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Past Issue of DM Review Magazine

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QueryObject Systems Corporation: Infrastructure for the Information Economy
Robert Thompson, chairman and chief executive officer of QueryObject Systems Corporation discusses how his company is preparing for the information economy.


Data Warehousing: A Security Perspective
By Jennifer Cunningham
This proven methodology for implementing security within data warehouses also supports functional areas and high-level reporting that span multiple functional areas.
Walking on a Wire: Why Banks That Ignore Mobile Technologies Do So at Their Own Peril
By John Switzer
Wireless banking, which is very popular in Asia and Europe, is just catching on in the U. S. It is predicted that this revolutionary delivery channel will surpass the Internet in the B2C gold rush.
Near-Line Storage: Making Large Data Warehouses Affordable
By Francis Kim
Alternative storage, particularly near-line storage, holds the promise of making growing data warehouses affordable.
Building the Customer-Centric Enterprise, Part 1
By Claudia Imhoff and Jonathan G. Geiger and Lisa Loftis
Part 1 of a three-part series on building a customer-centric enterprise focuses on understanding the customer life cycle, defines the customer life cycle concept and presents a generic model as an example.


View from the Market
Dancing Around the Fiery Pricing Issue
By Nancy Stewart

CEO Perspectives
Scorecards ? Balanced or Biased?
By David A.J. Axson

Business Intelligence
The Intelligent Customer
By Susan Osterfelt

Meta Data and Data Administration
Meta Data ROI: Specific Guidelines for Your Company
By David Marco

The CRM-Ready Data Warehouse
The Value Proposition for Data Warehousing Today
By William McKnight

The Adoption of Buisness Solutions
Building a Market Ecosystem for E-Business
By Roberta Moore

Message from the VP of Education and Special Projects
By Deborah Henderson

Marketing Systems
Low-Cost Campaign Managers, Part 1
By David M. Raab

Customer Relationship Report
Interruption Versus Permission Marketing
By Melinda Nykamp and Carla McEachern

The Enterprise
Technologies for EAI: Data Content Analysis
By Clive Finkelstein

Information Strategy
Navigating the Data Warehouse Maze
By Jane Griffin

Insights from the Front Line
Data Warehousing's Role and E-Markets
By Michael J. Schroeck

Data Warehouse Delivery
The Dispersion of the Power of BI
By Douglas Hackney

Plain English on Data Quality
The Rubber Meets the Road
By Larry English

Data Warehousing Horizons
Neural Networks from a Customer's Point of View
By Reginald Ringgold



Aprimo Marketing Provides Marketing Operations and Campaign Management for TopTier
Aprimo, Inc. - Aprimo Marketing


Gwinnett Health System Creates Strategic Management System with CorManage
CorVu Corporation - CorManage


Silver Cross Hospital and Medical Centers Uses DSS Communicator for Automated Communications Management
Customer Potential Management (CPM) Corp. - DSS Communicator


The Amsterdam Chamber of Commerce Manages Its Customer Base with Infinium CRM
Infinium Software, Inc. - Infinium CRM (Customer Relationship Management)


EMS Realizes Competitive Advantage with MAPICS XA and Team WeRX


Seagate Software's Balanced Scorecard Helps Insurance Corporation of British Columbia Drive Its Business Strategies
No Company - No Product


BenefitPort Establishes Centralized Financial Planning, Budgeting and Reporting Processes with Everest
OutlookSoft Corporation - Everest


DLS Outfitters Selects Paradigm's Enterprise Intelligence Suite for Its CRM Needs
Paradigm Solutions - Enterprise Intelligence Suite


Cellular One Puerto Rico Targets Subscriber Segments with Churn/CPS
SLP InfoWare, Inc. - Churn/CPS


Epsilon Streamlines Transfers with PKZIP MVS

Making Magic at Manhattan East Suite Hotels

NCR Teradata @ctive Warehouse Helps Delta Air Lines Take Off

From the Publisher

Dear Readers,

The digital revolution took another giant step forward this year when Congress signed the Electronic Signatures in Global and National Commerce Act into law. This law provides that an electronic signature entered over the Internet has the same legal force and effect as a traditional signature.

In defining digital signatures and how they work, it is helpful to begin by clarifying what they are not. A digital signature is not a digitized image of a handwritten signature. We are all familiar with the electronic pad a person signs upon receiving a package from a delivery service. In these cases, the handwritten signature is digitized, and the image transferred to the electronic document. Once captured, these digitized signatures can be cut and pasted onto any electronic document, making forgery a simple matter.

Digital signatures, on the other hand, are an actual transformation of an electronic message using public key cryptography. Through this process, the digital signature is tied to the document being signed, as well as to the signer and, therefore, cannot be reproduced. Now, a legally binding contract may be formed over the Internet by two parties who have never met, without requiring notarization. This will radically alter the way business is conducted and accelerate the already rapid adoption of electronic commerce.

With the passage of laws regarding digital signatures, it is no longer an option for your company to sit back and continue to conduct business as usual or embrace the new technologies surrounding e-commerce and e-business. For example, in this issue, we discuss why banks that ignore mobile technologies do so at their own peril with the article "Walking on a Wire" and also discuss a critical aspect regarding the protection of data in the article "Data Warehousing: A Security Perspective."

As always, thanks for reading DM Review.

Ron Powell, Publisher

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