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Past Issue of DM Review Magazine

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August 2004 issue of DM Review magazine


Thriving in the Shadow of Giants
Founded in 1981, Bradmark Technologies' core competency has always been data management. Brad Tashenberg, founder and CEO, and John Mitchell, VP of sales and marketing, discuss how the company has transitioned to keep pace with enterprise data management market demands.


Compliance – IT's Turn to Lead
By Rajeev Rawat
This is the first article in 4-part series on compliance. This series will provide a guide for IT to take the lead in developing a compliance program in your organization. Watch out - you have an assignment!
The "Soft Side" of Real-Time BI
By Wayne Eckerson
There are several critical factors involved in "real-time" BI systems that have nothing to do with technology. To succeed in the world of real-time decision making, you need to understand how your businesspeople define real time and what real-time data is worth to them.
The Future of Data Mining – Predictive Analytics
By Lou Agosta
The technology innovations in data mining since 2000 have been truly Darwinian and show promise of consolidating and stabilizing around predictive analytics.
Capturing ROI through Business-Centric BI Development Methods
By Steve Williams and Nancy Williams
Business-centric methods recognize that the missing link in many data warehousing efforts is the lack of clarity in the value proposition and/or the lack of business process change to capture the business value of BI.
Data: An Unfolding Quality Disaster
By Thomas C. Redman
No industry, company within any industry or any department within any company is immune to the effects of poor quality data. While most effects are barely observable, the cumulative impact of poor data quality is enormous.
Data Quality: A Risk-Based Approach
By George Marinos
Interested in supporting value creation through data quality management? Make sure the approach is strategically driven, tactically staged and based on solid risk management practices.
Predicting the Future – A Crystal Ball for Your Enterprise
By Claudia Imhoff
The new tools and capabilities generated from data mining and statistical analysis companies open a whole new world of business intelligence. Imhoff predicts we will soon see nicely integrated predictive analyses driving tactical actionable events.
Business Intelligence: Recent Influences, Trends and Innovations
By Jonathan Wu
The future of business intelligence is very promising. This article discusses the business intelligence trends that will significantly benefit information consumers, as well as influencing factors and organizational issues surrounding them.


Enterprise Architecture View
Business Rules, Business Meta Data and Data Stewardship Component of the Complete Meta Data Model
By Michael Jennings

Customer Intelligence
The Next Phase of Data Warehousing: Unleashing Your Information
By Larry Goldman

Data Integration Advisor
The Impact of New BI Trends on Data Integration
By Rick Sherman

Meta Data & Knowledge Management
Managed Meta Data Environment: A Complete Walk-Through, Part 5
By David Marco

Knowledge Integrity
Conceptual Collaboration and Scalability
By David Loshin

Building the Smart Business
Business Intelligence Automation
By Colin White

Business Dimensional Modeling
Back to the Future
By Laura Reeves

Marketing Systems
Business Intelligence Systems for Marketers
By David M. Raab

Building Business Intelligence
Trend: Good Enough Isn't
By William McKnight

The Power of Metrics
Select Dashboard Visuals Using Six Sigma Design of Experiments
By Kent Bauer

Dollars & Sense
Postcards from BI Land
By Susan Osterfelt

Plain English About Information Quality
The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Information Professionals, Part 6 – Habit 4: Think Win/Win
By Larry English

Maximize Business Performance
Industry Dashboards to the Rescue
By Craig Schiff
(online exclusive)

The Enterprise
Business Transformation Enablement Using Enterprise Architecture, Part 1
By Clive Finkelstein
(online exclusive)

Information Strategy
Avoiding a Political Quagmire when Building the Business-Time Intelligent Enterprise
By Jane Griffin
(online exclusive)

DAMA (Data Management Association)
A Message from the Vice President of Conference Services
By Catherine Nolan

Information Management: Charting the Course
Looking Ahead: Unstructured Data
By Bill Inmon


Firstlogic Data Quality Helps PepsiAmerica Optimize its Sales and Distribution Channels

GAF Materials Corporation Makes Smarter Business Decisions Faster with Applix

LAMPS PLUS Reduces CPA by 30 Percent Using Omniture's SiteCatalyst

Army MWR Utilizes its Enterprise Architecture for Informed Management Decisions

JReport Responds to SOS Reporting Requirements

Tobin International Maps Its Way to a Secure Enterprise with Backup Express

Nedbank Uses Enterprise Marketing Management Platform from Aprimo to Enhance Customer Communications and Experience

EDS Wrangles Web Sites with Maxamine Analytics Solution

From the Editor

Dear Readers,

Welcome to our exciting August issue - one we are sure you will enjoy. We are pleased to feature some of the brightest business intelligence pundits - Jonathan Wu, Lou Agosta, Wayne Eckerson, Claudia Imhoff, George Marinos, Steve Williams, Nancy Williams, Thomas Redman and Rajeev Rawat - as they detail current trends and relevant concepts that are affecting business intelligence, predictive analytics, data mining, data quality and compliance. After reading these compelling articles, you will be ready for the future challenges your organization may face.

In addition to our feature articles, several of our regular columnists have also covered trends. Colin White provides insight into business intelligence automation, Rick Sherman discusses the impact of business intelligence trends on data integration, Larry Goldman covers the next phase of data warehousing, David Loshin explains the potential of grid computing, Bill Inmon looks at unstructured data, Laura Reeves reviews where we've been in order to see where we're going, David Raab details how marketing systems will estimate future results and William McKnight relates that while business intelligence has been good, the future is going to be even better.

Our August issue is also historically our opportunity to showcase effective implementations, and this year is no exception. You will find eight Strategic Solutions in this issue, beginning on page 72.

We will soon be introducing the redesigned DM Review, and as part of that exciting redesign, we will be featuring Best Practices rather than Strategic Solutions. This is an opportunity for any of our readers to share your organization's best practices with everyone who reads our magazine. Please contact Julie Langenkamp, our managing editor (julie.langenkamp@sourcemedia.com), to obtain the guidelines for submitting your best practice for publication.

It is now time for our annual DMReview.com Web site survey. Please be sure to participate, as it is only with your input that we can ensure our site meets and exceeds your needs. To enter the survey, please go to http://www.gantrygroup.com/cgi-bin/surveysys/dmrweb04.htm.

One quick reminder - DM Review's World Class Solution Awards will be announced on September 28 at DCI's Business Intelligence and Data Warehouse Conference in Boston. Hope to see you there!

As always, thanks for reading DM Review.

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