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Past Issue of DM Review Magazine

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September 2005 issue of DM Review magazine


A Singular Focus: Ensuring Customer Success with Enterprise Data Integration
Sohaib Abbasi, President and Chief Executive Officer of Informatica, explains the growing data integration needs facing companies today and how Informatica is meeting those needs.


Moving BI to the Enterprise
By Wayne Eckerson and Cindi Howson
In the past five years, many BI tools vendors have made their product lines more friendly. The result is that many organizations can now confidently extend the benefits of BI tools to a majority of their employees throughout the enterprise.
Policy-Based File System Archiving: A Smarter Strategy for the Deluge of File System Data
By Rob Emsley
Today, companies are faced with a never-ending deluge of information and increasing competitive pressures. By implementing an information life cycle management (ILM) strategy, companies will be able to get the maximum value from all their information at the lowest total cost.
RFID Best Practices: Part 2, Great Minds Unite
By Marlo Brooke
As the various business units discover areas for process improvement and information services understand the critical components needed for a stable infrastructure, it will be finance that ties together RFID into an implementation package.
Get Your Data Management House to Enable Service-Oriented Architecture
By Jane Griffin
Before you build the SOA, build an appropriate data management strategy that will enable it to operate as it should. Use a framework that enables you to build a flexible, comprehensive data management strategy that integrates process, technical and human elements.
Is BAM Alive and Well?
By Colin White
This article covers business activity monitoring (BAM) and its business benefits, discusses whether BAM has achieved those benefits and then looks at its likely future.
IQ and Muda: Information Quality Eliminates Waste
By Larry English
One of the primary objectives of information quality is to eliminate waste. This article reviews the nine types of muda (waste) in information quality so that you may identify any waste-causing processes within your organization and improve these processes to prevent the defective information, muda and associated costs.
The End of Information Overload
By David Norris
New approaches enable predictive analytics to be embedded into the business process. Marketing managers and professional analysts should consider the new tools and encourage their business to embed true insight into day-to-day processes.


Information Management
Unstructured ETL
By Bill Inmon
(online exclusive)

Data Visualization
Intelligent Dashboard Design
By Stephen Few

Knowledge Integrity
Characterization Taxonomies
By David Loshin
(online exclusive)

Maximize Business Performance
Companies Now Choosing BPM with Growth Path in Mind
By Craig Schiff
(online exclusive)

Marketing System
Customer Value Models
By David M. Raab

Loyalty Best Practices
Substance, Not Sizzle, Earns Customer Loyalty: Business Objects
By Rajeev Rawat

Building Business Intelligence
RFID: An Opportunity for Business Intelligence, Part 3
By William McKnight

Customer Intelligence
Red Alert! All Hands Battle Stations!
By Larry Goldman

Enterprise Architecture View
Fuzzy Data Integration, Part 2
By Michael Jennings

Data Management Tipping Point
An Introduction
By Peter Aiken

Dollars & Sense
DMRnac - September Style
By Susan Osterfelt

The Power of Metrics
KPIs: The Seasonality Conundrum
By Kent Bauer

The Data Strategy Advisor
Unintended Consequences: Whose Identity Is It Anyway?
By Lou Agosta

Intelligent Solutions
You Can be Sure If It's ... Been Certified, Part 1
By Jonathan G. Geiger

Empowering the Information Enterprise
Harnessing the Power of Exception Reporting
By Jonathan Wu



Telemar Boosts Sales and Satisfaction with Powerful Performance of Informatica PowerCenter
Informatica Corporation - Informatica PowerCenter


CareGroup Rolls Out Web-Based Electronic Health Record Built on InterSystems' CACHE Post-Relational Database
InterSystems Corporation - Caché


Premier, Inc. Improves Processing and Analysis Capabilities with Netezza
Netezza Corporation - Netezza Performance Server


Managing Oracle Database and J2EE Applications with Enterprise Manager 10g Grid Control
Oracle Corporation - Oracle Enterprise Manager 10g Grid Control


With +EDM, Tiger Brands Tames the Customer Data Jungle
Stratature, Inc. - Stratature +EDM


PowerDesigner: A Business Modeling Tool
Sybase, Inc. - Sybase PowerDesigner

From the Publisher

This issue focuses on two key areas of business intelligence (BI): reporting tools and real-time or business activity monitoring (BAM).

"Moving BI to the Enterprise," by Wayne Eckerson, explains that BI reporting tools have evolved. As a result of these improvements, organizations can extend BI throughout the organization - to the nontechnical business manager who can then effectively use BI technology. This is an excellent feature for those of you who are well along the adoption curve, as well as those just beginning to evaluate BI.

Colin White's feature, "Is BAM Alive and Well?" explains that the underlying concepts behind BAM are still very much alive and well; however, the term BAM may no longer be the correct term to use. White suggests that BPPM - or business process and performance management - may be more appropriate.

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Thanks again for your continued support! Please let your colleagues know that they can get their own subscriptions to DM Review magazine by registering at http://www.dmreview.com/corporate/cs/subscription.cfm.


Brian Cronin, Publisher

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