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Past Issue of DM Review Magazine

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December 2000 issue of DM Review magazine


A Case for Scalable ETL
By John Y. Miller
Scalable ETL addresses continuous change in your existing ETL infrastructure with programmer productivity benefits that save money, reduce existing support and maintenance costs, and provide a reliable and high-performance ETL processing environment.
Internet Intelligence Infrastructures for the Information Economy
By Robert Thompson
Profound economic value lies in information, and the new economy will run on information. Internet intelligence will be the fuel for the knowledge workers who will drive productivity in the new millennium.
The Personalization Trifecta
By Rob Utzschneider
To truly drive customer profitability, Web companies will need to look beyond current personalization tools to new scalable systems that allow prompt analysis of massive amounts of clickstream data.
Enterprise Data Quality: Covering all your Bases
By Kenneth T. Chow
Comprehensive implementation of data quality systems must provide critical feedback to not only lead to more effective data quality processes, but to be utilized for improved performance on an organizational basis.
The Case for Enterprise Business Model Management
By Harjinder S. Gill
The need for accurate and comprehensive decision making is paramount, and such decision making depends on effective management of the business model. This article is found in the 2001 Resource Guide, a supplement to the December issue of DM Review.
The Need for Text Mining in Business Intelligence
By Dan Sullivan
Extending the data warehouse to support documents and text mining will require new data structures as well as new tools. This article is featured in the 2001 Resource Guide, a supplement to the December issue of DM Review.
Managing the Data Warehouse Development Contract
By Bill Inmon
In this article, Bill Inmon offers some guidelines about choosing a data warehouse consultant. This article is found in the December 2000 Consultant's Guide, a supplement to the December issue of DM Review.
Announcing the 2000 DM Review 100
By Ron Powell
This year?s DM Review 100 features the top companies that are providing the business intelligence and data warehousing backbone that is required to enable e-business and e-commerce.


Information Strategy
As I Look into My Crystal Ball
By Jane Griffin

Intelligent Solutions
Building the Customer-Centric Enterprise, Part 2
By Claudia Imhoff and Jonathan G. Geiger and Lisa Loftis

View from the Market
ASPs: Calling All Applications
By Nancy Stewart

The CRM-Ready Data Warehouse
Best Practices Lead the Field
By William McKnight

The Adoption of Business Solutions
Implementing a Market Ecosystem for E-Business
By Roberta Moore

Meta Data and Data Administration
Evaluating Meta Data Tools
By David Marco and Michael G. Needham

Marketing Systems
Low-Cost Campaign Managers, Part 2
By David M. Raab

Plain English on Data Quality
Lessons I Learned from the IQ Conference 2000
By Larry English

Business Intelligence
By Susan Osterfelt

Data Warehouse Delivery
The Security Myth
By Douglas Hackney

Message from the Vice President Member Services
By Michael Bish

The Enterprise
Technologies for EAI: Inter-Enterprise Data Integration
By Clive Finkelstein
(online exclusive)



NetVault Provides Centralized Enterprise Storage Management for ePhone
BakBone Software - NetVault (online exclusive)


Brocade SilkWorm 2800 Provides a Scalable, High-Availability Centralized Storage Architecture for SAN Solutions
Brocade Communications Systems, Inc. - SilkWorm 2800 (online exclusive)


Connex N3000 Keeps Equinox Systems' Award-Winning Product Line Development Data Secure and Accessible
Connex, Inc. - Connex N3000 Network Attached Storage System


Dot Hill SANnet Provides Scalability, Reliability, Redundancy and Value for Rutgers
Dot Hill Systems Corp. - SANnet 3200


Exabyte M2 and Mammoth Tape Technology Immunize Data Against Online Epidemic for ProxyMed, Inc.
Exabyte Corporation - M2 and Mammoth Tape


SAM-FS Data Storage Software Handles Large, Complex Data Pool for Radiology Department at University of Utah
LSC, Inc. - Sam-FS (online exclusive)


MetaStor E4400 by LSI Logic Handles All Database Storage Requirements for ActBig
LSI Logic Storage Systems, Inc. (Now Engenio Info Tech Inc.) - MetaStor E4400


NetApp Filers Back Up Business-Critical Functions for Xerox
Network Appliance, Inc. - NetApp F760 Filer


InSiteOne Relies on Pioneer's FlexLibrary to Provide Dependable Archiving Solutions for Their Customers
Pioneer New Media Technologies, Inc. - DRM-7000 FlexLibrary (online exclusive)


Quantum DLTtape Drives Provide Highly Reliable Performance for Electric Lightwave
Quantum Corporation - DLT 7000 and DLT 8000 Tape Drives


Raidtec Offers Low-Cost, High-Performance Advantage for Bell & Howell
Raidtec Corporation - FlexArray HI 12 (online exclusive)


Resilience DeliversTrue Hardware Fault Tolerance for Aeris.net
Resilience Corporation - Resilience Ultra Continuous Availability Server (online exclusive)


Snap Server 4000 Provides a Less Expensive Server Solution for the Bekins Company
Snap Appliances, Inc. - Snap Server 4000


Vicom SAN Data Gateway Provides Reliability, Compatibility and Increased Performance for Blue Cross Blue Shield of Tennessee
Vicom Systems - Vicom SAN Data Gateway (online exclusive)


Navarro Networks Finds a High-Performance, Plug-and-Play Storage System in RocketSTOR
Zzyzx Peripherals - RocketSTOR 2000 (online exclusive)

From the Publisher

Dear Readers,

This year's DM Review 100 features the top companies that are providing the business intelligence and data warehousing backbone that is required to enable e-business and e-commerce. The companies comprising the DM Review 100 are selected by our readers as the result of an exhaustive study conducted by a third-party research organization Market Perspectives. You can read the methodology for the DM Review 100 selection process and learn how each of these companies is responding to the cultural changes resulting from the rise of e-business and customer centricity. The coverage begins on page 58.

Not surprisingly, the top 10 in the 2000 DM Review 100 were all in the top 20 for both 1998 and 1999. SAS continues to hold onto the number one spot in this year's survey. One of the early pioneers in the marketplace, SAS continues to be a leader in business intelligence. NCR climbed to the second spot as a result of a focused marketing strategy centered on Teradata and a wide variety of analytic applications focused on helping customers derive value from mountains of data. Oracle moved up to number three and continues to be a dominant force within the market. Oracle expects that within the next five years most corporations will utilize the ASP model for software, and they intend to be the major provider of software to those ASPs. Computer Associates moved up to the number four spot which can be attributed to the acquisition of Sterling Software. Cognos held on to the number five position. Others in the top 10 include MicroStrategy (#6), Microsoft (#7), IBM (#8), Informix (#9) and Hyperion (#10).

We at DM Review hope that the responses given by each of this year's DM Review 100 will assist you in selecting the right hardware, software and consulting services to help you reach your goals in the coming year. Because customers are now making the rules and shaping markets, it is imperative that we all focus on a strategy that will help us meet customer demands. Those of us who are not able to adapt will be left behind.

As always, thanks for reading DM Review!

To see the 2000 DM Review 100, please visit our awards page at http://www.dmreview.com/awards/top100/.

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