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Past Issue of DM Review Magazine

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March 2003 issue of DM Review magazine


A Business Necessity
Guy Amisano, founder and president of Salient Corporation, describes how his company's dynamic management systems move knowledge in real time, converting disconnected data into a road map to the right decisions.


Analyzing Business Process Quality
By Gabriel Fuchs
Business process quality reviews need to be performed regularly. These reviews will show how adapted the systems are for different business processes. A poor adherence to defined business processes may cause problems.
More Than Search
By Robert Blumberg and Shaku Atre
This is the second installment of a five-part series. This article explores how the new generation of search products and technologies promise to transform infoglut into information opportunities.
What Exactly Is a Data Model? Part 2
By David Hay
This is the second of a three-part series of articles that addresses conceptual, logical and physical models, object models and data model views.
The Role of Web Services in an Enterprise Portal
By Colin White
It is critical to gain an understanding of Web Services, as they will become the primary way in which business processes are exposed and accessed in the enterprise.
Develop a Data Quality Strategy Before Implementing a Data Warehouse
By Joseph Hudicka
The effectiveness of a data warehouse is based upon the quality of its data. Organizations can save time and money by cleansing data in production rather than in the data warehouse.
Will the Real Analytic Application Please Stand Up?
By Ken Rudin and David Cressy
To accelerate the availability of actionable business insight that transforms gains in operational efficiency into effective ROI, organizations need analytic applications. However, the implementation, integration and testing of every component necessary to build an analytical application architecture is a complex, expensive and inherently high-risk strategy. The new approach is to purchase prebuilt analytical applications.


Data Mining In Depth
Description is Not Prediction
By Herb Edelstein

Knowledge Integrity
Who Owns Data?
By David Loshin

Enterprise Architecture View
The Weakest Link, Part 2
By Michael F. Jennings and Paul Clip

The BI Watch
Let Alerting Lead the Way
By Richard Hackathorn

Dollars & Sense
Survival of the Fittest
By Susan Osterfelt

Plain English About Information Quality
Check Digits as a Tool for IQ
By Larry English

Intelligent Solutions
End Users ? Use 'em or Lose 'em, Round Two
By Claudia Imhoff

Information Management: Charting the Course
Business Meta Data: What Good Is It?
By Bill Inmon

The CRM-Ready Data Warehouse
Back to the Future: Data Mart Consolidation, Part 1
By William McKnight

Enterprise Content Management
Vendor Evaluations, Part 2: Designing an In-House Evaluation
By Dan Sullivan

Marketing Systems
Stalking the High-End Campaign Manager, Part 9
By David M. Raab

Data Warehousing Lessons Learned
Managing Meta Data Risks
By Lou Agosta

Business Intelligence: 360 Insight
Integrated View of Customer: Enabling Customer Insight
By Shari Rogalski and Dan Fisher

Data Warehouse Delivery
Not So Right?
By Douglas Hackney

Ask Dr. E-Mail
Regulatory Issues
By V.A. Shiva

The Enterprise
IBM Web Services Support
By Clive Finkelstein

Meta Data & Knowledge Management
Data Stewardship Framework, Part 4
By David Marco

DAMA (Data Management Association)
A Message from the President
By Michael H. Brackett



Ernst & Young Better Manages B2B Marketing with Aprimo Marketing
Aprimo, Inc. - Aprimo Marketing


Charting the Terrain of MEC's Web-Site Data Using Blue Martini Business Intelligence
Blue Martini Software - Blue Martini Business Intelligence


NorthernTel Calls on Cognos for Effective CRM
Cognos Incorporated - Cognos Business Intelligence


Ace Drives Business Performance with Real-Time Data Integration from Informatica
Informatica Corporation - Power Center, PowerConnect for MQ Series


Innovative and SunTrust Build a Strong Relationship for Householding Success
Innovative Systems, Inc. - i/Lytics


IMPACT Provides Immediate Value with Robust Acquisition Marketing Capabilities for Humana
KnowledgeBase Marketing, Inc. - IMPACT


Interline Brands Revolutionizes B2B Marketing Strategy with NuEdge Suite
NuEdge Systems - NuEdge Suite (formerly Archer 5.0)


Board M.I.T and Natuzzi: Comfortable Decision Making Worldwide
Orenburg USA - BOARD Management Intelligence Toolkit (M.I.T.)


CCCS Proves That Educational Systems Have Much to Gain from ProClarity
ProClarity Corporation - ProClarity Desktop Client


Brother Pursues Integrated CRM Strategy with SAP to Save More Than $1.6 Million Annually


Media Planning Group Uses SAS Analytics to Help Determine Advertising Strategies
SAS - SAS CRM Solutions


Clementine Creates Predictive and Exploratory Models for Customer Segmentation
SPSS, Inc. - Clementine

From the Publisher

Dear Readers,

Please join me in welcoming Herb Edelstein as the newest columnist for DM Review. I am sure that most of you are already familiar with Herb and have had an opportunity to hear him speak at various industry conferences. He will focus on data mining, and you can read his first column on page 10.

Occasionally I come across a book that I feel would benefit all of our readers. Larry Bossidy and Ram Charan have written an extremely insightful book called Execution ? The Discipline of Getting Things Done. If you aspire to be an effective leader or are just starting to climb the management ladder, the insights contained in this book can certainly accelerate the process.

In most companies, there is a gap between the corporate vision and strategic plans that are developed at the C-level and the operational units that are expected to carry out those plans and deliver the results. It is that "gap" that leads to failed execution and a lot of hardship for most organizations. The authors provide the critical insights required to bridge that gap and help to insure that you reach your goals and are not one of the business casualties that are, unfortunately, commonplace in today's tough economic environment.

As we look into the crystal ball for the remainder of 2003, we are finally starting to see an end to this current economic downtrend. Within the next few months, the war or talk of war will be behind us. All of the stimulus packages that have been implemented worldwide will start to bear fruit, and we can finally get back to business as usual. Although growth will be slow, it will be steady. It is now time to make investments in future growth so that you can be ahead of the curve at the beginning of this current business cycle. Execution is critical!

As always, thanks for reading DM Review!

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