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Past Issue of DM Review Magazine

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Informatica - The First Ten Years
In addition to providing the industry's leading back-end data integration infrastructure, Informatica now also provides a modern, front-end business intelligence and analytics platform. Gaurav Dhillon, the company's president and CEO, discusses the company's progress since its founding.


Business In Real Time - Realizing the Vision
By John Bates
The ability to have CRM, SCM or ERP-based processes operate and respond to business events in real time is finally being recognized as a source of competitive advantage.
XML for Analysis: A Sneak Peek Inside the Skunk Works
By Brian King
Imagine a world where the potentials of business intelligence are more pervasive and more accessible. That reality may not be far off thanks to an initiative that's steadily gathering steam. Representing a substantial shift in the industry, XML for analysis (XML/A) will allow open access to multi-dimensional databases and may grow to be more influential than ODBC, OLE DB and ODBO.
Digging Into the Web: XML, Meta Data and Other Paths to Unstructured Data
By Robert Blumberg and Shaku Atre
In today's economy, making unstructured data available to decision-makers at all levels of the organization is required to remain competitive.
A Penny Million Dollars Saved is a Penny Million Dollars Earned
By Todd Higginson
Years ago, data marts may have been a reasonable approach to satisfy urgent user requests constrained by departmental budgets. However, this path of data mart proliferation has resulted in a never-ending list of mundane, unproductive tasks (and costs) required to coordinate and synchronize disparate marts.
The Cure for E-Mail Overload ? Stop Misusing It
By Dan Carmel
Although e-mail is ideally suited for one-to-one communication and for one-to-many applications, it is poorly suited for the many-to-many communication on which most collaboration depends. Unfortunately, this is one of its most common uses.
Optimum Flexible Data Storage Architecture for Very Large Data Warehouses
By Vijay Saradhi and Kevin Hartnett
Very large data-intensive applications such as data warehouses are excessively complex to design and deploy. The data storage architecture will impact longevity, performance and return on investment.


The BI Watch
2003: Cover-Your-Rear-Year for BI
By Richard Hackathorn

Intelligent Solutions
Just Plug in the Data Appliance and GO!
By Claudia Imhoff

Knowledge Integrity
The Business Value of Information Flow Modeling
By David Loshin

Meta Data & Knowledge Management
Independent Data Marts: Stranded on Islands of Data, Part 2
By David Marco

Business Intelligence: 360 Insight
Knowing Your Workforce is Crucial to 360-Degree Insight
By Shari Rogalski and Mishell Meyer

Dollars & Sense
Out Has Clout
By Susan Osterfelt

Data Warehouse Delivery
The Tin Man
By Douglas Hackney

Plain English About Information Quality
Data Format Standards as an IQ Tool
By Larry English

Information Management: Charting the Course
The System of Record in the Global Data Warehouse
By Bill Inmon

Ask Dr. E-Mail
E-Mail Accidents How to Prevent Them
By V.A. Shiva

Enterprise Architecture View
An Information Delivery Framework
By Michael F. Jennings

Data Warehousing Lessons Learned
The Costs of Information and Data Quality Defects
By Lou Agosta

Marketing Systems
Behavior-Tracking Systems
By David M. Raab

Strategic Insight
Open Memorandum: Increasing Payback from Information Assets
By Richard Skriletz

The CRM-Ready Data Warehouse
Two Mistakes to Avoid for Mature Data Warehouses
By William McKnight

Data Mining In Depth
Using Data Mining to Find Terrorists
By Herb Edelstein

Information Strategy
Defining High-Quality KPIs for the Organization as a Whole
By Jane Griffin

The Enterprise
Web Services Support by Sun, Oracle and Others
By Clive Finkelstein
(online exclusive)

DAMA (Data Management Association)
Message from the Vice President of Financial Services
By Thom Harrington



Aggregated Reporting and Analysis Improves Forecasting at GAF Materials Corporation
arcplan, Inc. - dynaSight


Cognos Incorporated - Cognos Business Intelligence


CA's CleverPath Technology Helps the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children Promote Child Safety
Computer Associates International, Inc. - CleverPath Dashboard Option, CleverPath Portal


Hilton Hotels Implements CorStrategy to Increase Stakeholder Value and Maximize Performance
CorVu Corporation - CorStrategy


Scouts Canada Rolls Out Databeacon Analysis Tools to 160,000 Members
Databeacon Inc. - Databeacon


FRx Software Streamlines Budgeting Process for International Ministries
FRx Software, a part of Microsoft Business Solutions - FRx Forecaster


RSA Security Improves Timeliness of Decision Making by 50 Percent with Comshare MPC
Geac - Geac MPC


Booz Allen Hamilton Focuses GO-Team with Hyperion Performance Scorecard
Hyperion Solutions Corporation - Hyperion Performance Scorecard


Florida Power and Light Puts People First with Informatica Application for Human Resources
Informatica Corporation - Informatica Application for Human Resources


Public Communication Services Answers the Call for Fraud Prevention with KXEN
KXEN - KXEN Analytic Framework


Microsoft SQL Server 2000 Analysis Services Helps Raycom Media Streamline Enterprise-Wide Budgeting, Forecasting and Reporting on Comshare MPC
Microsoft Corporation - Microsoft SQL Server 2000 Analysis Services


Board M.I.T and Snaidero Group: A Recipe for Good Decision Making
Orenburg USA - BOARD Management Intelligence Toolkit (M.I.T.)


Clalit Health Services Cures Painful Decision-Making Processes Using ProClarity
ProClarity Corporation - ProClarity Analytics Platform

From the Publisher

This has been an extremely tough time for most conferences and trade shows as a result of the difficult economy, terrorist activities, SARS and the war. The reluctance of corporate executives, IT executives and consultants to travel has led to surges in other areas of the economy and forced many to adapt to a changing marketplace.

The major beneficiaries have mostly been involved with the digital economy, which continues to extend use of the Internet. Some of the major digital events are Web seminars, virtual trade shows and Web presentations. They do not require travel and can be attended on the day of the event or replayed later on demand. The amount of time saved by not having to travel to an event is tremendous and definitely increases productivity within an organization. Another major advantage is that attendees can schedule some of these events when it is most convenient for them.

However, what is lost in the digital space is the ability to interact directly with peers or to personally meet and talk with the consultants and industry professionals. The dialog that often accompanies a conference session provides a great deal of additional insight that is not easily obtained during a Webcast where the number of questions that can be answered is extremely limited. Also, the opportunity to share experiences regarding your business intelligence implementation with others that face the same issues and concerns provides untold value. Another factor often forgotten is that when people attend a conference or trade show, they do not have to deal with the routine day-to-day activities and can devote their full attention to the subject being presented. In addition, other related topic areas may catch their attention, spurring creative solutions and out-of-the-box thinking.

When travel is an option, don't miss any of the great industry conferences and trade shows. When travel is not an option, be sure to take advantage of the multitude of digital Web seminars, Webcasts and virtual trade shows that are available. All of these venues provide excellent educational resources to insure your business intelligence/data warehousing success.

As always, thanks for reading DM Review!

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