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Past Issue of DM Review Magazine

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January 2000 issue of DM Review magazine


Sterling Software: Business Intelligence Group
B. Carole Morton, senior VP and president of Sterling Software's Business Intelligence Group, discusses the Information Advantage aquisition and the group's comprehensive product offerings.


Packaged Analytic Applications: The Key to Data Warehouse ROI
By Colin White
Organizations need to select carefully to ensure that an analytic application package can provide the comprehensive metrics needed to satisfy business-user requirements.
Data Mining for Direct Marketing
By Sergei Ananyan
The use of COM-based data mining algorithms at the data modeling step of the integrated direct marketing chain provides a variety of benefits for users, developers, integrators and even consumers.
Measure vs. Manage
By Alan M. Missroon
Performance measurement is useful for demonstrating whether an organization is in line with its strategic objectives but does not explain why the organization is performing the way it is and how to get it back on track.
How Intelligent E-Services will Change Life as We Know It
By Jennie Grimes
As the Internet matures, the end goal of data warehousing has changed from maintaining up-to-date data to intelligently applying data through intelligent services.


A Message from DAMA International
By Peter Aiken

Analyst Insight
SAP Reinvents Itself
By Wayne Eckerson

The Adoption of Business Solutions
Association Marketing
By Roberta Moore

Information Management: Charting the Course
ODS Types
By Bill Inmon

Marketing Systems
Making Sense of Marketing Software, Part 4
By David M. Raab

The Enterprise
Enterprise Portals and XML
By Clive Finkelstein

Insights from the Front Line
Enterprise Information Portals
By Michael J. Schroeck

View from the Market
BI Market Continues Rapid Expansion
By Michael P. Burwen

Information Strategy
E-Business and Data Warehousing
By Jane Griffin

Plain English on Data Quality
KAIZEN and Information Quality
By Larry English

Data Warehousing Horizons
A DW Approach for the New Millennium, Part 1
By Dan Montgomery

The Decisioning Frontier
Operationalizing Your Business Strategy
By John Distefano

Business Intelligence in Healthcare
A Pharmaceutical Perspective on CRM
By Steve Glover

Meta Data and Data Administration
Data Warehousing Trends for 2000
By David Marco

Data Warehouse Delivery
The Federated Future
By Douglas Hackney

Customer Relationship Report
Measuring CRM Success
By Melinda Nykamp and Carla McEachern

Business Intelligence
Got Money?
By Susan Osterfelt

Intelligent Solutions
Which Way Do You Jump? Part 2
By Claudia Imhoff



HomeRuns.com Improves Data Warehouse Reliability with DataStage
Ascential Software (Acquired by IBM in 2005) - DataStage


CONNX for Oracle Rdb Provides a Robust Interface to Various Databases at Van Kampen Funds
CONNX Solutions, Inc. - CONNX for Oracle Rdb


CoSORT's Join Feature Enables ACG to Greatly Reduce Load Time


Transformation Server Provides Cross-Platform Capabilities for London Drugs
DataMirror Corporation - DataMirror Transformation Server


Bureau of Land Management Meets Y2K Deadline with Migration Architect
Evoke Software Corporation (Acquired by Similarity Sytems) - Similarity Systems Migration Architect


Netcentives Expands Their Source and Target E-Commerce Environment with PowerMart
Informatica Corporation - PowerMart


Clarica Creates a Single Repository to Manage and Measure Corporate Performance with Copy Manager
Information Builders, Inc. - Information Builders Copy Manager


CRM Accelerator Brings Mellon Financial Corporation's Customers into Focus
Innovative Systems, Inc. - i/Lytics


Home Depot Leverages Enterprise Data to Increase Customer Satisfaction
MERANT - DataDirect


NexGen Technologies Gets Data Straight for Crime Analysis with Data Junction
Pervasive Software - No Product


Move for Servers Allows Cross-Platform Data Movement for Ilmarinen
Princeton Softech, Inc. - Move for Servers


Rushmore Solid State Disk Enables iPrint to Handle a 30 Percent Growth Rate
Quantum Corporation - Rushmore Solid State Disk


Levy Restaurants Improves Remote Location Data Handling with Scribe Integrate
Scribe Software Corporation - No Product


Harcourt Learning Direct Relies on STRATEGY for Lead Tracking and Profitability Analysis


Starfire Handles Mission-Critical DSS and OLTP Applications for Sears
Sun Microsystems, Inc. - Starfire


BridgeWare Provides Data Capture and Movement from Legacy Applications to the Web for UMBC
Taurus Software, Inc. - BridgeWare


VERITAS NetBackup Powers the Centralized Backup Facility for Nortel Networks
VERITAS Software Corporation - VERITAS NetBackup DataCenter


SYMBIATOR Solves Data Replication Challenges for American Medical Securities
Vision Solutions, Inc. - Symbiator


An IBM solution for: KeyCorp

From the Publisher

Dear Readers,

Beginning a new year and a new century certainly puts the pressure on me to write a profound, forward-looking publisher's letter. However, knowing that during the last few months you have probably heard enough prognostication to last a lifetime, I'll devote this letter to more practical topics.

The ability to interact effectively and efficiently with customers will undoubtedly be driving the efforts of most companies for the next few years. (Sorry, I just couldn't resist providing one prediction!) Without a Web front end, companies will be unable to offer customers the level of service and improved communication that they have come to expect as a result of dealing with the growing number of dot-com companies vying for the mind share and wallet share today.

Most companies will be forced to implement some type customer relationship management (CRM) program in order to survive. Faced with the dizzying array of products and services that will enable your organization to be CRM ready, it's difficult to determine what choices you should make in terms of technology and enterprise architecture to ensure your company's success.

Education is one of the best ways to arm yourself with the artillery you need to fight for your customers. Fortunately, our industry has many conferences aimed at just that ­ education. I'm pleased to announce that a great conference ­ The Second Coglin Mill Inter-national Data Warehousing Con-ference ­ has been scheduled for May 21-26, 2000. This year the focus of the conference is customer relationship management which Coglin Mill calls "arguably the most critical issue facing companies of all sizes as we take on the challenges of the new millennium." Focusing on the underlying strategies and technologies required to implement a first-class CRM system, Coglin Mill has organized a conference you won't want to miss. You will have an opportunity to learn from some of your favorite DM Review columnists and authors. Conference speakers include Bill Inmon, Claudia Imhoff and John Zachman. I will also be one of the featured speakers, and I look forward to seeing as many of you at the conference as possible. As a conference attendee, you will also be able to schedule one-on-one meetings with any of the speakers to discuss your specific challenges. Mark your calendars now to attend this conference in Port Douglas, Australia. The combination of great location and internationally acclaimed speakers is hard to beat. You can obtain more information about the conference by visiting www.coglinmill.com ­ or check out the ad in this issue.

Best wishes to all of you for a healthy and prosperous New Year!

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