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Past Issue of DM Review Magazine

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Hewlett-Packard :
Built on Trust


Real-Time Data Warehousing
By John Zicker
Data Warehousing Lessons
By Richard J. Kachur
A lack of understanding of data warehousing often leads organizations to attempt implementation without proper planning.
Why Data Modeling?
By Michael McKinlay and David Warren
Measuring the Value of Mined Information
By Kamran Parsaye and David Petrie
The ability to measure the dollar value of information in the free marketplace is crucial when information and knowledge are viewed as intellectual capital and assets.
Where Marketing Meets Data Mining :
The Need for Scalable Database Marketing Systems
By Paul Dobbins and Irene Kwok and Ken Rudin
Database and system administrators will need to know how to build and manage highly scalable data mining software systems to help customer-focused database marketing objectives succeed.
Data Warehousing in the Health Care Industry - Three Perspectives
By Les Stern and Lawrence Bell and Carla McEachern
Managing Meta Data
By David Marco
Since constructing a meta data repository is critical for accessing and maintaining a DSS, a full life cycle approach to defining requirements, creating, controlling and accessing a meta data repositroy is provided.


DAMA (the Data Management Association)
A Letter from the President
By Adelle Bell

The Bottom Line
Build or Buy?
By Greg Jones

Strategies to Solutions
A Primer on Building a Data Warehouse
By Gary Clark

Plain English on Data Quality
DQ Point 5.1: Improve Constantly and Forever
By Larry English

GUIs: The Window to the Enterprise
Dirty Data, Dumb Decisions
By Karen Watterson

Teradata Territory
Getting "Data Warehouse Ready"
By Tom Coffing

Scalable Systems Architecture
The Organic Data Warehouse
By Ken Rudin

Counterintuitive Behavior
By James Martin

Information Management: Charting the Course
Rating Your Data Warehouse Consultant
By Bill Inmon

Business Intelligence
Mining the Whole Enchilada
By Susan Osterfelt

View from the Market
Red Brick Systems
By Michael P. Burwen

Knowledge Through Data Warehousing
Why Manage Knowledge?
By Stephen Cranford

MIS- Management Issues and Solutions
Resistance to Organizational Change
By Joan Lloyd

Analyst Insight
Microsoft's Coup D'Etat
By Wayne Eckerson



Iterations Delivers a Quality Data Warehouse for LEGO
Ascential Software (Acquired by IBM in 2005) - Iterations (Discontinued)


MGIC Staff Connects with Essbase Web Gateway
Hyperion Solutions Corporation - Essbase XTD


WebFOCUS is the Web Reporting Tool for Paradyne Corp.
Information Builders, Inc. - Information Builders WebFOCUS


MicroStrategy's DSS Web Increases Profits for Littlewoods
MicroStrategy Incorporated - DSS Web


SpaceSQL Key to Enterprise-Wide Web Access at Sprint PCS
Viador Inc. - SpaceSQL 3.0


Baxter Healthcare and Broadbase

Johnson City Medical Center and Systems Techniques

Business Objects and Omni Healthcare

From the Publisher

Dear Readers,

I am pleased to announce that beginning with this issue, you will find a new column from DAMA International. We have entered into a partnership which we are confident will benefit DM Review, DAMA International, and all of our readers as well. This partnership will facilitate the growth and knowledge of data management which has become so mission critical in the competitive global marketplace. The monthly column will include DAMA news and practical resources for data management professionals as well as a listing of local chapters and events. I would personally like to welcome all DAMA members to DM Review.

Data warehousing in health care is our industry focus this month. You'll find valuable insights in the article entitled "Data Warehousing in Health Care--Three Perspectives" as well as in the health care data warehouse success stories.

You'll want to take note of a series of data modeling articles that will be appearing in DM Review over the next several months. The series begins in this issue with an article by David Warren and Michael McKinlay. You will find valuable information in these articles, written by a variety of industry experts. Be sure to save this issue--you will want to keep the complete series for future reference.

Many of you should have recently received your copy of DM Review with a coverwrap for requalification. If you received one of those issues, please complete the form and send it to us as soon as possible. We are required to have EVERYONE requalify each year as part of being a controlled (free) publication. If you are not sure if you have requalified within the last year, you can requalify by completing the subscription card (found between pages 32 and 33) in this issue and faxing it to (414) 771-8058. Another way to requalify is via the Web--it's fast and easy. Visit our Subscription Services page found here and follow the instructions provided. And, if you have co-workers or friends who would benefit from reading DM Review, please have them subscribe via the Web or by completing the subscription card in this issue so they too can become more informed data warehousing professionals.

Thanks for reading DM Review!

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