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Past Issue of DM Review Magazine

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Hyperion ? Business Performance Management
Jeff Rodek, chairman and CEO of Hyperion, discusses their delivery of business performance management solutions. Says Rodek, "It is the incredible insight that we can provide that really sets us apart."


Stop the Merry-Go-Round and Let Me Off!
By Mary McMichael
It is exciting to be part of change in your environment, knowing that you are at the leading edge of the industry. However, it is critically important to carefully execute a well-structured plan to manage that change.
The Limits of Business Intelligence: An Organizational Learning Approach
By Jerry Kurtyka
What are the limits of business intelligence (BI) technology as an aid to the process of organizational learning? How does BI model the business reality that organizations encounter? How do organizations and individual BI users define and access institutional memory? Kurtyka provides an interesting perspective on this topic.
ETL: The Best-Kept Secret of Success in Data Warehousing
By Jan Mrazek
ETL must be recognized as the most critical, most sophisticated, largest and integral part of modern data warehouse development, with the largest cost-cutting and business-impact potential to leverage synergies among many mission-critical projects.
Discovery: The Road to Business Intelligence
By Robert Blumberg and Shaku Atre
In this final article of their series, Blumberg and Atre discuss discovery systems, the systems designed to automatically identify important relationships and trends within documents.
The Intelligent Supply Chain: Taking Enterprise Performance to the Next Level
By John Hughes
Achieving visibility across your supply chain means not only being able to track the performance of a supplier, but that of your supplier's suppliers as well. Such visibility enables a more agile level of demand planning, in which production and quality issues can be addressed within days, or even hours.
World Class Solution Awards
By DM Review Editorial Staff
DM Review congratulates all the winners of our 2003 World Class Solution Awards! Learn more about the winners and their technology-enabled, real-world, world class solutions!
Mission-Critical High Availability
By Bob Zimmerman
Given the high cost of downtime, you must maintain continuous uptime and predictable performance levels. If an outage or disaster occurs, quick recovery with minimal data loss is imperative. High-availability design and implementation can help avoid devastating downtime.


The Power of Metrics
The CPM Dashboard Meets Six Sigma
By Kent Bauer

Data Warehouses that Work
The Other End of the Telescope
By Neil Raden

Intelligent Solutions
The Devil You Know: Integrating Old Reports Into New BI Systems
By Claudia Imhoff and Mike Biensen

Meta Data & Knowledge Management
Independent Data Marts: Stranded on Islands of Data, Part 3
By David Marco

Data Mining In Depth
What Is A Data Mining Product?
By Herb Edelstein

Enterprise Architecture View
What's in Your ETL Method?
By Michael Jennings

The BI Watch
Ethics of Business Intelligence, Part I
By Richard Hackathorn

Knowledge Integrity
Assessment in the Golden Years
By David Loshin

Marketing Systems
ASP Systems
By David M. Raab

Information Management: Charting the Course
Slowly Changing Dimensions in the Corporate Information Factory
By Bill Inmon

Intelligent Business Strategies
OLAP in the Database
By Colin White

The Enterprise
Book Review: Enterprise Architecture Using the Zachman Framework
By Clive Finkelstein

The CRM-Ready Data Warehouse
Two More Mistakes to Avoid for Mature Data Warehouses
By William McKnight

Dollars & Sense
IPOs: Once Hot, Now Not
By Susan Osterfelt

Strategic Insight
Today's Business Intelligence Landscape
By Richard Skriletz

Data Warehouse Delivery
Stocking the Bunker
By Douglas Hackney

Business Intelligence: 360 Insight
Using Workforce Analytics to Strengthen 360-Degree Insight
By Shari Rogalski

Information Strategy
Choosing the Right Business Intelligence Software and Vendor
By Jane Griffin

Plain English About Information Quality
How to Save $576,925,000 Through IQ Management
By Larry English

DAMA (Data Management Association)
A Message from the Vice President of Chapter Services
By Patricia Komar

The Data Strategy Advisor
Data Warehousing Refresh Rates
By Lou Agosta



Restoration Hardware Drives Strategic Marketing Decisions with Coremetrics
Coremetrics, Inc. - Marketforce for Retail


ESC Adopts VorteXML for Legacy Data Conversion into Valid XML for Web Services
Datawatch Corporation - VorteXML


Powerful New WebTrends Analysis Product Helps Fry, Inc. Keep Customers Informed and Successful
NetIQ Corporation - WebTrends Reporting Center


Discovering Marketing ROI and Improving E-Commerce Performance
Omniture, Inc. - SiteCatalyst


Administaff Employs NetTracker Web Site Analysis for Marketing and Sales Intelligence
Sane Solutions, LLC - NetTracker eBusiness Edition


WebXM Delivers a Dashboard for Web Site Analysis for Business Information Group
Watchfire Corporation - WebXM


Proflowers Uses WebSideStory's HitBox Commerce to Optimize Marketing, Increase Browse-to-Buy Ratios
WebSideStory, Inc. - HitBox Enterprise

From the Publisher

Dear Readers,

It gives me great pleasure to announce the winners of the 2003 World Class Solution Awards on pages 24 and 25 of this issue. Our hard-working judges, identified on page 25, reviewed more than 100 entries this year ? not an easy task, but one that they approached with great attention to detail and impartiality. On behalf of everyone at DM Review, I want to sincerely thank the judges for the substantial time commitment that the judging process required. It is a testament to their dedication to analytics, business intelligence and data warehousing.

You can read about the winning solutions at www.dmreview.com/wcs/. Congratulations to the providers of the technology and to all the members of the teams at the businesses who identified a business pain and addressed it in an impressive fashion to benefit their companies. These solutions are testament to the fact that BI is a critical component for success in today's economy.

I would also like to thank Val Schauer for coordinating this comprehensive awards program. She enjoyed working with those who submitted entries and with the judges. If you would like to enter next year's competition, please contact Val by e-mail (vschauer@dmreview.com); she will send you the guidelines when they are available next January.

Additionally, I am pleased to welcome two new columnists this month ? Kent Bauer and Neil Raden. Kent is a principal consultant at GRT Corporation who has more than 15 years experience developing CRM, data mining and data warehousing applications. Neil Raden is the founder of Hired Brains, a consulting firm dedicated to the design and delivery of high-performance data warehouses and business analytics systems. Neil is also a founding partner of the BI Alliance, a well-known writer and lecturer in this field and a hands-on consultant and implementer. Our thanks to both of them for their eagerness to share their expertise with all of the readers of DM Review.

Finally, you may soon be receiving an invitation to participate in our annual readership survey. This is our only opportunity each year to hear directly from so many of you, and I'd like to ask you to complete the survey. Your opinion really matters to us! Thanks, in advance, for your cooperation.

As always, thanks for reading DM Review!

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