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Hyperion Visual Explorer: Improve Visibility into Performance Management

Your Data. Your Delivery. Your Choice.

Date: December 4, 2007


Learn how to provide your business users' visibility across the enterprise. Get insight into performance management to drive profitability, operational execution, strategy development, and regulatory compliance.

Attend this web seminar and see how Visual Explorer can help you:

- Navigate large data sets visually to identify trends and outliers
- Uncover multidimensional relationships that are hidden in a sea of data
- Discover root causes by clustering the data using shape, color, and size

Visual Explorer enables business users to navigate vast detail across many dimensions, and quickly identify trends, exceptions, and interdependencies. Using a colorful, visual paradigm, Visual Explorer, helps organizations understand the relationships that drive their business, as well as quickly identifying outliers or anomalies that may indicate a problem area for further investigation.


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