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Past Issue of DM Review Magazine

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June 2005 issue of DM Review magazine


Challenging the Status Quo
Jit Saxena, CEO and Cofounder of Netezza Corporation, explains how the company is challenging the traditional approach of deploying general-purpose servers, storage and databases for data warehousing.


Dashboard Implementation Methodology
By Daryl Orts
Building and deploying an executive dashboard takes time, regardless of the vendor or technology that is chosen. Don't be mislead by promises of an overnight dashboard solution.
ADEs: The Rise of Buy and Extend BI Tools
By Wayne Eckerson
Analytic development environments (ADEs), the newest development technique on the block, promise to accelerate the development of custom-built analytic applications, as well as make it easier and faster to customize packaged analytic applications.
The Burden of Trusted Information
By Darren Cunningham and Timo Elliott
Executives waste time in meetings debating whose figures are correct, rather than what to do about the company's issues. And, they worry about the consequences of making strategic decisions using the wrong information, directly impacting the long-term survival of the organization. How can you address these issues?
Driving the Evolution to Actionable Architecture
By Jan Popkin
With actionable architecture, enterprise architecture is a central access point for the capture and dissemination of IT and business process information throughout all levels of an organization as a means to improve decision making. This article discusses the frameworks and the rise of this architecture.
It's the Code, Stupid!
By Joe Celko
It is not the lack of hardware, it is not network traffic, it is not slow front ends – the main performance problem in the huge majority of database applications is bad SQL code.
Customer Analytics: Maximizing the Lifetime Value of Your Customer Segments
By Roman Lenzen
Many customer analytic models and segmentation systems provide insight into who should be targeted or what message to deliver; but the models themselves rarely offer an optimum long-term contact strategy. What can you do to attain ongoing and consistent profitability from your customer segments?
The Compliance Imperative: Managing Record Retention in a Rapidly Changing Regulatory Environment
By Jin J. Lee
Today, whether or not companies take a strategic approach to records retention program management is an issue that can have a material impact on competitive differentiation, corporate performance and changes to shareholder value.


Meta Data & Knowledge Management
MME Best Practices Case Study Allstate Insurance, Part 5
By David Marco

Data Visualization
Graphic Grist for the Mill
By Stephen Few

Building Business Intelligence
What Does it all Mean?
By William McKnight

The Power of Metrics
KPIs: Avoiding the Threshold McGuffins, Part 3
By Kent Bauer

Information Management
Up-to-the-Second Data
By Bill Inmon

Maximize Business Performance
BPM and Enterprise Dimension Management
By Craig Schiff

Intelligent Solutions
Can You Keep a Secret?
By Claudia Imhoff

Information Strategy
Data Governance: A Strategy for Success
By Jane Griffin

Dollars & Sense
Seer, Sage, Soothsaye
By Susan Osterfelt

The Data Strategy Advisor
Very Large Data Warehouses Challenge Backup
By Lou Agosta

Marketing Systems
Privacy Compliance and Databases
By David M. Raab

Data Management: An Executive Briefing
The Quiet Crisis in Anti-Money Laundering Strategies
By George Marinos

Knowledge Integrity
Philosophy, Data Integration and Meta Data
By David Loshin

Customer Intelligence
Driving Toward Action: Marketing and Sales Alignment
By Larry Goldman

Data Integration Advisor
ODS Redux, Part 1
By Rick Sherman

Empowering the Information Enterprise
Realizing the Benefits from Your Investment in BI
By Jonathan Wu

Enterprise Architecture View
Information Delivery Shortcuts, Part 3
By Michael Jennings

The Enterprise
Is This the Solution for SPAM?
By Clive Finkelstein

Plain English About Information Quality Column
The Silent Scream of Numbers
By Larry English
(online exclusive)



Food Lion is King of the Jungle with WebFOCUS
Information Builders, Inc. - WebFOCUS


Intelsat Capitalizes on Detailed Business Intelligence with KALIDO Technology
Kalido - KALIDO


IMS Health Leverages MicroStrategy to Deliver a User-Friendly Analytic Reporting Application
MicroStrategy Incorporated - MicroStrategy


Caudwell Communications Makes Better, Quicker Business Decisions with Netezza
Netezza Corporation - Netezza Performance Server


Toshiba Solves Its Oracle Reporting Challenges with Noetix
Noetix Corporation - NoetixViews


Easy Browsing and Modeling of Microsoft Analysis Services Cubes through Excel
o2olap Limited - o2olap for Excel


SAND Extensible Warehouse Suite Eliminates the Need for a 24-Terabyte Data Warehouse at Atos Origin
SAND Technology Inc. - SAND Extensible Warehouse Suite


Avid Uses SAP Business Intelligence to Drive Marketing Analytics
SAP - SAP Business Intelligence (SAP BI)


KeySpan Fuels Business Intelligence with SAS 9
SAS Institute Inc. - SAS9

From the Publisher

As we approach the summer months - hooray! - I wanted to give you a heads-up regarding feedback initiatives we are planning with our most important customers - you, the readers of DM Review magazine.

First of all, we have our annual readership survey in the market this month, and we would appreciate your participation. We depend on feedback from these surveys to a great degree to shape the future direction of our magazine. The survey is sent to a random sample of our readership - watch for it in your inbox this month.

Secondly, we are planning a survey in mid-July that will ask our readers for specific feedback regarding both the advertising placed in the July issue of DM Review as well as the editorial features found in this issue. Please take time - if you are selected - to complete this e-mail-based survey as well.

These efforts will help DM Review deliver content that matches your needs and expectations. Regarding advertising in DM Review, please know that DM Review is dependent on the support of our sponsors and advertisers - so please support these sponsors by reviewing their messages in this and future issues of DM Review!

In this issue of DM Review magazine:

  • Customer Analytics: Maximizing the Lifetime Value of Your Customer Segments, by Roman Lenzen. Transitioning from a one-off campaign environment to an analytic long-term database marketing strategy is challenging, but it is well worth the effort.
  • ADEs: The Rise of Buy and Extend BI Tools, by Wayne Eckerson. Eckerson explores ADEs (analytic development environments), the newest development technique on the block. ADEs are typically component-based extensions to business intelligence tools that allow developers and power users to create sophisticated analytic applications.
  • It's the Code Stupid! By Joe Celko. This article talks about bad SQL code as the primary performance problem behind a majority of database applications - read on!
  • The Burden of Trusted Information, by Timo Elliott and Darren Cunningham. How can you work toward a single view of the truth within your company? This article provides some of the answers for you!

Additionally, as usual, this issue contains a wealth of information from our regular columnists including: Lou Agosta (Very Large Data Warehouses Challenge Backup); Jane Griffin (Data Governance: A Strategy for Success); David Raab (Privacy Compliance and Databases); Craig Schiff (BPM and Enterprise Dimension Management) and Clive Finklestein (Is This the Solution for SPAM?).

Enjoy your summer!

Brian Cronin

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