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Past Issue of DM Review Magazine

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April 2002 issue of DM Review magazine


Delivering the Right Business Applications
Chuck Teller, vice president of product strategy for PeopleSoft Enterprise Performance Management, discusses how embedded analytics enable PeopleSoft customers to optimize business processes.


New Directions for Business Intelligence :
Critical Lessons from the First Decade of Business Intelligence and Data Warehousing
By Richard Skriletz
Successfully delivering business intelligence value to the enterprise requires knowledge and skill in BI architecture, strategic BI focus and managing BI as a core IT and business process for corporate success.
Sharing the Wealth :
Putting it All Together in the Corporate Information Factory
By Claudia Imhoff
Information workshops, a component of the Corporate Information Factory, show great promise for the future, but they will require several generational iterations before they truly fulfill their promise of integrating knowledge and tools into an intuitive, easy-to-use end-user and CIF-administrator environment.
Is Clickstream Data Warehousing Dead?
By Mark Sweiger
The business intelligence contained in a clickstream data warehouse can provide a picture of total market behavior that goes well beyond a company's customer base.
Data Warehouse Survival Kit: How to Keep the Warehouse in Troubling Times
By Cory Shouse
This data warehouse survival kit provides the tools to help you discover and articulate the value-add the warehouse provides. Companies are addressing the current economic environment by taking action; the data warehouse should demonstrate the same assertiveness for survival.
Analytic Applications: Beyond Business Intelligence
By Henry Morris


Data Management Association
Notes from the Presidents Council Liaison
By Dale Kohlmoos

Marketing Systems
Stalking the High-End Campaign Manager, Part 1
By David M. Raab

The CRM-Ready Data Warehouse
Packaged Business Intelligence by Component
By William McKnight

Information Strategy
The Road to Action
By Jane Griffin

Successful Segmentation
By Doran J. Levy

Information Management: Charting the Course
Exploration Processing and the Data Mart Environment
By Bill Inmon

Information for Innovation
Meta Data: Where's the Real Value?
By Nancy Mullen

The BI Watch
What is Active Business Intelligence? Part 1
By Richard Hackathorn

Meta Data and Knowledge Management
IT Portfolio Management
By David Marco

Data Warehouse Delivery
The Personal Data Warehouse
By Douglas Hackney

Business Intelligence
The Former, Not the "Ladder"
By Susan Osterfelt

The Data Strategy Advisor
The Value of Performing a Custom Benchmark
By Lou Agosta
(online exclusive)

The Enterprise
The Potential of Web Services, Part 1
By Clive Finkelstein
(online exclusive)

Enterprise Content Management
Varieties of Collaboration
By Dan Sullivan
(online exclusive)



Acxiom Unleashes Value of CRM Investments for BMC Software
Acxiom Corporation - AbiliTec


Tektronix Selects D&B; Global Batch to Obtain Detailed Customer Information
D&B; - D&B; Global Batch


Informatics Gains Control of their Data with Blue Fusion
DataFlux Corporation - Blue Fusion SDK


Verizon Meets the Challenge of Tax Jurisdiction Assignment with Group 1's GeoTAX
Group 1 Software, a Pitney Bowes Company - GeoTAX


Innovative's Customer Data Management Software Ensures Smooth Demutualization
Innovative Systems, Inc. - i/Lytics


A Visual Tool for Verifying, Standardizing and Enhancing Addresses to Meet Postal Specs for Deliverability
Melissa Data - Address Object


Firstlogic Creates a High-Quality Data Set for MarketTouch
No Company - Firstlogic's Information Quality Suite


Cargill Ensures Supplier and Customer Data Quality with Vality
No Company - No Product


Data Junction Provides Flexible Integration for Group 1 Software's Marketing Automation Solution
Pervasive Software - No Product


SSA-NAME3 Solves Searching Issues for Kaiser Permanente
Search Software America - SSA-NAME3


InfoLab Turns to SyncSort for Windows/NT to Meet the Challenge of Processing Large Databases
Syncsort Incorporated - SyncSort for Windows/NT


Littlewoods Generates a Substantial ROI with the Trillium Software System
Trillium Software, a division of Harte-Hanks, Inc. - Trillium Software System


Pacific Coast Jiffy Lube Navigates the Network Infrastructure with POPnetserver

Board M.I.T. Delivers Powerful Analytics Solution for Chupa Chups

ANALYTICi Handles Growing Multiterabyte Data Loads with Qualstar Tape Libraries

Provident Central Credit Union Delivers Personalized Service with Sagent Insight for Credit Unions

From the Publisher

Dear Readers,

The best way to react to an economic downturn is to focus and execute better than your competition. Unfortunately, many of us spend too much time talking about the problems we face as a company and what happened in the past. Neither of these activities adds anything to the bottom line. The first step must be to effectively execute your corporate business strategy.

We should be looking at strategies that have a positive return on investment ­ those that reflect our current strategic and product focus. Now is not the time to be taking risk. Rather, we must focus on our companies' core strengths and products, trying to do "more with less."

Several key questions should be addressed. Are we adding value? Can this process be simplified? Is there a way to do this with less cost? Does the customer perceive the same value? Does this lead to increased revenue and profit? If we can execute better, we will move our companies forward, thereby positively affecting the overall economy.

Another area of focus should be technology. We should evaluate and analyze all the technology implemented during the last decade to assess its impact on the organization. Is it adding value, or is it creating obstacles that hinder success? If it is difficult to use and provides little incremental value, should it be discarded? Do we have another product that provides similar functionality and would be more effective? Can we consolidate our data sources, eliminate redundancy and reduce our annual license fees? Can we standardize the company on fewer technologies, maximizing the proficiency of our human capital?

It is only by effectively and efficiently executing our business strategy that we will succeed. With the threat of war, the loss of confidence in financial reporting, the raising of trade barriers, the increased costs associated with security and all of the uncertainty that exists today, isn't it time we make that execution our primary goal?

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