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Past Issue of DM Review Magazine

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April 2004 issue of DM Review magazine


ASG – Spanning the Globe with End-to-End Solutions
In 1986, Art Allen came out of early retirement to found Allen Systems Group (ASG). Since then, the president, founder, sole shareholder and CEO has grown the company to more than 7,000 customer sites served by more than 900 employees at nearly 50 offices worldwide. What can ASG do for you?


Issues and Opportunities in Data Quality Management Coordination
By David Loshin
The issues of cordinating data quality management are tough ones, and a data quality professional must be careful in introducing best practices. Working within the policies and procedures already established in an organization helps in bridging the management authority gap that can impede progress toward data quality improvement. In this article, Loshin describes an approach to data quality that has yielded favorable results for many of his clients.
Normalizing Reference Data
By Malcolm Chisholm
A strong case can be made that reference data needs to be normalized in its own special way if a database is to provide the best possible return on the investment in it. If you follow the normalization rules described in this article, your database will provide a much higher ROI, with a corresponding reduction in risk that could arise from data quality problems associated with reference data.
Is Dimensional Modeling One of the Great Con Jobs in Data Management History?
By Tom Haughey
In Part 1 of this article, Haughey established some basic and essential definitions for analytical modeling. In this second part, he will address a number of issues critical to analytical modeling of real applications. Along the way, he will discuss how they are handled in logical modeling, physical design and dimensional design.
Are You Drowning in BI Reports?
By Kurt Rivard and Doug Cogswell
A new approach to dashboards promises to save those drowning in BI reports. Analytical dashboards provide the understanding of why KPIs are performing as they are, what trends are driving them and what really matters. They empower business users to navigate and interpret underlying KPI detail, replacing complex pivot table interfaces and the need to string together reporting threads that lack flexibility and present navigational challenges for business users.
Achieving Human Capital Management: Building the Workforce Analytics Infrastructure
By Jamie Barrette
Returns on all other investments are driven by the quality and strength of an organization's investment in human capital. In this article, Barrette explains why employing analytics in human capital management is as critical to achieving continued growth and success as monitoring the financial statements, and how to do so within your organization.
Designing for High Availability
By Bob Zimmerman
High availability cannot be added ladled onto running systems. It must be systematically driven throughout the enterprise. Ignore this article, and you may find that your critical systems break at the least convenient moment.
Real-World Business Intelligence: The Implementation Perspective
By Allen Bonde and Matt Kuckuk
This article examines the state of BI from the implementation perspective starting with a review of the trends driving today's implementation challenges, user roles and requirements, and the emergence of new self-service techniques. It then introduces the BI center of excellence delivery approach that not only offers a model for addressing key BI deployment, integration and adoption challenges, but also can be used to drive self-service initiatives.


Enterprise Architecture View
The Complete Meta Data Repository
By Michael F. Jennings

Building Business Intelligence
Business Intelligence Return on Investment Issues
By William McKnight

AFCOM: Data Center Management
Continuing Professional Education: The Worthwhile Investment
By Jill Eckhaus

DAMA (Data Management Association)
CDMP Certification
By Patricia Cupoli

Maximize Business Performance
Engagement Management is Key to Implementation Success
By Craig Schiff

The Enterprise
Systems Development Methods for Enterprise Integration, Part 3
By Clive Finkelstein

Intelligent Solutions
Killing Me Softly...
By Claudia Imhoff

Information Strategy
Using a Common Message Model to Organize Your Organizational Meta Data
By Jane Griffin

Information Management: Charting the Course
The Cost of Storage
By Bill Inmon

Building the Smart Business
Enterprise Reporting is Alive and Well
By Colin White

The Power of Metrics
The CPM Dashboard: The Framework
By Kent Bauer

Data Integration Advisor
Technology and Product Standards Keep Us On Track
By Rick Sherman

Dollars & Sense
The Last Bastion
By Susan Osterfelt

Marketing Systems
Project Management Basics
By David M. Raab

Data Warehousing Lessons Learned
Is Your Data Warehouse Active?
By Lou Agosta

Customer Intelligence
Award Winners Cite Customer Intelligence as a Key Factor for Success
By Larry Goldman

Meta Data & Knowledge Management
Managed Meta Data Environment: A Complete Walk-Through, Part 1
By David Marco

Enterprise Content Management
Conducting Your First Text Mining Project, Part 2
By Dan Sullivan



Twentieth Century Fox Automates Records Management with Accutrac
Accutrac Software, Inc. - Accutrac


Why We Switched to CA's BrightStor Backup Solutions
Computer Associates International, Inc. - BrightStor ARCserve Backup & BrightStor Enterprise Backup


Knowledge Transfer Initiative Improves Support of QCSI's Rapidly Growing Customer Base
Entopia, Inc. - Entopia K-Suite


Department of Defense Quality of Life Information Technology Center Streamlines Multi-Site Web Development With Ingeniux XML Content Management
Ingeniux Corporation - Ingeniux Content Management System


Leveraging a Highly Available Storage Network to Ensure Timely Patient Healthcare Without Breaking the Bank
McDATA Corporation - Intrepid Director


Thrifty Car Rental Uses Percussion Software's Rhythmyx 5 ECM as the Cornerstone of its International E-Commerce Effort
Percussion Software, Inc. - Rhythmyx Enterprise Content Management


UnumProvident Reduces Costs, Increases Productivity and Enables Geographically Distributed Business Processes Using Stellent Universal Content Management
Stellent, Inc. - Stellent Universal Content Management


Contivo Integration Modeling Streamlines Management of HP's Global Operations Supply Chain

From the Editor

Dear Readers,

Even though there are many signs that the economy is improving, many of you are undoubtedly being asked to do more work with fewer resources in order to improve the bottom line. In the BI industry, that may manifest itself in executive-level requests to IT to deliver all the information each user constituency requires - and deliver it now! And, by the way, make sure it's user-friendly! And, be prepared because we'll probably need you to connect to our suppliers soon. And, we're going make an acquisition within the next 180 days, so be sure we'll be able to integrate their data quickly...

Fortunately, there are technologies available that can make requests of this type somewhat less painful. Thus, it's incumbent on you to avail yourself of the best resources for continuing education. One good source, of course, is DM Review magazine, and this issue is no exception. Be sure to read "Designing for High Availability" by Bob Zimmerman, Noel Yuhana, Randy Heffner and Jean-Pierre Garbani of Forrester Research in this month's High Availability supplement.

The many trade shows, conferences, regional seminars and Web seminars that serve our industry are also great resources for your continuing education. Recently, I had the good fortune to attend Driving Toward Compliance: An Executive Briefing and Roundtable sponsored by Unisys, EMC, Information Builders and Intel; the TDWI World Conference in Las Vegas; and the DCI Enterprise Analytics, Business Intelligence and Data Warehousing Conference & Exposition in Chicago. Take advantage of events such as these to learn about emerging technologies, enhancements to existing technologies and to attend educational sessions. Do some personal spring cleaning - sweep out the cobwebs and open your mind to new ideas.

Several exciting events are scheduled for this month and next. A few examples include: AFCOM Data Center World Conference & Expo in Las Vegas (April 5-8); BrainStorm's Enterprise Content Management Conference Series in Chicago (April 13-14); Wilshire Meta-Data Conference & DAMA International in Los Angeles (May 2-6); DCI's Enterprise Architectures Conference in Chicago (May 5-6); The Data Warehousing Institute World Conference in Boston (May 9-14); and GigaWorld IT Forum 2004 in Orlando (May 17-20). You can find a complete listing of these upcoming industry events on DMReview.com.

Think spring - and as the robins' eggs hatch, hatch new plans for your organization!

Jean Schauer, Editor in Chief

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