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Past Issue of DM Review Magazine

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Informatica :
Enterprise Data Integration
Gaurav Dhillon, chief executive officer, and Diaz Nesamoney, president, energetically describe Informatica Corporation's data integration platform for the deployment of enterprise-wide decision support applications.


Postcards from the Corporate Information Factory
By Jonathan G. Geiger
This is one in a series of five articles in this issue focusing on the different categories of the corporate information factory. Jonathan Geiger's article discusses the function of the tourists.
Dial O for...
By Lowell W. Fryman
This is one in a series of five articles in this issue focusing on the different categories of the corporate information factory. Lowell Fryman talks about the responsibilities of the operators.
E ­ I ­ E ­ I / O (and on this farm....)
By Claudia Imhoff
This is one in a series of five articles in this issue focusing on the different categories of the corporate information factory. Claudia Imhoff's article focuses on the tasks of the farmers.
Explorers in the DSS/Data Warehouse Environment
By Bill Inmon
This is one in a series of five articles in this issue focusing on the different categories of the corporate information factory. Bill Inmon discusses the job of the explorers.
Searching for the Welcome Stranger
By Susan Osterfelt
This is one in a series of five articles in this issue focusing on the different categories of the corporate information factory. Susan Osterfelt's article focuses on the role of the miners.


From the Vice President of On-Line Services
By Attila F. Finta

Scalable Systems Architecture
Complete CRM Solutions Require DW
By Ken Rudin

Enterprise JavaBeans
By J.D. Hicks

Knowledge Management Directions
Integrated Business Intelligence
By Tricia Spencer

The Enterprise
XML and Enterprise Information Portals
By Clive Finkelstein

The Decisioning Frontier
Decision Process Management
By John Distefano

Customer Relationship Report
Developing Customer Contact Strategies
By Melinda Nykamp and Carla McEachern

Business Intelligence in Healthcare
Project Management and Data Warehousing
By Steve Glover

Information Strategy
ERP Data Warehousing Solutions: Easier or Not?
By Jane Griffin

The Adoption of Business Solutions
Best Practices in the Value Chain Improve CRM
By Roberta Moore

Analyst Insight
Welcome to the E-Gap
By Wayne Eckerson

Meta Data and Data Administration
Meta Data ROI: The Evolution of Business, Part 1
By David Marco

Data Warehousing Horizons
Return on Investment Via Cost Savings
By Russell Mallay

Data Warehouse Delivery
Analytical Applications Defined
By Douglas Hackney

Plain English on Data Quality
Seven Deadly Misconceptions, Part 2
By Larry English

Business Intelligence
The Making of the Business Intelligence Poster
By Susan Osterfelt

Insights from the Front Line
Understanding the Telecom Customer
By Michael J. Schroeck



Concert Migrates to a Web-Based Reporting Paradigm with Actuate Reporting System
Actuate Corporation - e.Report Designer (formerly Actuate Reporting System)


SASI Creates Interactive Data Visualization-Based Applications with ADVIZOR
ADVIZOR Solutions, Inc. - ADVIZOR Analyst Workbench


SPS Payment Systems Monitors Warehouse Activity with Usage Tracker
Ambeo (acquired by Embarcadero Technologies -- October 2005) - No Product


KnowledgeSTUDIO Facilitates Information Transfer in Data Mining Environment for Frost National Bank
ANGOSS Software Corporation - KnowledgeSTUDIO


Software Consulting Services Chooses Constructa for Data Warehouse Design
Anubis, Inc. - Constructa


iXL Generates Consolidated, Enterprise-Wide Performance Reports with Applix TM1
Applix, Inc. - Applix TM1


Ushio America Synchronizes ACT! Databases with Archer Enterprise
Archer Enterprise Systems, Inc. - Archer Enterprise 4.0


ModelMAX Produces Predictive Response Models for Crutchfield
ASA Corp - ModelMAX


First Union National Bank Monitors Data Mart Usage with Informix I-Spy
Ascential Software (Acquired by IBM in 2005) - I-Spy (discontinued)


MatchLogic Drills the Internet for Data with Ardent Software's DataStage
Ascential Software (Acquired by IBM in 2005) - DataStage


DBGeneral Enterprise Monitoring Module Provides Effective Oracle Database Diagnostics for Metro
Bradmark Technologies - DBGeneral Enterprise Monitoring Module


May & Speh Relies on DataBlaster 2 for High-Speed Data Movement
Bus-Tech, Inc. - No Product


Risk Managers at Zurich-U.S. Insurance Track Claims and Payment Variables with WebIntelligence
Business Objects - WebIntelligence


Maxtor Quickly Deploys Sales Analysis Data Mart With RapidMart for SAP R/3
Business Objects - BusinessObjects Rapid Marts


PowerPlay Enterprise Server is the Scalable OLAP Application Server for Avon Web, Windows and Excel Users
Cognos - Cognos PowerPlay Web


CA DecisionBase Enables USF to Migrate Legacy Data to Packaged Applications
Computer Associates International, Inc. - DecisionBase


FileSpeed Provides Incredible Reduction in File Transfer Time for Argentaria
Computer Network Technology - FileSpeed


Stevens Institute of Technology Accesses Admissions and Accounting Legacy Data with CONNX
CONNX Solutions, Inc. - CONNX for RMS


Alterra Converts Data to PeopleSoft with Convoy/DM
Convoy Corporation - Convoy/DM


St. Francis Medical Center Implements a Relationship Marketing Solution with DSS WorkBenchjlh
CPM Marketing Group - CPM DSS WorkBench


D&B; Market Spectrum Provides an Information Marketing Tool for Randstad Staffing Services
D&B; - D&B; Market Spectrum


Transformation Server Provides Critical Real-Time Replication for Barnes & Noble
DataMirror Corporation - DataMirror Transformation Server


Deutsche Bank Implements Global Enterprise Application Integration Project with Constellar Hub
DataMirror Corporation - DataMirror Constellar Hub (Formerly Constellar Hub)


Wachovia Bank Improves Profitability Reporting with MineShare Software
Digital Impact Inc. (formerly Mineshare) - MineShare Suite


Johns Hopkins HealthCare Fulfills Reporting Needs with DI-Atlantis
Dimensional Insight, Inc. - DI-Atlantis


Hartford Hospital Accesses Data-Intensive Systems with English Wizard
EasyAsk Inc. - English Wizard


Embarcadero Solution Pack Works with all Major Databases at Net
Embarcadero Technologies, Inc. - Embarcadero Solution Pack


Auto Club of Southern California Solves DW Design and Data Quality Issues with Migration Architect
Evoke Software Corporation (Acquired by Similarity Sytems) - Similarity Systems Migration Architect


PHH Accelerates Data Migration Efforts with ETI*EXTRACT
Evolutionary Technologies International, Inc. (ETI) - ETI*EXTRACT


Exabyte Mammoth Tape Drive is Just What the Doctor Ordered for Promina Health System
Exabyte Corporation - Mammoth Tape Drive


Compaq Increases Customer Satisfaction and Sales with AnalytiX
Experian - AnalytiX


james martin + co Chooses Comshare FDC for Consolidation and Reporting
Extensity (formerly Geac) - Comshare FDC


FRx Increases Speed and Maximizes Efficiency of Financial Reporting for POI
FRx Software, a part of Microsoft Business Solutions - Microsoft FRx Financial Reporting


TDMF Provides Fast, Nondisruptive Migration and High Performance for Farmers Insurance
Fujitsu Software - Softek TDMF (Formerly Transparent Data Migration Facility)


Paladyne Focuses on a Customer-Centric Approach with CODE-1 Plus and Merge/Purge Plus
Group 1 Software, a Pitney Bowes Company - CODE-1 Plus and Merge/Purge Plus


SunTrust Banks Executes One-to-One CRM Strategy with Allink Agent
Harte-Hanks - Allink Agent


Physicians Mutual Analyzes Product Experience in Detail with Nucleus Exploration Database
Hitachi Data Systems (HDS) - Nucleus Exploration Database


Hallmark Cards Broadens Reporting Capabilities for Oracle Financials with BI/Query
Hummingbird Ltd. - Hummingbird KM


Hyperion Integration Server Speeds Deployment of Analytic Applications for Symmetry
Hyperion Solutions Corporation - Integration Server


Prudential Insurance Creates Reserve Calculation Warehouse with DB2 Universal Database
IBM Corporation - DB2 Universal Database


Minnesota Department of Economic Security Accesses and Modifies DB2 Data with QMF for Windows
IBM Corporation - QMF for Windows


First Union Direct Consolidates Call Center Information in a PowerCenter Data Warehouse
Informatica Corporation - Informatica PowerCenter


WebFOCUS Provides a Flexible, Robust Environment for Generating Web Reports for Cigna's ESIS
Information Builders, Inc. - Information Builders WebFOCUS


CRM Accelerator Eliminates Duplication of Records for First National Bank of Southern Africa
Innovative Systems, Inc. - i/Lytics


Waratah Corporation Develops Remote Data Mining Systems with StatServer
Insightful Corporation - StatServer


Broadbase EPM Delivers Quantifiable Benefits for Plymouth Rock Assurance
KANA - Broadbase EPM (Discontinued)


ProClarity Provides Advanced Visualization Tools for Data Analysis at MarketStar
Knosys Inc. - ProClarity


MetaStor Data Center Provides Fast Access and Scalability for Oracle's ETC
LSI Logic Storage Systems, Inc. (Now Engenio Info Tech Inc.) - MetaStor Data Center


Comcast Cellular Views Mapping Information Via the Web with MapXtreme
MapInfo Corporation - MapXtreme


Cactus Strategies Predicts Customer Response for a Communications Client with PolyAnalyst
MEGAPUTER Intelligence Inc. - PolyAnalyst


DQbroker Connects Multiple Distributed Databases on Multiple Platforms for the GSA
Metagon Technologies LLC - DQbroker


Shoney's Analyzes Point-of-Sale Data Quickly and Efficiently with Microsoft SQL Server
Microsoft Corporation - Microsoft SQL Server


DSS Server Powers First Union's Customers for Life Strategy
MicroStrategy Incorporated - DSS Server


Bayer Diagnostics Develops Worldwide Financial Planning and Reporting Systems with MIS Alea


GTE Achieves Fault Tolerance, High Performance and Scalability with Gladiator RAID Storage Servers
MTI Technology Corporation - Gladiator RAID Storage Servers


NetApp F760 Filers Provide Strategic Storage Management Solution for Rhythm & Hues
Network Appliance, Inc. - NetApp F760 Filer


NGS-IQ Delivers a Robust Query Solution for Dubuque Bank & Trust
New Generation Software, Inc. - NGS-IQ


Lens Express Corrects Addresses in Real-Time with Firstlogic's i.d.Centric Data Quality Software
No Company - i.d.Centric Data Quality Suite


Analytical Solutions Develops Customer Intelligence Application with AlphaBlox Analysis Suite
No Company - DB2 Alphablox


Interact Creates Consolidated Address File with INTEGRITY
No Company - No Product


PASSPORT Automates Extraction and Transformation Processes for BCBS of Alabama
No Company - No Product


Seagate Info Offers Enterprise Information Sharing and Delivery at Bankers Trust
No Company - No Product


Kawasaki Motors Corp., U.S.A. Implements Supply Chain Data Mart with CrossAccess
No Company - No Product


Polaris Identifies Patterns, Trends and New Markets with Oracle Sales Analyzer
Oracle Corporation - Oracle Sales Analyzer


PeopleSoft EPM Delivers New Insight to Strategic Business Data for Detroit Edison
PeopleSoft, Inc. - PeopleSoft Enterprise Performance Management


Data Junction Integrates Diverse Data Sources for Web-Based Benefits, HR and Payroll for Bentana Partners
Pervasive Software - No Product


ReUnion Ensures Data Integrity and Accuracy for Prudential Insurance Company
Pitney Bowes Software Systems - ReUnion


SyncPoint is a Powerful, Scalable Technology for Managing Distributed Data for Encore Clients
Princeton Softech, Inc. - SyncPoint


InfoCure Implements Cost-Effective Customer Relationship Management System with Connect-Care
ProAmerica - Connect-Care (formerly SCM)


Decisionhouse Facilitates the Understanding of Customer Data for Analysis and CRM at C&A;
Quadstone, Inc. - Decisionhouse


Healthcare Services Provider InNET Delivers Multi-Site Patient Reporting System with Sagent
Sagent Technology, Inc. (Acquired by Group 1 6/03) - Sagent Solution


Alegent Health Performs Data Consolidation and Standardization with Centrus Merge/Purge
Sagent Technology, Inc. (Acquired by Group 1 6/03) - Sagent Merge/Purge (formerly Centrus Merge/Purge)


Business Information Warehouse Provides End-to-End Strategy for Colgate-Palmolive
SAP - SAP Business Information Warehouse (SAP BW)


Schering-Plough Runs Source Code and Produces Web-Enabled Reports with SAS/Warehouse Administrator
SAS Institute Inc. - SAS ETL Studio (formerly known as SAS/Warehouse Administrator)


SeeChain Portal Provides a Single Point of Access for All Types of Information for HRDC
SeeCommerce (formerly VIT) - SeeChain applications


Arbella Insurance Builds Database Marketing Solutions With One-By-One
Siebel Systems - One-By-One Suite (Paragren product incorporated into Siebel 7.5)


CPS Corporation Performs Sales and Marketing Analysis with DataTracker
Silvon Software, Inc. - DataTracker


Cummins Brazil Migrates Critical Business Applications with SmartDB Workbench
SmartDB Corporation - SmartDB Workbench


SuperCROSS is the Analytic Tabulation Engine for Census 2000 and DADS
Space - Time Research Pty Ltd - SuperCROSS


STRATEGY is an End-to-End Enterprise BI Solution for DAS


Clementine Targets Profitable Customers for BT Sales and Marketing
SPSS, Inc. - Clementine


Moore Corporation Creates Customer Relationship Management Solution
StayinFront, Inc. - Visual Elk


VISION:Webaccess Provides the Internet Link from DESE to Local School Districts
Sterling Software (acquired by Computer Associates) - VISION:Webaccess


SOLCORP Enhances Data Administration and Control of Data Architecture
Sterling Software (acquired by Computer Associates) - COOL:BusinessTeam / COOL:DBA


MatryxAccess Provides Query Capabilities and Trend Analysis for
Stone, Timber, River LLC - MatryxAccess


Bank of Montreal Runs their Data Warehouse Application on Sun
Sun Microsystems, Inc. - Sun Enterprise 10000 Server


FORTHnet Relies on the Sybase Database Solution to Provide Quality
Sybase, Inc. - Replication Server


SyncSort UNIX Speeds Data Warehouse Loads at Wachovia
Syncsort Incorporated - SyncSort UNIX


Spectrum Technology Group Develops Data Models for the Enterprise with System Architect
Telelogic - Popkin System Architect


Sun Microsystems Monitors and Manages Supply Chain Data Warehouse With
Teleran Technologies, Inc. - iSight


Teradata Makes NT Scale in Demanding Data Warehouse Environment at Synectics Solutions
Teradata, a division of NCR Corporation - Teradata for Windows NT


Dodson Group Builds Insurance Data Warehouse with Thazar Business
Thazar Solutions Corporation - Thazar Business Intelligence Suite


Fingerhut Improves CRM and Reduces Advertising Costs with
Torrent Systems, Inc. - Orchestrate


Hongkong Bank of Canada Understands Total Customer Profitability with
Trillium Software, a division of Harte-Hanks, Inc. - Trillium Software System


Custom Research Relies on Unica's Model 1 for Data-Based Marketing
Unica Corporation - Affinium Model (formerly Model 1)


GainSmarts Produces Fast, Accurate Data Mining and Profiling for Coverdell & Company
Urban Science Applications Inc. - GainSmarts


BEA Creates a Data Repository for Easy Search and Retrieval with Iluminar
Verano, Inc. - Iluminar


Viador E-Portal Suite Integrates Data Access to Help Multnomah County Officials Make Better Decisions
Viador Inc. - E-Portal Suite


In3D Creates 3-D Business Visualization Solutions for the Sabre Group
Visible Decisions, Inc. - In3D, C++ Edition 2.0


Visible Advantage Insures Integrity of Business-Driven Design Models for U.S. National Guard
Visible Systems Corporation - Visible Advantage


Televyze Optimizes GTE's Provisioning, Maintenance and Marketing Resources
Visionyze.com (division of Speedware) - Televyze


Cable & Wireless Performs Ad Hoc Queries on Entire Database with WhiteCross
WhiteCross Systems - WhiteCross Call Detail Analysis System


Telefónica Chile Analyzes Customer Information with the WhiteLight Analytic Application Server
WhiteLight Systems, Inc. (acquired by SunGard) - WhiteLight Analytic Application Server


MEDai Generates Significant Return on Stock Portfolio with WizWhy
WizSoft, Inc. - WizWhy

From the Publisher

Dear Readers,

Once a data warehouse has been implemented and end users realize the wealth of information available and accessible for decision support, the number of users typically increases dramatically. Is your organization prepared to provide all end users with the tools they need to perform their jobs? In this issue, you'll find a series of articles written by Bill Inmon, Claudia Imhoff, Susan Osterfelt, Jonathan Geiger and Lowell Fryman. These articles describe the business intelligence communities and the tools they use. This issue also includes a poster on the same topic. Be sure to read Susan Osterfelt's column on page 48 for an explanation of the poster.

I would like to thank everyone who took the time to participate in our recent readership study. We will be announcing the results in the near future. Market Perspectives, the research firm that conducted the survey for DM Review, has announced the $500 American Express gift certificate winner. Congratulations to Craig Megathlin, IS Consultant/Analyst at LL Bean, Inc., the lucky winner.

Faulkner & Gray and DM Review are excited to present the International Data Warehouse Summit to be held October 4-7, 1999, in Orlando. This comprehensive three-day conference and exhibition is designed to help you leverage your business intelligence and data warehousing investment. Keynote speakers and session leaders include Bill Inmon, Claudia Imhoff, Kevin Strange, John Zachman and Susan Osterfelt.

Senior-level business management and IT professionals seeking to develop effective business intelligence strategies that will increase return on investment should not miss this conference. Attendees will be able to customize their conference experience by choosing sessions from nine track offerings facilitated by Intelligent Solutions, Inc. Those new to the industry will learn about the Corporate Information Factory and why this framework is so widely respected for enterprise decision support. Experienced attendees will receive valuable advice for maximizing their business intelligence efforts and incorporating new technologies. The International Data Warehouse Summit's exhibition provides an opportunity for attendees to speak with product developers and view demonstrations of the leading data warehousing products and services.

For additional information regarding the conference, go to www.dmreview.com/conference.htm. Space is limited, and only the first 300 who sign up will be able to attend. Register today!

As always, thanks for reading DM Review!

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