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Past Issue of DM Review Magazine

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November 2004 issue of DM Review magazine


Business Performance Management
Mike Morini, president of OutlookSoft in North America, explains how companies receive improved productivity, better decision making, greater accountability, closed-loop business management and reduced training requirements through the use of OutlookSoft Everest.


BI and Government Performance Management: Getting to Green
By Steve Williams and Nancy Williams
There are barriers to applying business intelligence and data warehousing in the Federal environment that must be overcome to realize the potential of BI/DW to meet the challenges presented by the mandates of key legislative and regulatory actions. BI and DW methods and technologies can be substantial enablers of "Getting to Green."
Creating a BI Strategy Document
By Michael L. Gonzales
The core reason for establishing your BI vision in the form of a strategy document is to ensure that implementation of specific technology or data structure is not done in a haphazard manner.
Customer Data Integration, Linkage Precision and Match Accuracy
By Ed Allburn and David Loshin
Automated tools are now being developed that can be used to adjust business rule settings, run the record matching applications and automatically evaluate the results to improve match accuracy.
DM Review 2004 Readership Awards
By Jean Schauer
DM Review announces the winners of our 2004 Readership Awards.
Gauge Your Data Warehouse Maturity
By Wayne Eckerson
A data warehousing maturity model provides a quick way for you to gauge where your data warehousing initiative is now and where it needs to go next.
Compliance: IT's Launchpad into Higher Orbit
By Rajeev Rawat
This is the fourth and final installment in this compliance series. Let compliance launch IT into a higher orbit for contribution, leadership and rewards.
End Data Chaos with a Data Integration Framework
By Faisal Shah
A data integration framework greatly simplifies architectures and creates a structure within which data-centric applications can be built the "right" way today.


Meta Data & Knowledge Management
Managed Meta Data Environment: A Complete Walk-Through, Part 8
By David Marco

The Power of Metrics
The KPI Profiler: CRM Case Study
By Kent Bauer

Business Dimensional Modeling
Is No News Really Good News?
By Laura Reeves

Data Management: An Executive Briefing
And What About Zurich?
By George Marinos

Building Business Intelligence
Rafting Into the Business Intelligence Future, Part 2
By William McKnight and Scott Humphrey

The BI Watch
Are You Unwired?
By Richard Hackathorn

Maximize Business Performance
Real-World BPM: Vendor Selection
By Craig Schiff

The Data Strategy Advisor
A Time of Growth for Data Warehousing
By Lou Agosta

DAMA (Data Management Association)
From the Vice President of Chapter Services
By John Schley

Intelligent Solutions
Lessons from the Farm - Managing the Data Delivery Process
By Claudia Imhoff

Information Management
Straight Talk: Data Warehousing and Offshore Development
By Bill Inmon

Plain English About Information Quality
The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Information Professionals, Part 8
By Larry English

Empowering the Information Enterprise
Practical Applications of Enterprise Meta Data
By Jonathan Wu


Behind the E-Commerce Curve: Bringing Order to an Online Industry

Optimal Data Architecture for Clinical Data Warehouses

Creating the Perfect Storm with Teksouth

From the Publisher

Dear Readers,

The November issue of DM Review has always been one of the most anticipated issues of the year, as it contains our annual Buyer's Guide feature. Because many of you are charged with finding and evaluating new technologies and solutions that meet your business needs, DM Review's 2005 Buyer's Guide provides you with comprehensive profiles of leading technology providers - spanning key technology areas from analytic applications to business intelligence and query and reporting. Our Buyer's Guide feature begins on page 68.

Complementing our annual Buyer's Guide feature in this issue is the announcement of our 2004 Readership Award winners on page 50. These winners are the solution providers that our readers voted #1 for excellence in technology and services.

With this wealth of information, this is one issue you will want to retain for your IT evaluation and purchasing information needs over the next 12 months.

Additionally, we have several outstanding features in this month's issue. On page 24, you'll find Creating a BI Strategy Document, authored by Michael Gonzalez. Any of you implementing or planning for a BI solution must read this feature, which essentially provides a blueprint for BI implementations.

Gauge Your Data Warehouse Maturity can be found on page 34. Written by Wayne Eckerson, this feature answers the questions: How does your data warehousing solution compare with others? What will it take to get your data warehouse to the next level?

Our series on compliance comes to a close in this issue with Compliance: IT's Launchpad Into Higher Orbit. Authored by Rajeev Rawat, this is the final article in a four-part series.

BI and Government Performance Management by Steve Williams and Nancy Williams discusses barriers that must be overcome to realize the potential of business intelligence and data warehousing. Also look for Customer Data Integration, Linkage, Precision and Match Accuracy by Ed Allburn and David Loshin, and a special supplement on data integration. In this supplement, End Data Chaos with a Data Integration Framework, by Faisal Shah, CTO of leading BI and data warehousing consultancy - Knightsbridge, explains that a data integration framework greatly simplifies architectures and creates a structure within which data-centric applications can be built the "right" way today.

One final item. On page 8 you will find the highlights of information that can be found at our Web site - DMReview.com. This extensive content complements our magazine content. Of particular note is DMReview's online conference covering Business Intelligence which runs through November and December, as well as several FREE Web seminars that we put together. Don't miss out - please take the time to register for these free events at www.dmreview.com!

Thanks for your continued support of DM Review. Enjoy the issue!

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