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Past Issue of DM Review Magazine

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April 2005 issue of DM Review magazine


Clarity, Simplicity & Usability
Robert Koolen, president and CEO of arcplan, Inc., has led the company to unprecented growth over the past year due to his enthusiasm for the company and its unique approach to analytic application development.


Pervasive Business Intelligence: Enhancing Key Performance Indicators
By Dave Mittereder
BI is evolving from traditional BI to pervasive BI, which empowers everyone in the organization, at all levels, with analytics, alerts and feedback mechanisms. It's a new paradigm with potentially enormous benefits and far-reaching cultural impleications.
The Information Supply Chain: Achieving Business Objectives by Enhancing Critical Business Processes
By George Marinos
Understanding how data moves through an information supply chain on its way to becoming actionable business knowledge and insight is critical because information will increasingly form the backbone of an organization's most valuable supply chain.
Using Advanced Analytics to Drive Better Business Decisions
By Peter Arena and Stephen Rhody and Michael Stavrianos
This article discusses three competing approaches that vendors are using to meet the growing demand for analytic applications. It also provides five strategic imperatives for successful implementation of advanced analytic applications.
Bigger is Not Better: Controlling Data Warehouse Growth with Information Life Cycle Management
By Robert Thompson
Ignoring data warehouse growth has negative repercussions, and information life cycle management offers an efficient and economical approach to managing that growth.
Reevaluating Relational Technology: A Place for Everything, Everything in its Place
By Duncan Pauly
The RDBMS as the de facto data management solution has had a good run, but should the ideal data center topology be some optimal mix of relational technologies and high-performance flat-file databases?
MDDL: The Liberator of Market Data
By William Laurent
You may have heard the buzz about an XML-based information interchange format called Market Data Definition Language (MDDL). Learn why MDDL is here to stay.


Dollars & Sense
Answers! I Want Answers!
By Susan Osterfelt

Maximize Business Performance
IT Readiness for Performance Management
By Craig Schiff

Information Management
A Brief History of Architecture
By Bill Inmon

Enterprise Architecture View
Information Delivery Shortcuts, Part 1
By Michael Jennings

Meta Data & Knowledge Management
MME Best Practices Case Study Allstate Insurance, Part 3
By David Marco

The Power of Metrics
KPIs: Avoiding the Threshold McGuffins
By Kent Bauer

The Enterprise
Business Process Management Languages Part 2: BPML
By Clive Finkelstein

Information Strategy
Building a Culture of Sarbanes-Oxley Sustainment
By Jane Griffin

The Data Strategy Advisor
Oracle Dominates Data Warehousing Survey
By Lou Agosta

Data Integration Advisor
Mitigating Meta Data Misery
By Rick Sherman

Marketing Systems
Advanced Personalization
By David M. Raab

Building Business Intelligence
Introducing the Data Warehouse Appliance, Part 2
By William McKnight

Plain English about Information Quality
IQ in the News: Lessons Learned
By Larry English

Loyalty Best Practices
Substance, Not Sizzle, Earns Customer Loyalty
By Rajeev Rawat

Customer Intelligence
Driving Toward Action: The Strategy Stage
By Larry Goldman

Intelligent Solutions
Understanding the Three E's of Integration EAI, EII and ETL
By Claudia Imhoff

Data Visualization
Quantitative vs. Categorical Data: A Difference Worth Knowing
By Stephen Few

Knowledge Integrity
Profiling Dependencies
By David Loshin



Experian Advances ILM Strategy, Manages Explosive Data Growth with EMC ControlCenter
EMC Corporation - ControlCenter


New Mexico Utility Lights Up with Hummingbird Enterprise
Hummingbird Ltd. - HA-Suite


Carolinas HealthCare Chooses IBM TotalStorage Open Software
IBM Corporation - Tivoli Storage Manager


Vindico Retail Streamlines the Execution of Complex, Multi-Geographic Projects with Interwoven WorkSite MP
Interwoven - Interwoven WorkSite MP


BC Hydro Improves Delivery of Customer Service Information, Boosts IT Productivity with Rhythmyx 5 ECM
Percussion Software, Inc. - Rhythmyx Enterprise Content Management


Tackling E-Mail Compliance for the Financial Services Industry
Permabit - Permeon Compliance Vault


National Aquarium in Baltimore Manages Hundreds of Proposals Efficiently and Effectively with RedDot
RedDot Solutions - RedDot Extended Content Management Solutions


Emerson Process Management Saves Millions of Dollars Using Stellent Universal Content Management
Stellent, Inc. - Stellent Universal Content Management


Student Life Chooses SunGard's Octane8 for International Operations
SunGard EXP - Octane8


Designing a Technology Infrastructure for Analytics

Hilton International Localizes Web Sites with Translations.com

From the Publisher

DM Review, along with our research partner, the Gantry Group LLC, has recently completed a comprehensive study on the BI markets relative to adoption, implementation and business value. What we have learned from the results of the survey (completed by 551 corporate and IT executives) validates our position in the market: providing our readers with the knowledge required to provide business justification for BI, and explaining the process for successful implementation and end-user adoption.

Additionally, this study validates the need in the market for more business-focused content for corporate executives, explaining the business benefits of BI. This April, DM Review's parent company, SourceMedia (formerly Thomson Media) will launch a quarterly magazine titled Business Intelligence Review or BI Review. This magazine will complement DM Review.

Along these lines, we are also pleased to inform you that SourceMedia will be hosting its first BI conference, the BI Forum, April 17-19 at the new JW Marriott Resort & Spa in Phoenix, Arizona. Please take a moment to review the agenda for the conference (at www.sourcemediaconferences.com/conferences/BI05), and join us if you can for what will surely be an exciting three days!

In this issue:

  • The Information Supply Chain: Achieving Business Objectives by Enhancing Critical Business Processes, by George Marinos of PricewaterhouseCoopers. Just as raw materials move through a physical supply chain on their way to becoming finished goods, data moves in a very similar manner through an information supply chain.
  • Pervasive Business Intelligence: Enhancing Key Performance Indicators, by Dave Mittereder of Citigate Hudson. BI is evolving from traditional BI to pervasive BI, which empowers everyone in the organization, at all levels, with analytics, alerts and feedback mechanisms. It's a new paradigm with potentially enormous benefits - and far-reaching cultural implications.
  • Using Advanced Analytics to Drive Better Business Decisions, by Peter Arena, Stephen Rhody and Michael Stavrianos of ASR Analytics. This article examines the real value of advanced analytics as well as the unique challenges of integrating decision management into the BI architecture.

This month's featured columns include:

  • Building a Culture of Sarbanes-Oxley Sustainment, by Jane Griffin
  • MME Best Practices Case Study - Allstate Insurance, Part 3, by David Marco
  • IT Readiness for Performance Management, by Craig Schiff

Enjoy the issue!

Brian Cronin

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