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Current Issue of DM Review Magazine



Visionary at Work
Meet Tableau Software's creative chief technical officer and co-founder Pat Hanrahan, who is on the cutting edge of information visualization.


Improving Performance with the BI Quotient
By Lee DeVries
Mature BI capabilities empower management to create strategy and improve decision-making.
TechStats: Global Data and Risk Management Survey
By DM Review Editorial Staff
From March to July 2006, AIM Software conducted a Global Data and Risk Management Survey which provides in-depth insight into global trends and developments in the financial industry.
Unstructured Data: Reading Between the Lines
By Joseph Rozenfeld
Structured and unstructured data form two extremes of a data continuum. What is in the middle needs our attention.
The Soul Searching that Comes with Sole Sourcing: Safety in Numbers
By John Bostick
The era of sole sourcing has played out, and the results have not been impressive. Multisourcing is the discipline of tomorrow's market leaders.
Capturing Intellectual Capital in Metadata
By Sid Adelman and Bonnie O'Neil
It is important to preserve the intellectual property of your organization as employees retire, resign or relocate. Creating a metadata repository of this knowledge is one approach.
Solve Real-Life Business Problems with Business Event Monitoring
By Sam Barclay
Each process has specific rules that, when combined with data, can be cross-referenced to find patterns that are not apparent without monitoring.
Getting More from Business Intelligence
By Rob Augenstein
SQL Server Executive Feature Story
By incorporating a new approach to BI, emerging and enterprise businesses will rise to the next level and improve their organizations as a result.


Metadata Management & Enterprise Architecture
SOAs and Metadata Management, Part 2
By David Marco

Customer Data Integration
Third Generation CDI-MDM Solutions
By Aaron Zornes

Data Integration Adviser
The Trial-and-Error Method for Data Integration
By Rick Sherman

Marketing Systems
Classifying Web Analytics Systems
By David M. Raab

Problem Solved
The Need for Data Profiling in Customer Data Integration
By Shravan Miriyala

Intelligent Solutions
Improving Data Quality
By Jonathan G. Geiger

Information Strategy
Putting the Business Back into Business Intelligence Initiatives
By Jane Griffin

Building Business Intelligence
DW Design in the Real World, Part 2: Abstract Design
By William McKnight

Plain English About Information Quality
Celebrating Milestones
By Larry English

Knowledge: The Essence of Metadata
Metadata's Demand-Side Economics
By R. Todd Stephens, Ph.D.

Strategy Execution
Five Major Domains Critical to Any Organization
By Barnaby S. Donlon

Design Challenge
Getting Physical with Subtypes
By Steve Hoberman

Maximize Business Performance
BPM: The Real Challenges
By Craig Schiff

Business Solutions
CPG Leverages Customer Data
By Anthony Politano

Dealing with Data
Data Analytics: A Huge Opportunity
By Shari Rogalski

BillBak's Corner
By Bill Baker



Tradeware Global Corp. Achieves Business Intelligence with BusinessObjects XI on Linux
Business Objects - BusinessObjects


Budget Maestro Powers Growth at Fleet Card Fuels
Centage Corporation - Budget Maestro


Actavis Pharmaceutical Standardizes on Cognos Performance Management
Cognos - Cognos Performance Management Solution


Microsoft Forecaster Keeps NB Handy Cool Under Pressure
FRx Software, a Microsoft subsidiary - Microsoft FRx and Microsoft Forecaster


Pearson Relies on Hyperion BPM to Enable Change
Hyperion Solutions Corporation - Hyperion Performance Suite


CONTROL Enhances Efficiency at Leading Bank
KCI Computing, Inc. - CONTROL


ARC Drives Business Performance Initiatives at Deutsche Woolworth
Manthan Systems - ARC: Integrated Retail BI


New Belgium Brewing Raises a Glass to Pilot Software
Pilot Software - PilotWorks

From the Editor

Dear Readers,

As a child, did an adult ever surprise you with the phrase, "What's the big idea?" when you were caught looking suspicious? The big idea in question meant they thought you were probably up to no good. But in the competitive world of the 21st century, big ideas are a combination of inspiration and an evaluative process to mold those ideas into shape, and they are necessary for growth and innovation.

This issue of DM Review focuses on five big ideas that are framing discussions in today's world of IT.

The successful execution of strategy is key to aligning IT and business goals. Jane Griffin's column talks about ways to get the business back into BI. Her suggestion is to ensure that BI is a strategic, not technical, initiative in line with the organization's goals and objectives. Barnaby Donlon lists five focus areas to help determine those goals. Lee DeVries demonstrates how mature BI capabilities empower the creation of strategy and improve decision-making.

Process is gaining equal footing with data as a business driver. The advent of the service-oriented architecture offers flexibility to look at extensible data (Joseph Rozenfeld), metadata management to define common processes (David Marco) and event monitoring to solve real-life problems (Sam Barclay).

Data governance has some political hurdles to overcome to guarantee enterprise adoption, but real ROI is being realized around single customer views and data quality. Many aspects of this topic are covered by columnists Jonathan Geiger, Tony Politano, Shravan Miriyala and Aaron Zornes. Sid Adelman and Bonnie O'Neil take a metadata approach to capturing intellectual capital - an important subject with the graying of the IT workforce.

Effective management and measurement of performance is a hallmark of successful companies. Knowing how to establish the business case for ROI (Craig Schiff), what to measure (Bill Baker) and how to analyze the numbers (Shari Rogalski) is critical to creating a framework for success.

Modeling data, applications or complete enterprises requires fundamental, powerful communication. Steve Hoberman, William McKnight, Rick Sherman and David Marco write columns to help you begin those conversations.

In an effort to continue to think big, DM Review has created a technology evaluation center. You'll be able to compare products/vendors using your own requirements with a simple questionnaire format. Test out the comparison tool at DMReview.com.

Mary Jo Nott
Editor in Chief

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