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Past Issue of DM Review Magazine

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It's Not Your Father's Unisys
Don Montgomery, program director, business intelligence, reveals the decision that revolutionized Unisys.


When the Going Gets Tough, the Tough Think Globally
By Michael Keilen
As more organizations extend their reach around the globe, they quickly realize that they have an increased need to integrate customer, supplier and operational data across their corporate computing systems.
The Rise and Fall of Spreadmarts
By Wayne Eckerson
Although the data warehouse was funded to eliminate "dueling spreadsheets" and the informational chaos and feuding they cause, it is often culturally and politically challenging to convert business users to a centralized information utility. The tactics described in this article will help you stamp out spreadmarts and deliver a single version of the truth.
Visitor Intelligence Scorecards: Next Generation Business-to-Business Web Analytics
By Gib Bassett
Marketers cannot gauge the value of their Web site investments using the simple hit/click/visit statistics of the past. What's needed is a new form of Web analytics that helps businesses understand the extent to which the Web site supports key offline business processes.
Storage Size: A Critical Choice for Real-Time Decision Support
By Alan Chow
If companies fail to think carefully about their data storage choices, a loss in computing performance could undermine their ability to realize real-time decision making for both tactical and strategic initiatives.
In Search of the Ubiquitous Analytic End User: Profiling the Analytic End User
By Keith Gile
The most common mistakes made by companies attempting to implement business intelligence solutions today can be traced directly to a lack of understanding of the analytic end users. The key to a successful BI solution implementation is aligning the solution to the appropriate end-user constituencies.
Planning for the Unplanned: From Scheduled to Event-Based Business Intelligence
By Robert Blumstein and Henry Morris
The pace of events can easily outrun the ability of people in a business to react, understand and decide on an appropriate response. Unplanned events can stop a business in its tracks. How should an organization's decision cycle be designed with unplanned events in mind?
BAM and Business Intelligence
By Colin White
This article provides an overview of BAM and its business benefits and describes how BAM technologies and products are integrated into an existing BI framework.
The Link is the Thing, Part 2
By Richard Hackathorn
This article suggests a new approach to analyzing enterprise data using the "small-world" property of complex systems. It outlines a methodology, called Associative Link Analysis, which exploits this approach within the enterprise data warehousing environment.
BI Standards ?­ Paving the Way
By Claudia Imhoff
This article looks at the pros and cons of standards in today's BI marketplace and examines how standards came to be and why they are useful.
Industry Standard Technologies ­ ? The Road to Success :
The Washington Department of RevenueTax Compliance Data Warehouse
By Jean Schauer
Learn how the Department of Revenue of the State of Washington embraced industry standard technologies to facilitate on-time, on-budget implementation of its Tax Compliance Data Warehouse.
Total Information Quality Management ­? A Complete Methodology for IQ Management
By Larry English
IQ problems cannot be solved permanently unless you address the organization's management systems that set performance measures and influence behavior. This article and accompanying poster explain what is required to achieve information quality.


Enterprise Content Management
Address Policies and Procedures Early and Often
By Dan Sullivan

Data Integration Advisor
An Introduction
By Rick Sherman

Business Dimensional Modeling
An Author's Introduction
By Laura Reeves

Knowledge Integrity
Data Quality ROI in the Absence of Profits
By David Loshin

Maximize Business Performance
BPM is Coming ?­ and It's Not Just Hype
By Craig Schiff

Information Strategy
Cutting Development Resources Too Soon May be a Very Costly Error
By Jane Griffin

The Enterprise
Book Review: Enterprise Architecture Using the Zachman Framework, Part 2
By Clive Finkelstein

Intelligent Solutions
It Takes Two to Tango...
By Claudia Imhoff and Jonathan G. Geiger

Information Management: Charting the Course
What About Forecast Data?
By Bill Inmon

Dollars & Sense
Seven Serious Sins
By Susan Osterfelt

Meta Data & Knowledge Management
Meta Data Silos, Part 2
By David Marco

Building Business Intelligence
Overall Approach to Data Quality ROI, Part 2
By William McKnight

DAMA (Data Management Association)
A Message from the Vice President of Industry Services
By Ingrid Hunt

Marketing Systems
What Marketers Really Want
By David M. Raab



BMC Software's Change Manager Product Adds Reliability, Consistency and Efficiency to Boston University's DB2 Application Management Processes
BMC Software, Inc. - Change Manager for DB2 UDB


CA's Unicenter Database Performance Management Keeps LifeBridge Healthy
Computer Associates International, Inc. - Computer Associates Unicenter Database Performance Management


Compuware Vantage Suite Best for Managing the Performance of Database Servers, Networking and All Other Enterprise Applications
Compuware Corporation - Vantage Suite


Simplicity and Flexibility Motivate Maritz to Deploy an HP Virtual SAN
Hewlett-Packard Company - HP StorageWorks Enterprise Virtual Array


Scandinavian Airlines Systems' Financial Analysis Takes Off with HyperRoll
HyperRoll, Inc. - HyperRoll OLAP Suite


Molecular Pathology Builds Web-Based Lab Information System on InterSystems CACHÉ Post-Relational Database
InterSystems Corporation - Caché


Israel's Largest HMO Boosts Customer Service, Slashes Costs by Migrating to Microsoft Windows Server 2003 Datacenter Edition
Microsoft Corporation - Microsoft SQL Server


The University of Texas M. D. Anderson Cancer Center Tracks End User Database Usage to Provide Improved Data Warehouse Structure and Performance
No Company - No Product


Interstate Battery Saves Nearly $1.5 Million in Operational Costs with Quest Central for Oracle
Quest Software, Inc. - Quest Central for Oracle


Sql Power Tools Performs Service Level and SQL Monitoring with Zero Impact for Landonline
SQL Power Tools, Inc. - Sql Power Tools Zero Impact product line


Vision Solutions Helps RMI Stay on Track
Vision Solutions, Inc. - Vision Suite

From the Publisher

Dear Readers,

This month, DM Review would like to welcome three new columnists that bring a wealth of knowledge and experience, adding to an already strong core of columnists featured every month.

Craig Schiff's column, "Maximize Business Performance," will cut through the hype and misconceptions that surround business performance management (BPM). Craig will provide a detailed look at the components of BPM and study the best practices, process methodologies and major trends. He has worked with BPM for more than 20 years and was one of the early pioneers in this space as one of the founders of Hyperion Solutions, OutlookSoft and now BPM Partners. A published author and popular speaker, he also chairs the DCI Performance Management Conference.

"Business Dimensional Modeling" by Laura Reeves will focus primarily on how to gather business requirements, architecture design, dimensional model development and project management. Laura is a coauthor of The Data Warehouse Lifecycle Toolkit and has more than 18 years of experience in the data warehouse industry. She is also a regular speaker for TDWI, which is one of the top conferences for data warehousing and business intelligence.

Rick Sherman's column, "Data Integration Advisor," will focus on how to approach the topic of data integration by better leveraging data as a strategic asset. Rick will introduce us to the Data Integration Framework, a combination of processes, standards, people and tools used to transform enterprise data into information for tactical operations reporting and strategic analysis. Rick, a published author and industry speaker, has more than 17 years of business intelligence and data warehousing experience.

After reading their columns over the next several months, I know that you will be as excited as I am about their willingness to share their expertise!

Don't miss this month's special insert ­ the Total Information Quality Management poster. Our thanks to Larry English for sharing his Six Processes of TIQM and his 14 Points of Information Quality in this format. This poster should find a home on your office wall so it can serve as a daily reminder of the steps that are necessary to exploit information's value as an enterprise resource.

Thanks for reading DM Review!

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