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Past Issue of DM Review Magazine

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May 2005 issue of DM Review magazine


They do the Math
As the company nears its fiftieth anniversary, Thomas Grudnowski, president and CEO of Fair Isaac, provides insight into the company, its products and how companies benefit from the science of predictive analytics.


The Value of Enterprise Performance Management
By Gregg Taylor
Executives are faced with the challenges of delivering ever more timely and transparent reporting data, and an increasing number of companies are demanding more robust and better integrated capabilities to plan and manage business performance. How will enterprise performance management help?
RFID and the Value of Context: How a Disruptive Technology Promises Real-Time Intelligence
By George Marinos
Cashing in on the promise of RFID depends on something even more important than how ready you are to manage this deluge of data - rewards are dependent upon how well you can build context into this data.
Characteristics of an Outstanding Business Intelligence Project Manager
By Jonathan Wu
Not all projects are created equal, and the same can be said for project maangers - yet the outcome of a BI porject rests with the project manager. What characteristics must this individual possess?
The Next Generation of Business Intelligence: Operational BI
By Colin White
Developing Information Quality Metrics
By David Loshin
Developing KPIs for information quality is clearly a challenge. This article provides insight into how the data analytst can work with the business customer to develop these important metrics.
Open Source - The Brave New World?
By Steve Craggs
Is open source software ready for the enterprise, does it really provide a cheap alternative to endlessly paying software vendors and what are the drawbacks? This article looks at the issues surrounding open source software.
Data Warehouse Project Management
By Tim Furey
The best practices recommendations provided in this article will point you in the right direction for your data warehouse project management.


Maximize Business Performance
The Pulse of BPM Strong, with Opportunities to Get Stronger
By Craig Schiff

Building Business Intelligence
Business Intelligence in Healthcare Today
By William McKnight

Plain English About Information Quality
Don’t Speak in Pronouns: Avoiding Ambiguity
By Larry English

Customer Intelligence
Driving Toward Action: The Action Stage
By Larry Goldman

The Enterprise
Business Process Management Languages Part 3: BPSS
By Clive Finkelstein

Data Integration Advisor
Hub-and-Spoke Redux
By Rick Sherman

Data Visualization
Keep Radar Graphs Below the Radar - Far Below
By Stephen Few

Dollars & Sense
Carnac Revisited
By Susan Osterfelt

Meta Data & Knowledge Management
MME Best Practices Case Study Allstate Insurance, Part 4
By David Marco

AFCOM: Data Center Management
Your Greatest Resource - Your Peers
By Jill Eckhaus

Marketing Systems
Privacy Technology Frameworks
By David M. Raab

Enterprise Architecture View
Information Delivery Shortcuts, Part 2
By Michael Jennings

Intelligent Solutions
What Do Customers Really Want? The Same Thing Their Grandparents Wanted
By Claudia Imhoff

Loyalty Best Practices - Special Series
Informatica Substance, Not Sizzle, Earns Customer Loyalty
By Rajeev Rawat

KPIs: Avoiding the Threshold McGuffins, Part 2
The Power of Metrics
By Kent Bauer

The Data Strategy Advisor
The Shoemaker's Children Urgently Need New Shoes
By Lou Agosta

Information Strategy
The Master Data Management Challenge
By Jane Griffin



Actuate Enterprise Reporting Application Platform
Actuate Corporation - Enterprise Reporting


ADVIZOR Helps Improve Quality for Motorola
ADVIZOR Solutions, Inc. - ADVIZOR Analyst


Occidental Oil and Gas Drills into BI and BPM for Cost Savings and Efficiencies
Applix, Inc. - TM1


arcplan dynaSight Powers Ecolab's Global Executive Information System
arcplan, Inc. - dynaSight


Storecheck's Life Beyond Pivot Tables: Self-Serve Explorable Reports
Databeacon Inc. - Databeacon Open Client Professional


Managing the Business of Health at OHSU with DecisionPoint Financial Performance Management
DecisionPoint Software - DecisionPoint Software Financial Performance Management Suite


Onvoy Realizes Significant Savings and Compelling Efficiency Gains with Geac MPC
Extensity (formerly Geac) - Extensity MPC


Setting a Precedent - Business Intelligence at Zelle Hofmann
Hummingbird Ltd. - Hummingbird BI

From the Publisher

Thank you for your continued readership and support of DM Review magazine. Complementing our magazine are our two Web sites: DMReview.com and dataWarehouse.com. Our sites are complementary resources for news and information on business intelligence and data warehousing, with daily news updates, dedicated online columnists, online forum discussions, free Web seminars, an extensive white paper library and a plethora of resource portals. Please make it a daily habit to visit DMReview.com as well as dataWarehouse.com!
In this issue of DM Review magazine:
  • The Value of Enterprise Performance Management by Gregg Taylor of Accenture. In the finance organization, executives are faced with the challenges of delivering ever more timely and transparent reporting data. Meeting these challenges is not only a matter of organizational mind-set and commitment; it is a matter of enabling technology. Thus, it is little wonder that an increasing number of companies are demanding more robust and better integrated capabilities to plan and manage business performance, and that enterprise performance management software constitutes one of the faster growing segments within the information technology sector.
  • Open Source - The Brave New World? By Steve Craggs of the Integration Consortium. During the author's consultations with end-user companies across the world, one of the most common topics of conversation is open source. Everyone wants to know whether open source software is "ready for prime time." This article looks at these issues and others surrounding the controversial area of open source.
  • RFID and the Value of Context: How a Disruptive Technology Promises Real-Time Intelligence by George Marinos of PricewaterhouseCoopers. RFID (radio frequency identification) is a technology used to identify assets (persons or objects) and some of their characteristics (such as identity, condition and location) in order to optimize inventory effectiveness, improve security, support compliance or enhance customer experience. However, the data provided by RFID requires context to become information. You need to augment this data with meaning; support it with relevant location- and time-specific detail from internal applications, third-party systems and Web services; and tie this information to specific business processes.

Finally, don't miss the third installment in Rajeev Rawat's loyalty best practices series on page 52. In this series, Rajeev discusses the IT vendor practices that are important to you and then provides input from leading vendors - it's Informatica's turn this month - detailing what they are doing to earn your loyalty.

Please send me your e-mails on suggested topics or changes you think will enhance DM Review magazine and DMReview.com - my e-mail address is brian.cronin@sourcemedia.com.

Thank you and enjoy this issue!

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