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Past Issue of DM Review Magazine

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October 1998 issue of DM Review magazine


Cognos :
Customer-Focused Business Intelligence
Ron Zambonini, president and CEO of Cognos, discusses the company's commitment to quality products, service and support.


Data Modeling and the Internet :
The Hot and the Not So Hot
By David Downs and Bob Schmidt
This history of new development paradigms is strewn with undisciplined approaches. The evolution of the Internet has not changed the way data is organized and, therefore, the principles of data modeling need to be employed for solid designs.
Knowledge Discovery in Genetic Engineering
By Hank Simon
This article discusses the application of data warehouse technology, in the form of knowledge discovery, to biotechnology and genetic engineering.
Platforms for Next Generation Tactical Analysis Systems
By Timothy K. Hawes
Today's competitive environment demands that organizations think differently about how they run their businesses.
Building a Business-Driven Data Warehouse
By John Onder and Todd Nash
The key principles outlined in this article will help you implement a top-down business-approach data warehouse that will add real value to your organization.
Publisher's Insight :
Broadbase: Securing a Business-Focused Information Strategy
By Elizabeth V. Roesner
Broadbase has developed a totally integrated solution for the development of turnkey data marts which is suited for the mainstream market.
The One-to-One Report :
Data Warehousing and Retailing
By Don Peppers and Martha Rogers
Transforming Disparate Data
By Michael H. Brackett


Plain English on Data Quality
DQ Point 9: Break Down Barriers
By Larry English

Information Management: Charting the Course
Controlling Warehouse Costs
By Bill Inmon

View from the Market
The Large-Scale Database Market
By Michael P. Burwen

From the Vice President of Communications
By Marcia Rhode

Year 2000 Contingency Plans
By James Martin

Business Intelligence
Juggling Cubes
By Susan Osterfelt

Strategies to Solutions
DW/DM Examples of Operational Data Stores
By Gary Clark

Information Connection
Trimming the Data Warehouse
By Jonathan G. Geiger

Data Warehouse Delivery
Lessons from Down Under
By Douglas Hackney

Scalable Systems Architecture
Capacity Planning, Part 1
By Ken Rudin

GUIs: The Window to the Enterprise
Summer Skirmishes Presage Major Turf Wars
By Karen Watterson

Informix Edge
Database Archive and Restore Techniques
By J.D. Hicks



Allina Health System End Users Conduct Insightful Analyses with PowerPlay
Cognos - Cognos PowerPlay and Impromptu


Oberto Sausage Company Slices and Dices with CorVu Integrated Business Intelligence Suite
CorVu Corporation - Integrated Business Intelligence Suite


DI-Atlantis Is Perfect Fit for Dr. Martens
Dimensional Insight, Inc. - DI-Atlantis


GigaLabs Uses Control for Financial Reporting, Planning and Analysis
KCI Computing, Inc. - CONTROL


DSS Suite Delivers Comprehensive OLAP Solution for Hallmark Cards
MicroStrategy Incorporated - DSS Suite


Samsung Electronics Utilizes MIS Alea for SAP Data Acquisition, Planning and Analysis


Charles Schwab Plans for Continued Prosperity with Seagate Holos
No Company - No Product


Vista Plus is the Report Management Solution for PeopleSoft Financial Systems at Boeing
Quest Software, Inc. - Vista Plus


Business Information Warehouse Provides End-to-End Strategy for Colgate-Palmolive
SAP - SAP Business Information Warehouse (SAP BW)


Essilor Drives the Business Forward with SAS Tools
SAS Institute Inc. - SAS Enterprise BI Server


Uno's Monitors and Analyzes Sales Performance with Matryx98
Stone, Timber, River LLC - Matryx98


SyncSort UNIX Produces Statistical Reports Quickly and Efficiently for ACT
Syncsort Incorporated - SyncSort UNIX


Sears Efficiently Updates Critical Data with MultiLoad Database Utility
Teradata, a division of NCR Corporation - MultiLoad, FastExport and FastLoad


Pinpoint Solutions Performs Complex Analyses on Large Data Sets with WhiteLight
WhiteLight Systems, Inc. (acquired by SunGard) - WhiteLight Analytic Application Server


Domino's Pizza and Qualitative Marketing Software

From the Publisher

Dear Readers,

This month DM Review is proud to announce the "Data Warehouse 100." In a survey of DM Review readers conducted by Market Perspectives, readers were asked to identify and rate the vendors of products used within their organizations for a variety of data warehousing/business intelligence purposes. These ratings were compiled and analyzed by Market Perspectives to identify the top 100 companies involved in providing hardware and software for data warehousing and business intelligence. The top companies identified were IBM, SAS, Oracle, Platinum technology, NCR, Cognos, Compaq (which included Digital and Tandem), Prism, Sybase and Business Objects. The entire list of companies can be found on our Web site, www.dmreview.com/top100, along with the complete methodology that was utilized. Congratulations to all members of the "Data Warehouse 100" on being recognized for your valuable contributions to the business-critical data warehousing field.

The data warehousing/business intelligence market is still young, and new products and companies are being introduced regularly. Other companies and products may not yet have a sizable market presence, and products which are bundled with a total solution may not have widespread name recognition. Consequently, you may notice that some companies with effective data warehousing/business intelligence solutions did not make the "Data Warehouse 100." These companies will have the opportunity to make the list in 1999 as their products increase in use and name recognition.

In our December issue, we will highlight an executive from each of the "Data Warehouse 100" companies. These executives will provide their perspective on this market and their future direction. It will be a great issue and should provide you with tremendous insight and assistance as you plan your future purchase decisions.

Be sure to contact me if you have any questions, comments or suggestions. Just send an e-mail to rpowell@dmreview.com .

Thanks for reading DM Review!

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