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Free Web Seminar Series Archive

Cutting the Cost of Healthcare Fraud
Through Data Mining

Date Held: Wednesday, November 2, 2005
Duration: 1 hour

Would you like to do more to reduce healthcare fraud without a lot of manual work?

The vast amount of dollars spent by healthcare payers on fraudulent claims isn't anything new, but it definitely is staggering -- going upwards of $51 billion in 2003 according to a conservative estimate from the National Healthcare Anti-Fraud association. If you are like most healthcare payers, you already have detection strategies and processes in place. But what about the claims that are not easily detectable, that end up getting processed and approved for payment? It's only when you analyze the claims data "in the large" that you can find anomalies involving many claims. But you need to do more than detect these patterns, you need to be able to predict which claims are likely to be fraudulent - in time to take preventative action. That's where the real savings comes into play.

You may or may not be fully aware of how data mining technology -- can help payers drastically reduce their outlay to fraudulent claims -- in a relatively short amount of time. No matter what your situation, this Web Seminar will show you how you can improve your efforts to reduce fraud, while showing you how straightforward reducing fraudulent claims and the associated expense can be.

DM Review will host this Web Seminar featuring SPSS and special guest IDC. This is a must see for business and IT professionals in Healthcare.

Join us and learn:

  • About the key trends and issues affecting how healthcare payers are reducing fraud today.
  • How you can take advantage of your biggest asset, your payments data, through data mining.
  • What types of fraud you can detect from patterns in your data; and how specific frauds are reflected by patterns in the data
  • Examples of other data mining technology applications are being used by healthcare professionals today
  • How organizations like yours are already achieving big monetary savings using data mining
Special Bonus
You'll see how you can go from identifying your business issue to improving business performance with a live technology demonstration, including SPSS's award-winning data mining workbench used by healthcare organizations across the globe.
Do not miss this event, view it today!

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