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Past Issue of DM Review Magazine

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November 1998 issue of DM Review magazine


Silvon Software :
Building Business Solutions
Michael J. Hennel, president and CEO of Silvon Software, explains the business-driven approach Silvon employs to understand the customer's problem and deliver a solution that ensures enterprise profitability.


Mainframes :
Delivering Value in Business Intelligence
By Caryn Meyers
As companies reengineer to become more competitive, they are increasingly assessing the value the mainframe can bring to data warehousing.
Knowledge Management :
Maximizing the Return on Your Intellectual Assets
By Paul Penny
By applying the proper mix of process changes, incentives, focus and technologies, any organization can benefit from knowledge management.
Issues of Data Ownership
By Michael Scofield
Using the term "owner" of data can be dangerous. Data stewardship, a more appropriate term, should be distributed responsibly in order to ensure quality.
Data Modeling, Data Warehousing and Data Mining :
How To Make Your Data Work For You Like Never Before!
By Cathy Owen
As businesses restructure and change to become more competitive, whether through engineering, downsizing or streamlining, the need for removing inefficiencies and leveraging assets is key to gaining competitive advantage.
Enterprise Meta Data
By Bill Inmon
A distributed meta data architecture for the data warehouse/DSS environment incorporates both business and technical meta data and ensures enterprise-wide data integrity.
Stranded on Islands of Data
By David Marco
This article addresses the characteristics of independent data marts, the flaws in their architecture and the reason they exist.
Data Warehousing :
Managing Your Most Valued Asset
By Brenda Moncla
Implementation of a continuous data warehouse management process will provide improved performance and reduce costs.
DCI's Excellence in Business Information Award Winners
By Steve Markiewicz
At DCI's Data Warehouse World in New York, DCI announced the winners of the fourth annual Excellence in Business Information Awards.


Plain English on Data Quality
DQ Point 9: Break Down Barriers, Part 2
By Larry English

View from the Market
Carnac Sees All
By Michael P. Burwen

From the Vice President of Communications
By Marcia Rhode

Who Really Controls the Internet?
By James Martin

Business Intelligence
A Matter of Trust
By Susan Osterfelt

Strategies to Solutions
Tools of the DW/DM Trade--Packaged Helpers
By Gary Clark

Information Connection
Recognizing a Good DW Data Model, Part 1
By Jonathan G. Geiger

Data Warehouse Delivery
Be Process Driven, Not Data Driven
By Douglas Hackney

Scalable Systems Architecture
Capacity Planning, Part 2
By Ken Rudin

GUIs: The Window to the Enterprise
Developer Programs and Tools
By Karen Watterson

The One-to-One Report
Customer Strategic Value
By Don Peppers and Martha Rogers

MIS: Management Issues and Solutions
Respect at the Core of Good Management
By Joan Lloyd

Teradata Territory
Teradata for Windows NT
By Tom Coffing

Analyst Insight
How to Extract Truth from Vendors
By Wayne Eckerson

Informix Edge
Near Fault Tolerance
By J.D. Hicks



CRMS Provides a Customizable System for Managing Customer Relationships for First Maryland Bank
Ascential Software (Acquired by IBM in 2005) - Customer Relationship Management System (discontinued)


Thomas Cook and Chordiant Deliver Personalized Travel/Financial Services Through a Global Call Center
Chordiant Software - Customer Communication Solution (CCS)


iSALES Coordinates and Synchronizes Sales Groups for Altus Biologics
ENDPOINT! Marketing Information Systems - iSALES


Epiphany ERM Solution Provides Enterprise-Strength Software for Vision
Epiphany, Inc. - Enterprise Relationship Management (ERM)


On!contact Software CMS Increases Sales Force Productivity for SCH Technologies
Oncontact Software - Client Management Software (CMS)


Arbella Insurance Builds Database Marketing Solutions with One-By-One
Siebel Systems - One-By-One Suite (Paragren product incorporated into Siebel 7.5)


CSI Automates Their Front Office System with the Vantive Solution
Vantive Corp. (acquired by PeopleSoft, Inc.) - Vantive Sales, On-the-Go, and Support


DHL GmbH & Cognos

Georgia Pacific Corp. & SAP

Parts America and IBM

Premier, Inc. and MicroStrategy

From the Publisher

Dear Readers,

Every year DM Review conducts an independent readership study to assess the overall effectiveness of our editorial content, to obtain the current status of our readers' business intelligence and data warehousing implementations, and to select the best products based on quality and overall value to the enterprise. I am pleased to provide you with some of the highlights of our most recent readership study.

With regard to editorial, the most valuable topic areas covered are:

1) Data warehouse design, administration and management,

2) DSS and data marts, and

3) Data quality and acquisition.

The readership study also revealed that Bill Inmon is the most popular columnist followed by Larry English, Doug Hackney, Susan Osterfelt and James Martin. (The Peppers and Rogers column started after this survey was completed.) We also learned that the average reader spends more than one hour reading each issue of DM Review and, on average, more than three people read each issue sent to a subscriber.

With regard to the current state of business intelligence/data warehousing projects, over 50 percent of our readers are in the early stages of the data warehouse process. These stages include initial planning (26 percent), prototype or pilot (15 percent) and design (9 percent). The typical data warehouse has 485 users, 533GB of data and eight subject areas. The typical data mart is under 50GB (74 percent), although 2 percent have data marts greater than a terabyte. The biggest challenges of implementing a data warehousing project were: business rule analysis (40 percent), managing management expectations (36 percent), managing end-user expectations (35 percent), business/data modeling (32 percent), data acquisition (28 percent), data quality (26 percent) and ROI justification (22 percent).

To find out who you, our readers, consider to have the best products, please refer to page 40 for this year's DM Review Readership Award winners. Congratulations to all of them!

Be sure to contact me if you have any questions, comments or suggestions. Just send an e-mail to rpowell@dmreview.com .

Thanks to all of you who participated in this survey and, Thanks for reading DM Review!

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