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Past Issue of DM Review Magazine

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July 2001 issue of DM Review magazine


Network Appliance
Dan Warmenhoven, chief executive officer of Network Appliance, chronicles the company's achievements and shares his insights on NetApps' potential in the external storage marketplace.


Intelligent Information Processing
By David Loshin
Companies that recognize the strategic value in evolving into knowledge oranizations will see improved profits and opportunity for significant competitive and strategic advantage.
$44 Billion Spent on CRM in 2000 ? and Customer Relationship Management is Worse than Ever!
By Rob Bosch
As today's corporate environment becomes more competitive, forward-looking companies are taking advantage of today's integration technologies and tactics to fulfill customer demands in a coordinated fashion.
Integrating Data and Document Warehouses
By Dan Sullivan
Adding text to the BI environment is a logical next step in the evolution of data warehousing.
The Coming Storage Convergence
By Anthony Cerqueira
NAS and SAN issues can make even the savviest IT professional nervous. With emerging storage technology, however, life is becoming a lot easier.
Diary of a Data Warehouse Project
By Jean Schauer
Introducing an exciting new feature ? a collaboration between Greenbrier & Russel, DM Review and dataWarehouse.com ? following the progress of an actual data warehouse project from the perspective of the project manager.


Plain English on Data Quality
Why You Don't Need Management Commitment, Part 3
By Larry English

Information Management: Charting the Course
What a Data Warehouse Is Not
By Bill Inmon

Business Intelligence
2001: A Customer Service Odyssey
By Susan Osterfelt

Meta Data and Data Administration
Meta Data Repository Project Plan: The Rollout Phase
By David Marco

Message from the Vice President of Online Services
By Brett Champlin

Notes from the Giga Advisor
More CRM Without the Customer. . .and Without the Data Warehouse
By Lou Agosta

Marketing Systems
Customer Matching Systems, Part 1
By David M. Raab

Building a Segmented CRM Database in an Emerging Market
By Doran J. Levy

Intelligent Solutions
All Mach ? No Vector
By Claudia Imhoff

View from the Market
Further Musings on the ASP Market
By Nancy Stewart

The CRM-Ready Data Warehouse
The Contact Center Data Mart, Part 1
By William McKnight

Data Warehouse Delivery
Paying the Price
By Douglas Hackney

Information Strategy
Message Brokers - The Cream of the Crop in EAI Tools
By Jane Griffin
(online exclusive)

NerveWire: The Pulse of E-Business
Enterprise Commerce Management: A New Era in Enterprise Systems
By David Cahn
(online exclusive)

CEO Perspectives
Planning to Profit from Technology
By David A.J. Axson
(online exclusive)



ANGOSS Grows Decision Trees for Bell Canada
ANGOSS Software Corporation - KnowledgeSTUDIO


Juniper Bank Cashes in With Ascential DataStage
Ascential Software - DataStage


SQL-Programmer 2001 Ensures High-Quality Data for Kenra, LLC
BMC Software, Inc. - SQL-Programmer 2001


Brio Delivers Increased Revenue and Profitability with Member Reporting
Brio Software, Inc. (Acquired by Hyperion 7/03) - Enterprise Decision Platform


InfoView Wireless Edition Greatly Increases Efficiency for Butler Technology Solutions
Business Objects - BusinessObjects InfoView Mobile (formerly InfoView Wireless Edition)


Otis Elevator Rises Above E-Commerce Information Overload with Cognos
Cognos Incorporated - Cognos Business Intelligence


Syncx Facilitates Analysis of Consolidated Sales Information for Digitalrep
CommerceRoute - Syncx 6100


CA ERwin Sets The Standard for Leading Insurance Company
Computer Associates International, Inc. - AllFusion ERwin Data Modeler (formerly ERwin)


CorVu Helps HM Customs & Excise Derive Strategic Information
CorVu Corporation - CorVu CorBusiness


CoSORT Sort/Join Solutions Segment CRM Data at I-Centrix


Crystal Decisions Web-Enabled Technology Delivers Competitive Advantage to AdOctane with Unique Advertising B2B Site
Crystal Decisions (acquired by Business Objects) - Crystal Enterprise and Reports


Tapping Opportunities Through Data Mining
Cygron Pte. Ltd. - DataScope


DataCore Provides Simplified, Secure Storage Management for Plumbers & Pipefitters
DataCore Software Corporation - SANsymphony


INFONXX Powers up with DataFlux to Deliver Complete, Accurate Information
DataFlux Corporation, a division of SAS - dfPower Studio


DataMirror Transformation Server Enables Real-Time Replication of Customer Data for RPM
DataMirror Corporation - DataMirror Transformation Server


New Balance Takes New Strides with DI-Diver
Dimensional Insight, Inc. - Atlantis and DI-Driver


EasyAsk Delivers Precise Answers to Business Questions Throughout the Enterprise
EasyAsk Inc. - EasyAsk Precision Search


Embarcadero Performance Center Ensures 24x7 Monitoring for DMIND
Embarcadero Technologies, Inc. - Embarcadero Performance Center


OSC Sharpens its Competitive Edge with Firstlogic's Information Quality Suite
Firstlogic, Inc. - Firstlogic's Information Quality Suite


Freedom Intelligence Powers Online Searching for Global Leader in Information Delivery
Freedom Intelligence - Freedom Intelligence


BMW Manufacturing Corp. Chooses Comshare to Harness Operating Cost Information and Improve Productivity
Geac - Comshare Decision


GLCommunicator Customizes the Connnections between The Siemon Company and its Partners
Gordano Ltd. - GLCommunicator


Paradigm Direct Uses DataQuality.net for Address Cleansing, Coding and Standardization
Group 1 Software, a Pitney Bowes Company - DataQuality.net


Compaq Conquers Data Management and Storage Problems for The New Zealand Army
Hewlett-Packard Company - HP StorageWorks


Staples Attains New Level of Availability with HP
Hewlett-Packard Company - HP 9000 Enterprise Servers


Targetnet Hits Mark with Hyperion Application Builder
Hyperion Solutions Corporation - Hyperion Business Performance Management Suite


IBM DB2 Log Analysis Tool Quickly Isolates and Corrects Unwanted Changes to Database Tables
IBM Corporation - IBM DB2 Log Analysis Tool


WebFOCUS Powers National Adoption Database
Information Builders, Inc. - Information Builders WebFOCUS


Innovative Systems Solution Lays the Foundation for NAHB's Membership Database
Innovative Systems, Inc. - i/Lytics


Stellcom Creates an Organizational Memory with Intraspect 4
Intraspect - Intraspect 4


National Cancer Institute Uses MapInfo MapXtreme to Create Online Cancer Maps
MapInfo Corporation - MapXtreme


PolyAnalyst Predicts Most Loyal Personnel for DynMeridian's Client
MEGAPUTER Intelligence Inc. - PolyAnalyst


Progress Energy Standardizes on MERANT DataDirect Technology
MERANT - DataDirect


C-Insight Web Intelligence Chosen by World's 5th Largest ISP
MetaEdge Corporation - C-Insight Web Intelligence


Microsoft's Business Intelligence Solution: Delivering Real Business Value
Microsoft Corporation - Microsoft SQL Server 2000 Analysis Services


BEACON Drives Strategic Decisions for New York State Insurance Fund
Millbrook, Incorporated - BEACON


BYOBroadcast Chooses the Managed Storage Alternative
NaviSite, Inc. - NaviSite Managed Storage Solution


Tektronix Uses NetIQ CommerceTrends to Boost Marketing Efforts and Sales
NetIQ Corporation - Commerce Trends


Network Storage Solutions Thunderbolt NAS System Delivers Performance, Price, Scalability and Manageability
Network Storage Solutions. Inc. (NSS) - Thunderbolt NAS


Deluxe Drives Business Insight and Predictability with Adaytum Business Planning Solution
No Company - No Product


Fremont Comp Tunes Oracle Apps, Databases Using LECCO SQL Expert
No Company - No Product


Noetix Unlocks Data for Telex Corporation
Noetix Corporation - NoetixViews, Query Server and Web Query


USGS Uses Oracle9iAS Discoverer Within its Data Warehouse Solution
Oracle Corporation - Oracle9iAS Discoverer


Bank Leumi USA Improves Internal Performance Reporting with OutlookSoft Enterprise Analytic Portal and OutlookSoft Financial Planning and Analysis
OutlookSoft Corporation - OutlookSoft EAP and FPA


Borden Foods Cooks Up Effective Profitability Reports with PeopleSoft
PeopleSoft, Inc. - Profitability Insight


Thazar Solutions Corporation Revamps Data Warehouse Model with Data Junction
Pervasive Software - Data Junction and Data Junction Integration Engine


Precise Helps The Research Foundation of State University of New York Administer Over $440.5 Million in Grants Programs
Precise Software Solutions, Inc. - Precise/Insight


ProClarity Provides Powerful Solutions to Energy Challenges for Idaho Power Company
ProClarity Corporation - ProClarity Analytics Platform


Javlin Powers Sakonnet Technology's Energy Trading/Risk Management Application
Progress Software Corporation - Javlin


Fingerhut Extends Data Analysis Capabilities with the Quadstone System
Quadstone, Inc. - Quadstone System


Enterprise Information Management Empowers Cingular Wireless
Quest Software, Inc. - Vista Plus


NetAcumen Delivers Web Analysis Across the Enterprise for LowerMyBills.com
Responsys (formerly NetAcumen) - NetAcumen V/2


Sagent Solution is Central Source for Management Reporting and Data Analysis at Tickets.com
Sagent Technology, Inc. (Acquired by Group 1 6/03) - Sagent Solution and Centrus


InfoImage Freedom Enterprise Decision Portal Provides Personalization Solution for Poten & Partners
ServiceWare Technologies (Formerly InfoImage) - ServiceWare (Formerly InfoImage Freedom Decision Portal)


Banco Espirito Santo Identifies and Reacts to Customer Behavior Using Clementine from SPSS
SPSS, Inc. - Clementine


Sun Delivers Scalability, Flexibility and Performance for Devon Energy's Data Center
Sun Microsystems, Inc. - Enterprise Servers, StorEdge T3 Arrays, Blade 1000 Workstations


Sybase IQ Helps Meet Business Challenges at ODS Health Plans
Sybase, Inc. - Adaptive Server IQ Multiplex


Backup Express Eases Acxiom's Backup Headaches
Syncsort Incorporated - Syncsort Backup Express


TARGIT Analysis Provides Egmont with Centralized Data for Analysis
TARGIT U.S. Inc. - TARGIT Analysis


BridgeWare Brings Outpost.com Closer to Customers
Taurus Software, Inc. - BridgeWare


Teradata for Windows 2000 Scales to Support Financial Service Provider's Growth
Teradata, a division of NCR Corporation - Teradata V2R4 for Microsoft Windows 2000


First Union National Bank Gains a Competitive Edge with The Trillium Software System
Trillium Software, a division of Harte-Hanks, Inc. - Trillium Software System


USADATA Improves Prospect Targeting for PitneyWorks Do-It-Yourself List Buyers
USADATA - USADATA List Reseller Portal


Graphical Performance Series Provides Analysis of Sales Information for Biomet
Vanguard Solutions Group, Inc. - Graphical Performance Series (GPS)


Visible Developer Generates 3-Tier Enterprise Application from Model Repository
Visible Systems Corporation - Visible Developer V2.5


Vision Solutions Enables RMI to Keep Railcars Moving in a 24x7 Operation
Vision Solutions, Inc. - Vision Suite for AS/400


Tribal DDB Deploys eBizinsights XL for E-Business Performance Management
Visual Insights - eBizinsights XL


JWAVE Enables RDI to Create Flexible, Real-Time Display Environment
Visual Numerics, Inc. - JWAVE


StorageCeNTral Identifies and Eliminates Excessive Employee Storage for ABB
W. Quinn Associates Inc. - StorageCeNTral Enterprise


National Marrow Donor Program Increases Database Performance with ProActive DBA
White Sands Technology, Inc. - ProActive DBA Visual Space Management Edition Version 6.0


WizWhy Answers the Tough Questions
WizSoft, Inc. - WizWhy

From the Publisher

Dear Readers,

Welcome to DM Review's Annual Product Review issue. In this issue, you will find 75 product reviews presenting a wide cross-section of strategic business intelligence and data warehousing solutions. All reviews are testimonials provided by customers who identify the problems solved by the vendors' solutions, the implementation of the products and the strengths and weaknesses they have identified through use of the product. All of the products are currently in a production environment, and many have improved the competitive positions of the submitting organizations in the global marketplace. This issue will be an invaluable reference for you throughout the next year as your evaluate strategic products for your organization's use.

Also in this issue, we introduce an exciting new Web feature, the Diary of a Data Warehouse Project, which will be updated weekly on dataWarehouse.com, our online community for business intelligence and data warehousing professionals. Not only will this feature provide practical information regarding a data warehouse implementation project through the eyes and ears of the project manager, it will also enable you to interact with the project manager and your peers through an associated online forum. In the online forum, you will be able to ask questions and share knowledge and insights. We are very excited about this collaborative DM Review and Greenbrier & Russel work in progress. The first installment of the Diary of a Data Warehouse project will be available July 1. Be sure to check out this unique best-of-breed feature and let us know what you think! For additional information, please see page 18 in this issue.

This month's issue also contains an Internet component ­ don't forget to check DMReview.com/GoNow for the monthly columns by David Axson, David Cahn and Jane Griffin.

Hope you're enjoying a great summer!

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