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Past Issue of DM Review Magazine

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July 2000 issue of DM Review magazine


Firstlogic: The Formula For Success
Eric Lieberman, president of Firstlogic, Inc., provides insight into the growing necessity for high-quality data in order to compete successfully in the worlds of e-business and e-commerce.


E-Business Commerce Chains
By Stan Lepeak
A commerce chain (integrated supply and service) will become the optimal competitive unit in the e-economy. There are practical and specific steps organizations must take to prepare for increased competition in this area
Avoiding Disaster Through Practical Warehouse Prototyping
By Daniel Peterson
Useful prototypes should be carefully and practically designed with clearly defined objectives to increase the chance for success.
Data Mining Strategies
By Jack Noonan
The widespread use data mining strategies is currently limited to innovative start-ups and progressive-thinking agencies. These strategies will help your leading-edge organization discover the ability of data mining to predict and change the future.
The Next Big Thing for Data Warehouses
By Richard Tanler
In order to facilitate Internet-driven, inter-enterprise collaboration, data warehouse and business intelligence (BI) systems must operate outside of the boundaries of a single enterprise to support demand forecasting.


Information Management: Charting the Course
Operational and Informational Reporting
By Bill Inmon

Message from the Vice President of Conference Services
By Davida Berger

CEO Perspectives
Making IT a Business Partner
By David A.J. Axson

View from the Market
ERP, BI and E-Commerce: Where are the Winners?
By Michael P. Burwen

Information Strategy
Closing the Knowledge Loop
By Jane Griffin

Customer Relationship Report
CRM and the Web as a Communication Channel
By Melinda Nykamp and Carla McEachern

The Adoption of Business Solutions
Managing the Complete Value Chain
By Roberta Moore

The Decisioning Frontier
Information Strategy
By John Distefano

Meta Data and Data Administration
Whassup!?! XML and Data Warehousing that's What!
By David Marco

Insights from the Front Line
Implementing Successful DW Solutions in the Public Sector
By Michael J. Schroeck

Data Warehouse Delivery
The Wireless Warehouse
By Douglas Hackney

Intelligent Solutions
A New Class of Operational Data Store
By Claudia Imhoff

Marketing Systems
Making Sense of Marketing Software, Part 10
By David M. Raab

Plain English on Data Quality
Knowledge Management? Not in IT Apparently
By Larry English

The CRM-Ready Data Warehouse
Quality and the Reverse Append, Part 1
By William McKnight

The Enterprise
Microsoft BizTalk for B2B E-Commerce
By Clive Finkelstein

Business Intelligence
Deal With It!
By Susan Osterfelt



Eisai Automates the Creation and Delivery of Sales and Marketing Reports with AOS
ACG (Application Consulting Group, Inc.) - AOS (Active OLAP Suite)


Bank of Montreal Improves Analytical Insights with KnowledgeSTUDIO
ANGOSS Software Corporation - KnowledgeSTUDIO


Cable & Wireless Information Systems Tracks Service Call Data with iEnterprise
Applix, Inc. - Applix Service Analytics (Formerly iEnterprise iService Module)


Fort Knox National Company Gains a Strategic, Real-Time View of Marketing Activities with Aprimo Marketing
Aprimo, Inc. - Aprimo Marketing


inSight and dynaSight Provide a Web-Based Front-End and Online Analysis Interface to Essbase for FedEx
arcplan, Inc. - inSight and dynaSight


Arkidata Delivers Cleansed Data Conversion Files and Comprehensive Audit Reports for Hewitt Associates
Arkidata Corporation - Arkistra (Formerly Daetaective Office)


SupportKids.com Implements ModelMAX Plus as an Automated Decision-Maker to Help Provide Client Services
ASA Corp - ModelMAX Plus


Hertz Lease Establishes New Decision Support Environment with Ardent DataStage
Ascential Software (Acquired by IBM in 2005) - DataStage


AutoNation Implements an Automated Analytic Solution for the Management Team with InTouch
Blue Isle Software - InTouch


Southwest Gas Migrates Legacy Mainframe Data with DataMove and ChangeDataMove
BMC Software, Inc. - DataMove and ChangeDataMove


BusinessObjects Provides the Front End of the Data Warehouse for Shell Canada
Business Objects - BusinessObjects


Cerebellum's Data Components Integrate New Internet Applications with City of Pittsburgh Corporate Data
Cerebellum Software, Inc. - Cerebellum


Ernex Builds Customer Loyalty Campaigns Using Cognos Business Intelligence Solutions
Cognos - PowerPlay Web and Impromptu Web Reports


Board of Cooperative Education Services Makes Better Business Decisions with CCA Analytics
Computer Corporation of America - CCA Analytics


CONNX for Oracle Rdb Provides a Robust Interface to Various Databases at Van Kampen Funds
CONNX Solutions, Inc. - CONNX for Oracle Rdb


CorVu Keeps Georgia Department of Defense Poised for Action
CorVu Corporation - CorManage


InfoSpace Speeds Warehousing Filtering with CoSORT's Join Function


Hannibal Regional Hospital Uses DSS WorkBench for Market Analysis and Comparison
Customer Potential Management (CPM) Corp. - DSS WorkBench


Nortel Networks Evaluates Data Functionality with dfPower Series
DataFlux Corporation - dfPower Series


DataFuse Provides Great Matching Accuracy for Acxiom Database Marketing Services
DataMentors, Inc. - DataFuse


Mitchell Grocery Corporation Shares Information Between Heterogeneous Platforms with Transformation Server
DataMirror Corporation - DataMirror Transformation Server


Jewelry.com Performs Detailed Analysis of Online Customers with MineShare e-Customer Management Solution
Digital Impact Inc. (formerly Mineshare) - e-Customer Management Solution


Protagona Builds Customer Relationships, Offers E-Marketing Solutions for Macromedia
DoubleClick - Ensemble (formerly by Protagona Worldwide)


OMNIDEX Delivers Instant Query Results for ARGI's Database Marketing and Subscription Fulfillment Services Clients
Dynamic Information Systems Corporation (DISC) - OMNIDEX


Xora Uses EasyAsk to Translate Freeform English to SQL
EasyAsk Inc. - EasyAsk Precision Search


DBArtisan has All the Database Management Features EDS Requires
Embarcadero Technologies, Inc. - DBArtisan


E.piphany gives Peet's Tea & Coffee the Ability to Integrate Data across Multichannels
Epiphany, Inc. - Epiphany Interaction Advisor


ETI*EXTRACT is the Enterprise-Wide Standard for Data Movement at Steelcase
Evolutionary Technologies International, Inc. (ETI) - ETI*EXTRACT


UT Offers Innovative Learning Experience Utilizing Comshare's E-Business Solution
Extensity (formerly Geac) - Comshare DecisionWeb


MOVEforward Tracks Customer Address Changes for Phoenix Data Processing Clients
Group 1 Software, a Pitney Bowes Company - MOVEForward


Harte-Hanks Allink Agent Delivers Timely, Behavior-Driven Marketing Solution for Webster Bank
Harte-Hanks - Allink Agent


Oklahoma Supreme Court Reduces Case Backlog with ProLiant Servers
Hewlett-Packard Company - ProLiant Server


PowerBar Accesses and Analyzes Mission-Critical Information across the Enterprise with BI/Suite
Hummingbird Ltd. - Hummingbird BI


Danka Effectively Captures, Analyzes and Reports Sales Revenue with Hyperion Integration Server
Hyperion Solutions Corporation - Integration Server


Bank of Montreal Analyzes Profitability with DB2 Intelligent Miner
IBM Corporation - DB2 Intelligent Miner


Sanofi-Synthelabo Maintains Accurate and Up-to-Date Customer Database with Operation Scrub
IMS HEALTH Incorporated - Operation Scrub


UDS Identifies Trends in the Petroleum Marketplace with PowerCenter
Informatica Corporation - Informatica PowerCenter


WebFOCUS Creates a Single Reporting Center for NASA's Diverse Data Environment
Information Builders, Inc. - Information Builders WebFOCUS


S-PLUS Provides Powerful Analytic Tools and Graphics for Clemson's Genomics Institute
Insightful Corporation - S-Plus for Unix 5.1


ForecastX Wizard Provides a Methodology to Forecast Volatile Wholesale Markets for GTE
John Galt Solutions, Inc. - ForecastX Wizard


CONTROL Expedites Accounting for Santen, Incorporated
KCI Computing, Inc. - CONTROL


ProClarity Enables InFocus to Improve Product Quality
Knosys Inc. - ProClarity


MapInfo Professional Increases Level of Map Production for Portland's Bureau of Environmental Services
MapInfo Corporation - MapInfo Professional


Expedia.com Uses Xchange Dialogue for eMessaging to E-Mail Travel Alerts to its Customer Base
Maximum Availability - noMAX


LifeCare.com Centralizes Data Storage and Decreases Backup Time with ED-5000 Director
McDATA Corporation - ED-5000 Director


PolyAnalyst Exploration Engines Produce Heuristic Equations for BioVision
MEGAPUTER Intelligence Inc. - PolyAnalyst


Sears Portrait Studios/CPI Keeps Customer DW Clean and Lean with Firstlogic i.d.Centric Data Quality Suite
No Company - i.d.Centric Data Quality Suite


Seagate Info Provides a Risk-Free Investment for New York Life Insurance Company
No Company - No Product


Sears Canada Creates, Implements and Measures Campaign Effectiveness with Archer
NuEdge Systems - NuEdge Suite (formerly Archer 5.0)


Bausch & Lomb Creates and Automates an Analytic Data Store with Oracle Warehouse Builder
Oracle Corporation - Oracle Warehouse Builder


AMP Asset Management Business Managers Access Accurate and Timely Client Profitability Reporting with PeopleSoft
PeopleSoft, Inc. - PeopleSoft Enterprise Performance Management


Carfax Cleanses, Validates and Transforms Large Quantities of Critical Data with Data Junction
Pervasive Software - No Product


The Moseley Corporation Creates an Intelligent Communications Infrastructure with FirmLink
PfN Technologies, Inc. - FirmLink (online exclusive)


Move for Servers Creates a Realistic Testing Environment and Delivers New Applications for Independence Blue Cross
Princeton Softech, Inc. - Move for Servers


Stock100.com Chooses NetFORCE for Reliable Network Attached Storage
Procom Technology, Inc. - NetFORCE


CustomerLinx Profiles Customers with High Propensity to Buy Using Decisionhouse
Quadstone, Inc. - Decisionhouse


First American Title Insurance Creates Enterprise Backup Solution with LANvault
Quantum Corporation - LANvault


Whirlpool Corporation Diagnoses and Resolves Database Performance Issues with Spotlight on Oracle
Quest Software, Inc. - Spotlight on Oracle


Outpost.com Uses Sagent Solution for Real-Time E-Business Intelligence
Sagent Technology, Inc. (Acquired by Group 1 6/03) - Sagent Solution


Avenue is a Real-Time CRM Solution for Wincraft's Sales Force
Saratoga Systems, Inc. - iAvenue Suite


SAS Quality Solution Provides Real-Time Quality Assurance for Access Group
SAS Institute Inc. - SAS Quality Solution


Hewlett-Packard Gets the Right Information to the Right People at the Right Time with ShortCycles
ShortCycles, Inc. - ShortCycles (online exclusive)


Cres Cor Analyzes Sales and Market Data with Sales DecisionMart
Silvon Software, Inc. - Sales DecisionMart


STRATEGY Provides a Complete, Integrated Solution for William Zinsser & Co.


GfK Delivers Value-Added Data Mining Services with SPSS Clementine
SPSS, Inc. - Clementine


MarketForce is the SFA/CRM System for Sales and Marketing at Mayfield Publishing Company
Staffware eCRM, Inc. - MarketForce v6.2


Coral Energy Bases Mission-Critical Energy Marketing and Trading on Sun StorEdge A5200 Disk Array
Sun Microsystems, Inc. - StorEdge A5200 Disk Array


SyncSort UNIX Drives Formation of Data Warehouse at Hewitt Associates
Syncsort Incorporated - SyncSort UNIX


TPump Enables Dixons Stores Group to Make Today's Sales Data Available Today
Teradata, a division of NCR Corporation - TPump


Triversity Enhances Data Mining Capabilities with Java-Based K.wiz
thinkAnalytics Corporation - K.wiz


Herman Miller Created a New Supplier Self-Service Portal Application with TopTier Portal
TopTier Software, Inc. - eBusiness Integration Portal


ZDNet Resolves Scaling and Performance Issues with Orchestrate
Torrent Systems, Inc. - Orchestrate


Trillium Consolidates and Standardizes Oki Data's Database to Provide a Unified View of Their Customers
Trillium Software, a division of Harte-Hanks, Inc. - Trillium Software System


Affinium Campaign Enables MITI to Create Complex Campaigns Across Diverse Databases
Unica Corporation - Affinium Campaign (formerly Impact!)


GainSmarts Provides Superior Response Models for Morris International's Direct Marketing Enterprise
Urban Science Applications Inc. - GainSmarts


Valvoline Manages Complex Reporting and Analytics with Vanguard GPS
Vanguard Solutions Group, Inc., A Division of Exact Software North America - Graphical Performance Series (GPS)


AC Inc. Designs Enterprise Data Models with Visible Advantage Data Warehouse Edition
Visible Systems Corporation - Visible Advantage DW Edition


SYMBIATOR Streamlines Business Operations at Transport Corporation of America
Vision Solutions, Inc. - Symbiator


City and County of San Francisco Department of Public Health Installs Behavioral Health Care Analyzer
Visionyze.com (division of Speedware) - Behavioral Health Care Analyzer


StudioNorth Measures and Analyzes Web Traffic and Behavior with eBizinsights
Visual Insights - eBizinsights


iDecizion Helps RateXchange Customers Turn Complex Teleco Data into Meaningful Information
Visual Numerics, Inc. - iDecizion


Save.com Delves into Consumer Interaction with WhiteCross ASP
WhiteCross Systems - WhiteCross ASP


Brooktrout Technology Dramatically Increases I/O Performance of Database Server with FlashDISK
Winchester Systems - FlashDISK


D'Arcangelo & Co., Broadens Auditors' Analyses with WizRule
WizSoft, Inc. - WizRule

From the Publisher

Dear Readers,

The industry is in such turmoil with the decision to split Microsoft in two as a result of the recently concluded antitrust case. The verdict is being hailed by the government as a victory for consumers, but is it? We all remember the break up of AT&T and how we were told that it would result in lower prices. I don't know about you, but my phone bill is up over 200 percent since that verdict. Microsoft puts price pressure on all software providers and, in essence, lowers the cost of computing for everyone. Also, there is tremendous competition globally with start-up software companies providing competition for Microsoft on every front. Microsoft is in the process of appealing the verdict; and, in the long run, I would see the verdict being overturned but at considerable expense ­ in time and money ­ for Micro-soft and a tremendous squandering of our tax dollars by the United States government. Al-though I do not approve of some of the predatory practices employed by Microsoft, these could have been addressed directly without splitting the company.

I am sure you will agree that this month's magazine, our annual product review issue, will be an invaluable reference for you throughout the next year as you evaluate strategic products to meet your future goals and objectives. Published in July of each year, this special issue provides a wealth of information that cannot be found anywhere in such a concise format. All reviews are written by individuals currently utilizing these products to improve their competitive position in the global marketplace. Reviewers detail how the product is being deployed and provide critical information regarding strengths and weaknesses.

I am pleased to announce that this year, as a result of our continued growth and success, we will be adding an August issue. Focusing on the "e" explosion, this issue will cover current trends and directions within e-business, business intelligence and data warehousing. Be sure to watch for this great issue.

As always, thanks for reading DM Review.

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