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Past Issue of DM Review Magazine

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Information Builders: Enabling Technology For the New Millennium
Gerald D. Cohen, president and CEO of Information Builders, shares how his company enables organizations to nimbly adapt to major shifts in technology.


Field of Web Dreams
By Jim Wirth
A common challenge for many e-business managers is understanding the wealth of Web site visitor and customer behavior data. Overcoming the challenge begins with understanding how to make that data available through data warehousing and BI technology.
Industry Standards for Web Business Analysis
By Tobin Gilman
In the converging worlds of e-business and data warehousing, strides are being made toward a standardized meta data approach and the establishment of Java as the de facto programming environment for Web-based applications.
The Stages of Growth for CRM and Data Warehousing
By Ron Swift
Using a DW/DSS for customer relationship management is a learning process. Each stage of the development process has its own characteristics and set of questions.
Increasing Manufacturing Performance Through Supply Chain Intelligence
By Philip Russom
Packaged analytic applications for supply chain intelligence are a new category of enterprise software that promises to provide insight into strategic issues for corporations in manufacturing industries.

(online exclusive)
The Moving Target of CRM
By Dan Fine


Message from the President
By Michael H. Brackett

Business Intelligence
A Stovepipe by Any Other Name ...
By Susan Osterfelt

CEO Perspectives
Escape the Nightmare of IT Budgeting
By David A.J. Axson

Information Strategy
Measuring the Success of the EAI/CRM Initiative
By Jane Griffin

Intelligent Solutions
Plug Me in Coach ? I'm Ready to Play
By Claudia Imhoff

The CRM-Ready Data Warehouse
The E-Mail Marketing Revolution, Part 1
By William McKnight

Data Warehousing Horizons
Data Population in a BI Environment
By Raymond MJA Bolten

The Adoption of Business Solutions
Ten Principles for E-Business Success
By Roberta Moore

The Decisioning Frontier
BI Drives Your Enterprise Value Web
By John Distefano

Customer Relationship Report
Accumulating Customer Knowledge
By Melinda Nykamp and Carla McEachern

Insights from the Front Line
Building a Data Warehouse in a Dot-Com Environment
By Michael J. Schroeck

Marketing Systems
Making Sense of Marketing Software, Part 12
By David M. Raab

Information Management: Charting the Course
Where's the Spam?
By Bill Inmon

Data Warehouse Delivery
CRM Prerequisite #1: A Data Warehouse System
By Douglas Hackney

Meta Data and Data Administration
Meta Data ROI: Making Your IT Department Better, Stronger, Faster
By David Marco

The Enterprise
XML for Enterprise Application Integration
By Clive Finkelstein
(online exclusive)

Plain English on Data Quality
What's in a Name: A Mandate for the IT Industry
By Larry English
(online exclusive)



Mercer Management Consulting Enhances Productivity, Collaboration and Firm Management with ecKnowledge
Casahl Technology, Inc. - ecKnowledge (online exclusive)


EUREKA:Suite Powered by Jasmine ii Portal Heightens BI for Utah Courts
Computer Associates International, Inc. - EUREKA: Suite


SiteSmith Deploys Global Corporate Portal with DataChannel Server
DataChannel, Inc. - DataChannel Server (DCS)


Dickstein Shapiro Morin & Oshinsky LLP Achieves Personalized Information Delivery with EIP Legal Edition
Hummingbird Ltd. - Hummingbird Portal


Verity Portal One Brings Coherence, Simplicity and Order to NASD's Network
No Company - No Product


Visioneer Streamlines and Automates Decision-Making Process with freedom
ServiceWare Technologies (Formerly InfoImage) - ServiceWare (Formerly InfoImage Freedom Decision Portal)


NIA Integrates Web-Based Medical Management and Offline Call Center with Enterprise Portal
Sybase, Inc. - Sybase Enterprise Portal


TopTier eBusiness Integration Portal Facilitates Employee Self-Service at Equilon
TopTier Software, Inc. - eBusiness Integration Portal


Entrada Software is Customizing Enterprise Portals with E-Portal Suite
Viador Inc. - E-Portal Suite


Combination of Oracle and IMSL Creates Winning Solution

The Hartford Insources its Data Management Function for Substantial Savings

Hewitt Relies on Data Warehouse to Service Clients' Benefit Plans

Advanced Analysis Capabilities Help IT Services Organizations Play a Strategic Role

Sony Manages Corporate Information with a Must-Have Data Warehouse

Zurich U.S. Insurance Creates Innovative Claims Information Extranet for Customers

From the Publisher

We are pleased to feature our 2000 World Class Solution Award winners in this issue. A panel of industry experts selected the eight companies featured on pages 56 and 57 for their world class implementations. These extraordinary solutions exemplify the innovative and effective use of technology that deliver true business value. Congratulations to all of the winners.

The Infancy of CRM

Corporations today are all looking at the new wave of technology for managing their customers. One of the hottest new sectors is customer relationship management (CRM) and the benefits that can be obtained by creating a total view of the customer. Although CRM is a hot topic, it is apparent that the CRM market is in its infancy. At the National Center for Database Marketing (NCDM) Conference in Las Vegas, the vendors and attendees expressed diverse, often contradictory, opinions about customer-centric solutions. Successful CRM often requires a major cultural shift within an organization. Company-wide adoption of a customer-centric attitude should be the first step. Requirements for and expectations of a CRM solution need to be defined and strategized. This involves reevaluating how all processes within the company interface with the customer and frequently requires extensive change within each department. The personnel within the departments also need to be evaluated since the shift from product focus to customer focus requires extensive customer service skills which were not as critical when the major emphasis was on product. These are the challenging issues that need to be addressed prior to the selection of a technology solution.

Unfortunately, many corporations often invest in new technologies prior to conducting a detailed evaluation of their needs and expectations. After they purchase the new technology, they try to retrofit the solution to meet their requirements. If you are looking at CRM solutions, take the time to perform the initial evaluation and engage experts, if necessary. I would highly recommend an NCDM conference as a great place to start.

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