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Past Issue of DM Review Magazine

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June 2000 issue of DM Review magazine


A Business Solution: EIP
By Ted Gannon
Delivering Web-enabled applications on an integrated platform is a key business solution, and an enterprise information portal is a seamless way to present information to your users and customers.
Customer Data Integration: The Essential Component of Effective CRM
By Duncan S. McClain
Shifting focus from internal processes to customer centricity must occur across the entire enterprise. Customer data integration is essential for a unified view of the customer which is necessary for the viability of a successful business.
The Need for a Business Intelligence Strategy: A Critical Analysis for the Insurance Industry
By Timothy L. Raab
Insurance companies gain competitive advantage through the establishment of a business intelligence group. An effective BI strategy will focus on providing solutions that enable sharing and maximizing the value of the company?s vast stores of data.
Demystifying SAN and NAS
By Scott McIntrye
SAN and NAS offer distinct, but complementary capabilities. Used together, they provide a potent punch for addressing data center requirements.
Analyzing Domain Statistics
By Nat Bongiovanni
One approach to evaluate the quality of data in an organization examines the domain of a specific column over time to show consistency or a pattern that indicates a problem.


The Decisioning Frontier
Enterprise Management Systems
By John Distefano

View from the Market
NCR: Headin' Up the E-Trail
By Michael P. Burwen

Business Intelligence
The Whole Customer
By Susan Osterfelt

Analyst Insight
E-Business Redux
By Wayne Eckerson

The CRM-Ready Data Warehouse
The CRM Need for Atomic Data
By William McKnight

Information Strategy
Closing the Sales and Marketing Loop in E-Commerce
By Jane Griffin

Marketing Systems
Making Sense of Marketing Software, Part 9
By David M. Raab

Plain English on Data Quality
Preventing Customer
By Larry English

The Enterprise
Trading Communities for B2B
By Clive Finkelstein

Data Warehouse Delivery
How to Federate
By Douglas Hackney

Information Management: Charting the Course
Different Data Warehouse Types
By Bill Inmon

CEO Perspectives
Outsourcing Lessons from the Past 20 Years
By David A.J. Axson

Message from the Vice President of Communications
By Rose Romero

Meta Data and Data Administration
XML's Uses In Data Warehousing: Getting Data In
By David Marco

The Adoption of Business Solutions
Pricing and its Effect on Customer Adoption
By Roberta Moore

Customer Relationship Report
Understanding the Customer Experience Cycle
By Melinda Nykamp and Carla McEachern

Intelligent Solutions
Goin' with the Flow
By Claudia Imhoff



InfoSpace Speeds Warehousing Filtering with CoSORT's Join Function


MCI WorldCom Uses ER/Studio for a Variety of Data Modeling Tasks
Embarcadero Technologies, Inc. - ER/Studio


National Bank of Canada Solves a GL Challenge with Genio
Hummingbird Ltd. - Genio Suite


Experian Bridges Components of Corporate Data Warehouses with Informatica MX2
Informatica Corporation - No Product


Bausch & Lomb Creates and Automates an Analytic Data Store with Oracle Warehouse Builder
Oracle Corporation - Oracle Warehouse Builder


NFISG Calls Rochade the Only Repository Capable of Addressing Unique Mix of Systems
Viasoft, Inc. - Rochade


AC Inc. Designs Enterprise Data Models with Visible Advantage
Visible Systems Corporation - Visible Advantage

From the Publisher

Dear Readers,

Within the next four weeks, we will be concluding our annual readership survey. The purpose of the survey is to provide an industry snapshot of data warehousing and business intelligence ­ the cornerstones of e-business. The results of this comprehensive survey reveal market trends, indicate the success of products and vendors within the marketplace and provide input for our editorial decisions. Although only one survey participant will receive a $500.00 prize, every participant will receive a copy of the study which can be utilized as a benchmark for how your company is positioned relative to the rest of the industry. It also can help justify budgets and expenditures which are critical to your success. Please take the time to complete the survey (www.dmreview.com/survey) and help shape the future of the industry and DM Review.

Last month at the SAS Users Group (SUGI), I had the opportunity to listen to Robert Kaplan, who authored The Balanced Scorecard with David Norton. The book focuses on the translation of vision and strategy to organizational success by utilizing a balanced scorecard. The balanced scorecard translates mission and strategy into objectives and measures, organized into four different perspectives: financial, customer, internal business process, and learning and growth. The scorecard provides a framework, a language, to communicate mission and strategy; it uses measurement to inform employees about the drivers of current and future success. By articulating the outcomes the organization desires and the drivers of those outcomes, senior executives hope to channel the energies, the abilities, and the specific knowledge of people throughout the organization toward achieving the long-term goals. I would highly recommend this book for anyone implementing business strategies or focusing on business intelligence initiatives.

As always, thanks for reading DM Review.

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