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Past Issue of DM Review Magazine

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October 2000 issue of DM Review magazine


BMC Software: Customer Focused, Employee Led
Joyce Durst, vice president of BMC's Data Availability business unit, explains the company's commitment to its employees and community, resulting in a focused team intent on delivering quality systems management solutions for BMC customers.


Keeping Your Best Customers Through Brand Loyalty
By Andrew Banasiewicz
Multidimensional customer profiles enable organizations to truly understand their customers. Using that information to develop customer loyalty programs results in higher growth revenues.
CRM from the Inside Out
By Bryan Allison
Being a customer-focused organization means changing the corporate culture to insure that internal support employees realize the important role they play in serving external customers through management of internal customer relationships.
Taking Customer Analysis to the Fourth Dimension
By Jeff Caplan
New technologies enable businesses to see customer behaviors over time which is an invaluable tool for long-term customer satisfaction.
The Generic Meta Data Repository
By Michael Jennings
A generic model can help get the data warehouse project started by providing a template that can be tailored for specific business needs. It is also valuable in evaluating meta data repository products in the marketplace.
A New Understanding of Reference Data
By Malcolm Chisholm
In the world of data management, reference data remains largely unexplored terrain. This article explains the need to manage reference data as a distinct component of an enterprise's information architecture.


Message from the Past President
By Lynn Tenney

The Adoption of Business Solutions
Building the Market Ecosystem for E-Business
By Roberta Moore

CEO Perspectives
IT Today ? Benchmark Realities
By David A.J. Axson

Marketing Systems
Who Owns the Interaction Manager?
By David M. Raab

The Decisioning Frontier
Unwired or Unraveled?
By John Distefano

Information Strategy
Integrating to Achieve E-Business Success
By Jane Griffin

Meta Data and Data Administration
Meta Data ROI: A Competitive Advantage
By David Marco

Intelligent Solutions
Delivering Business Intelligence to Thousands
By Claudia Imhoff

The Enterprise
XML Is Not a Silver Bullet
By Clive Finkelstein

Information Management: Charting the Course
Passing the Test of Time
By Bill Inmon

Plain English on Data Quality
Which Information Quality Tool Is Best?
By Larry English

The CRM-Ready Data Warehouse
The E-Mail Marketing Revolution, Part 2
By William McKnight

Data Warehouse Delivery
The Vein of Pain
By Douglas Hackney

Data Warehousing Horizons
Digital Business and Digital Intelligence
By Dan Montgomery

Customer Relationship Report
Are Relationships Improving Yet?
By Melinda Nykamp and Carla McEachern



iTM1 Enables MeriStar Decision-Makers to Be Proactive
Applix, Inc. - Applix iTM1


Cognos Finance and Cognos PowerPlay Provide a Unified View of Financial Information for Hunter Douglas
Cognos - CPM For Finance (Formerly Cognos Finance) and Cognos PowerPlay


Elbolaget Distributes Analysis to Internal and External Users with DSP
Decision Support Panel AB - DSP Portal Edition (Formerly Decision Support Panel)


Comshare DecisionWeb Delivers Daily Operations Support to Domino's Pizza
Extensity (formerly Geac) - Comshare DecisionWeb


Illinois Secretary of State's Office Automates Complex Reports with QMF for Windows
IBM Corporation - QMF for Windows


Cigna IntegratedCare Builds a Business Intelligence Platform with WebFOCUS
Information Builders, Inc. - Information Builders WebFOCUS


American Italian Pasta Company Executives Access and Analyze Up-to-Date Sales Information with Qport SmartView
New Generation Software, Inc. - Qport SmartView


Digital Archaeology c-Discovery Provides Web-Based Reporting and In-Depth Analysis of Marketing Data for WiredEmpire
No Company - No Product


Matrix Service Field Project Managers Stay on Top of Budgets Via the Web with Seagate Info
No Company - No Product


Pfizer Rapidly Assembles Personalized Analytic Applications with AlphaBlox
No Company - No Product


Data Junction Enables Tracking of Annual Sales and Inventory for Ferragamo USA
Pervasive Software - No Product


M&I; Optimizes Marketing Strategy with Quadstone
Quadstone, Inc. - Quadstone System


Siemens Calls on Brio to Better Understand and Serve its Customers

At Amway, BI Portal Speeds Product R&D;

From the Publisher

Dear Readers,

In this issue, we have several articles focusing on key aspects of CRM that are crucial for acquiring and retaining valuable customers. The first is "CRM from the Inside Out." This article discusses the role of internal support employees. Even though they do not have direct contact with external customers, they play an important part in servicing and satisfying demands that are placed on the enterprise. The second article – "Keeping Your Best Customers Through Brand Loyalty" ­ focuses on the keys to creating an effective brand loyalty program that will not only increase customer retention, but help maximize profits. "Taking Customer Analysis to the Fourth Dimension," provides an interesting look at the innovative ways that e-businesses are providing personalization through technical channels of communication to convert browsers into buyers.

DM Review is proud to co-sponsor of dataWarehouse.com – the community portal for business intelligence and data warehousing professionals. DataWarehouse.com offers a participatory forum for discussion, research, training, certification and an integrated community dedicated to setting the standard for business intelligence and data warehousing best practices.

DataWarehouse.com will be hosting four trade shows over the next 12 months. The first trade show, beginning October 2 and running for 90 days, will focus on e-business and the Corporate Information Factory. Claudia Imhoff will be one of the many featured speakers. Numerous exciting events will be scheduled throughout the show. Show attendees can log on and have the full experience of a trade show without ever leaving their desks. Attendees will be able to "walk" the trade show floor, view product demos, read literature and talk to company representatives – all online. Special thanks to BMC Software, Compaq, Informix Software, NCR, SAP and Trillium Software, the six charter members of dataWarehouse.com that have invested considerable time and resources to make this site a valuable resource for all of our readers.

As always, thanks for reading DM Review. Please contact me via e-mail, rpowell@dmreview.com, with any comments or questions.

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