A; moderated by your Espresso Host, Eric Kavanagh.


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