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Past Issue of DM Review Magazine

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March 2004 issue of DM Review magazine


DataMirror: Surging Ahead on a Real-Time Data Wave
Nigel Stokes, CEO and president of DataMirror, discusses the company's focus on end-to-end live data integration and protection solutions.


Drilling Into OLAP Benefits
By Nigel Pendse
The OLAP Survey 3 showed many positive trends including a higher rate of OLAP usage, rising goal achievement rates and increasing data volumes, data projects and data quality.
Assessing the Value of Content: Information Management
By George J. Symons
Information lifecycle management (ILM) is poised to help companies look at their information in a new way. ILM helps businesses manage information based on its changing value over time while complying with regulatory requirements.
Analyst Insight - anacubis Desktop
By Carol Baroudi and Robin Bloor and Ben Littauer
Seeing is Understanding: anacubis Desktop Makes Data Make Sense
BAM: Event-Driven Business Intelligence for the Real-Time Enterprise
By Diaz Nesamoney
The need for real-time visibility and immediate response capabilities has given rise to business activity monitoring (BAM), a process by which key operational business events are monitored for changes or trends indicating opportunities or problems, enabling business managers to take corrective action.
The Urge to Merge: Standardizing on an Enterprise BI Platform
By Wayne Eckerson
Standardizing on one business intelligence (BI) platform offers substantial financial and strategic benefits. However, it can also backfire on companies if they are not careful. How do you select one platform out of many currently in use in your organization? How can you be sure the new BI platform will scale up to support all users and scale out to support their diverse sets of analytical needs?
Winter Corporation's TopTen Grand Prize Winners
By Kathy Auerbach
Results are in from Winter Corporation's 2003 Top Ten Program, a survey of the world's largest and most heavily used databases. This article features this program's Grand Prize winners.
Is Dimensional Modeling One of the Great Con Jobs in Data Management History? Part 1
By Tom Haughey
This article reexamines the concept of data design for analytical systems such as the date warehouse. It takes a close look at dimensional modeling and defines its proper role and context. It also positions ER modeling, dimensional modeling and other forms of modeling into a general framework.


DAMA (Data Management Association)
16th Annual DAMA-I Symposium and 8th Wilshire Meta-Data Conference
By Denis Kosar

Intelligent Solutions
Sarbanes-Oxley ? The Unforseen Consequences
By Claudia Imhoff

Empowering the Information Enterprise
The Information Enterprise
By Jonathan Wu

Plain English About Information Quality
The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Information Professionals, Part 3
By Larry English

Building Business Intelligence
Business Intelligence Continuums
By William McKnight

Meta Data & Knowledge Management
Iterative and Narrative Data: Common Ground?
By David Marco and William J. Lewis

Marketing Systems
Consistent Customer Views
By David M. Raab

Enterprise Architecture View
Information Semantics
By Michael F. Jennings

Dollars & Sense
Buff Stuff
By Susan Osterfelt

Data Warehousing Lessons Learned
Relentless Improvements in Hardware Dwarf the Open Source Revolution
By Lou Agosta

Customer Intelligence
Using Customer Intelligence to Support a Customer-Focused Strategy
By Larry Goldman

Information Management: Charting the Course
The Virtual Data Warehouse ? Transparent and Superficial
By Bill Inmon

The BI Watch
Who Is On First?
By Richard Hackathorn

Data Integration Advisor
Software Development Standards Enhance Your Data Warehouse ROI
By Rick Sherman

Maximize Business Performance
Vendor Selection: A Choice with Long-Term Impact
By Craig Schiff

The Enterprise
Systems Development Methods for Enterprise Integration, Part 2
By Clive Finkelstein

Business Dimensional Modeling
Gathering More Than Requirements
By Laura Reeves

AFCOM: Data Center Management
Winning the War on Spam
By Jill Eckhaus

The Power of Metrics
The CPM Dashboard: The Profile
By Kent Bauer



Jenny Craig Trims Spending by $1 Million with the Ascential Enterprise Integration
Ascential Software - Ascential Enterprise Integration Suite


UK Ministry of Defence, Defence Logistics Organization Uses Avellino Discovery in Supply Chain "Dirty-Data" Cleanup
Avellino Technologies (Merged with Harte-Hanks 3/1/04) - Avellino Discovery


Web Decisions Drives Marketing Data Faster with CoSORT


ALSTOM Power Uses DataFlux Technology to Fuel Data Quality Success
DataFlux Corporation, a division of SAS - dfPower Studio


Exoro Delivers High-Quality Data with DataLever
DataLever Corporation - DataLever


Firstlogic Makes the Grade at Southern Methodist University
Firstlogic, Inc. - Firstlogic's Information Quality Suite


Bandwidth.com Cleanses and Validates Addresses with Melissa Data
Melissa Data Corp. - Data Quality Web Service


SSA Enables Direct Marketing in Asia
Search Software America - SSA-NAME3 CJK Support


La Quinta Sleeps Well with Data Quality Solutions from Trillium Software
Trillium Software, a division of Harte-Hanks, Inc. - Trillium Software System with the TSS Informatica Connector


ACR/Detail Software Solution Helps Ensure Data Integrity for TSYS
Unitech Systems, Inc. - ACR/Detail

From the Editor

The luck of the Irish is with you this month! This exceptionally feature-rich issue is bound to contain articles that will speak to your current concerns. Are you intrigued by the possibilities of OLAP? Check out Nigel Pendse's article highlighting key findings from his independent OLAP Survey 3 on page 10. For some interesting opinions about data modeling, read Tom Haughey's article on page 56.

For those of you feeling as though your diverse BI environment could use some uniformity, see what Wayne Eckerson has to say on the topic of BI standardization (p. 49) before you make any moves in this direction. Kathy Auerbach of the Winter Corporation shares the Grand Prize winners of their TopTen program ­ recognizing the world's leading databases ­ on page 54. On page 38, Diaz Nesamoney makes a significant case for those of you considering business activity monitoring. Additionally, it's likely that the topic of information management has crossed your mind more than once in the past few months. If you're unhappy with your current strategy, or curious about other options, don't miss George Symon's article (p. 28).

We're also lucky here at DM Review this month. I am pleased to announce the addition of Jonathan Wu, senior principal with Knightsbridge Solutions, to our roster of esteemed columnists. Jonathan will provide a column, Empowering the Information Enterprise, on a quarterly basis. We welcome Jonathan and look forward to sharing his insights with you.

On a separate note, as you know, each issue of DM Review contains an executive interview feature. Through these pieces, our goal is to provide you with interesting insights on software companies and executives. Do you have a particular question you'd like answered in these features? If so, send it to me at jschauer@dmreview.com for consideration. Likewise, I'd love to hear from you if you have any input concerning our other features. Is there a particular topic we should cover in our feature articles? Let us know!

As always, thanks for reading DM Review!

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