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Past Issue of DM Review Magazine

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March 2002 issue of DM Review magazine


From Time-Sharing to Prime Time ? Comshare's
Dennis Ganster, president, chairman and CEO of Comshare Incorporated, leverages Comshare MPC ? the company's revolutionary integrated Web-enabled product, to take the company prime time.


The IRM Test: How Did "IT" Get This Way? A Self-Help Test
By Robert S. Seiner
Take this entertaining test to see how your company fares in the management of its information resources.
The Data Warehouse: Yesterday's News or a Guide to the Future?
By Katherine Hammer
This article addresses the types of data and data caches required to conduct e-business and how they relate to data warehouses that are used for decision support.
Business Cases and Data Mining for Rules Induction
By Katie Cole
The business case approach to rules generation focuses on the information needs of the business user. When combined with data mining, this method will provide users with critical ongoing information.
What About Security? The Most Common, but Unwarranted, Objection to Hosted Data Warehouses
By Mike Thornton
Security concerns for a hosted data warehouse should not restrain companies that could benefit from affordable business intelligence information.
A Universal Data Model For Relationship Development
By Len Silverston
The universal data model can consistently and effectively handle capturing the information needs for all relationship development while providing a more complete view of the people and organizations and their associated roles, relationships and events.
A State of the Union on the Consulting Industry
By Eric Warner


The BI Watch
BI and The New Reality
By Richard Hackathorn

Information for Innovation
Data Architecture from a Development Perspective
By Nancy Mullen

Enterprise Content Management
Evaluating Enterprise Content Management Tools
By Dan Sullivan

Data Warehousing Horizons
The Employee is Always Right
By Jean-Baptiste Blanc and Paul-Gabriel Sauvage

Plain English on Data Quality
Double-Dipping from Donors Not Data Quality ? Case Study
By Larry English

Segmentation in Energy Utility Deregulation
By Doran J. Levy

Intelligent Solutions
Only the Strong Survive! The 2002 Corporate Information Factory
By Claudia Imhoff

Data Warehousing Lessons Learned
Planning a Data Warehouse? Assemble the Cross-Functional Team!
By Lou Agosta

Data Warehouse Delivery
And the Winner Is...
By Douglas Hackney

Meta Data & Knowledge Management
Meta Data Repository Myths
By David Marco

Information Management: Charting the Course
Deep History: What Good Is It?
By Bill Inmon

Data Warehousing from the Trenches
Your Business Strategy is Only as Good as Its Execution
By Stephen Brobst

The CRM-Ready Data Warehouse
The Integration of PBI with Existing Data Warehouses
By William McKnight

Marketing Systems
Business Matching
By David M. Raab

Information Strategy
Collaborative Commerce and the eXtended Intelligent Enterprise
By Jane Griffin

Data Management Association
A Message from the President
By Michael H. Brackett



Acxiom Unleashes Value of CRM Investments for BMC Software
Acxiom Corporation - AbiliTec


Allink Agent Identifies Cross-Sell and Retention Opportunities for Sovereign Bank
Harte-Hanks - Allink Agent


Brazil-Based Redecard S/A Improves Customer Relationships With MicroStrategy's Business Intelligence Platform
MicroStrategy Incorporated - MicroStrategy 7 Business Intelligence Platform


Robert W. Baird Deploys netDecide's Wealth Management System to Deliver Comprehensive Financial Advice Efficiently
netDecide Corporation - AdvisorDecide


ProClarity Changes Data Into Actionable Information for Emerald Health
ProClarity Corporation - ProClarity Desktop Client


SAS Improves Evaluation of Campaign Segments for Newport News
SAS - SAS Solutions for Customer Relationship Management


Actelion Gains Additional Diagnostic Capabilities with StayinFront's Visual Elk
StayinFront, Inc. - Visual Elk


The Trillium Software System Enhances WSL's Fraud Detection
Trillium Software, a division of Harte-Hanks, Inc. - Trillium Software System


Credit Union of Texas is Yielding ROI Results with Unica's Affinium Model
Unica Corporation - Affinium Model (formerly Model 1)


Unicru Helps Retail Employers Profit From Focused Business Intelligence

WebFOCUS Streamlines the Curriculum at the University of North Texas HSC

Polycom, Inc. Achieves Virtually Immediate ROI with PeopleSoft 8 CRM

Software AG's Tamino XML Drives Tax Collection

Kraft's Nabisco Biscuit and Snacks Group Utilizes Syncsort's Sigma Aggregates to Improve Data Warehouse Query Performance

From the Publisher

Dear Readers,

As we begin our eleventh year in publication, we look back at a decade of change. We have witnessed major breakthroughs in information management, genetics, communications and security. We have also seen business and trade expand globally as a result of technological advances. I would like to suggest that this is a good time to assess whether your company has really advanced in the area of information resource management (IRM) as a result of these breakthroughs and innovations. In this issue, we have included an IRM test. This light-hearted test is a series of simple questions about your company. Your answers may help you determine whether or not your organization has problems managing its information assets.

This issue also includes a Corporate Information Factory (CIF) poster sponsored by Microsoft and developed by Claudia Imhoff and Bill Inmon. This insert provides a road map which defines the conceptual architecture for business intelligence. The CIF is a proven and reliable architecture used to create and maintain strategic and tactical decision-support environments. Additionally, Claudia's column highlights the latest developments in this established architecture for actionable business intelligence and analytical CRM endeavors. These additions to the conceptual architecture recognize technological advances, new uses for the data, improved processes for construction and maintenance of the components, and support for the "actionability" of the BI environment.

I'm sure you'll agree that most companies have spent a lot of time on customer relationship management. Have you considered that all relationship development is critical to your company's success? Len Silverston's article provides a universal data model for relationship development ­ which could be critical to the profitability and success of your company.

Enjoy this month's value-packed issue, and be sure to send me an e-mail (rpowell@dmreview.com) with any comments, questions or suggestions. As always, thanks for reading DM Review.

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