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Past Issue of DM Review Magazine

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January 1998 issue of DM Review magazine


Brio Technology :
The Tangible Difference


Convergent Marketing
By Carol Post
This article presents a six-step convergent marketing methodology to help companies recognize and keep valuable customers, allocate resources to increase customer value and manage the attrition of non-profitable customers.
The High Costs of Low-Quality Data
By Larry English
Because data quality problems hamper virtually every area of business, from the mailroom to the executive offices, improving data quality is a matter of survival.
Data Mining FAQs
By Jesus Mena
Savvy corporations are using data mining to develop marketing strategies, target mailings, adjust inventories, minimize risks and eliminate wasteful spending based on an analysis of their data.
Database Marketing
By David M. Raab
Understanding the unique requirements and special applications users have in mind is essential to a successful database marketing project.
Who's Behind the Meter?
By David Fortune and Rachel Perri
By constructing a customer-centric data warehouse, a utility company develops the capability for strategic analysis, allowing them to focus on their market and key drivers for revenue growth.


Business Intelligence
Borderless Business Intelligence
By Susan Osterfelt

Information Strategy
Staffing the Warehouse Project
By Jane Griffin

Teradata Territory
TPC-D Tests
By Tom Coffing

Knowledge Through Data Warehousing
Measuring, Managing and Retaining ROI
By Stephen Cranford

Knowledge Through Data Warehousing
Measuring, Managing and Retaining ROI
By Stephen Cranford

The Bottom Line
The Not So Great Debate
By Greg Jones

Information Connection
An Innocent (?) Business Change
By Jonathan G. Geiger

Scalable Systems Architecture
Migrating to Scalable Environments
By Ken Rudin

Strategies to Solutions
Before You Plan Your DW or DM
By Gary Clark

Information Management: Charting the Course
The DW/DM Marketplace
By Bill Inmon

Data Warehouse Delivery
The Phases of Data Warehousing
By Douglas Hackney

Data Warehousing in a Deregulated Industry
By James Martin

GUIs: The Window to the Enterprise
Trends and Techniques
By Karen Watterson

View from the Market
Like the Phoenix, Here Comes DB2
By Michael P. Burwen

MIS: Management Issues and Solutions
Truthful Employees Can Survive
By Joan Lloyd



ADP Improves Customer Satisfaction with DataCruncher
DataMind Corporation - DataCruncher


Welch Allyn Succeeds with Comshare's Decision Support Applications
Extensity (formerly Geac) - Comshare FDC/EIS & Decision


Fort Worth Star-Telegram Improves Marketing with MODEL 1
Group 1 Software, a Pitney Bowes Company - MODEL 1


Intelligent Miner -- Million Dollar Solution for Loyalty Consulting
IBM Corporation - DB2 Intelligent Miner


Maple Partners Analyzes Trading Strategies with S-PLUS
Insightful Corporation - S-PLUS 4.5 Professional for Windows


ASC Builds Robust Predictive Models with ModelQuest Expert
Market Miner - ModelQuest Expert


VISTA Plus Key to TCI's Nationwide Roll Out of Oracle Financials
Quest Software, Inc. - Vista Plus


Ameritech Gains a Competitive Advantage with One-By-One
Siebel Systems - One-By-One Suite (Paragren product incorporated into Siebel 7.5)


Churn/CPS Improves Profits for Bouygues Telecom
SLP InfoWare, Inc. - Churn/CPS


Media/MR Ensures Consistency for IBM Consultancy
Speedware - Media/MR


NASD Uses KDD Explorer for Surveillance of NASDAQ
SRA International - KDD Explorer


HeatSeeker Mines the Entire Database for El Corte InglÚs
WhiteCross Systems - HeatSeeker


WizWhy Differentiates Customer Segments for ACNielsen
WizSoft, Inc. - WizWhy


WhiteCross Data Exploration and ScottishPower

DBStar and Continental Airlines

Informatica and San Diego Gas & Electric

From the Publisher

Dear Readers,

Everyone at DM Review would like to thank you for your continued support over the past seven years. Thanks to you we have maintained our leadership role, as evidenced by the results of the Palo Alto Management Group's syndicated study which named DM Review as the most widely read publication in both data warehousing and large database systems.

META Group recently completed a pioneering study of data mining imperatives and forecasts that the data mining market will reach $8.4 billion in 2000. Aaron Zornes, META Group executive vice president and director of its application delivery strategies service, states, "IT and marketing departments that don't stay on top of this trend will wake up to discover that their competitors have beaten them to the punch." For an excellent overview of data mining and its benefits, be sure to read Jesus Mena's article covering data mining "frequently asked questions."

The META Group study also revealed that the growth of data mining will be driven by database marketing. You'll want to read David Raab's "Database Marketing" article for an insightful perspective on this timely topic. Larry English emphasizes that the high cost of low data quality is enterprise threatening, and he provides some startling examples. His article is entitled, "The High Costs of Low Quality Data." Also, be sure to read "View from the Market," a new monthly column written by Mike Burwen of Palo Alto Management Group. Mike's column will focus on the strategies and contributions (or lack thereof) of companies that are likely to have a significant impact on the future of data warehousing, decision support and information distribution.

In our July/August issue we introduced DM Review's Data Warehouse Success Stories. This year, each issue will feature several of these stories illustrating the benefits gained through data warehousing technology. Last, but not least, we have made a change in our method of receiving your requests for information about companies that advertise in DM Review or those that are featured in a product review. We have implemented a reader response system on our data-warehouse.com Web site. You can log on to data-warehouse.com/info.htm, complete a few lines of information, indicate the company you'd like to learn more about, and your request will be electronically transferred. (If you're not able to access the Web, you can still fax requests to us by completing the form on the Ad Index page.)

Reader input is extremely important to me. If there is an area you feel that DM Review should be covering or if you have found an article or column extremely helpful, I would appreciate hearing from you. Please contact me via e-mail at rpowell@dmreview.com. As always, thanks for reading DM Review.

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