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Current Issue of DM Review Magazine



Old School, New School
Industry expert Ralph Kimball discusses his views with DM Review Editorial Director Jim Ericson. This interview marks the DM Review debut of this data warehousing thought leader.


Data Warehouse Project Management
By Ken Pohl
Intimate knowledge of data and its relationships is the distinction between a generic project manager and data warehouse project manager. Understanding what is "under the hood" will allow you to speak with authority on the capabilities and issues of the data warehouse.
The Future of Data Management
By Michael Scofield
The data managers of the future will need to be entrepreneurial and proactive. Scofield and his DAMA International colleagues offer advice to ensure success in data management for tomorrow's enterprise.

(online exclusive)
The Effect of the BI Application on Business Performance
By Nigel Pendse
This article presents some surprising results of the most recent OLAP Survey.
Replicating the Business Strategy of Others
By R. Todd Stephens, Ph.D.
This lighthearted article discusses the business models of several prominent companies, and what you can learn and perhaps apply to your company strategy.

(online exclusive)
Data Warehousing in a Flat World: Trends for 2006
By Lou Agosta
Three paradoxes will characterize data warehousing trends in the year ahead: location persistence, the proprietary data warehousing appliance and thin slices of information in a tidal wave of data.


Selecting Technology & Services
Direction from the Chairman of the Board
By Sid Adelman

Customer Intelligence
Segmenting Your Users ... Again
By Larry Goldman

The Power of Metrics
Predictive Analytics - Algorithm Nirvana
By Kent Bauer

Marketing Systems
Selecting Customer Value Dashboard Contents, Part 2
By David M. Raab

Strategy Execution
The New Science of Strategy Execution
By George Veth

Metadata Management & Enterprise Architecture
Managing Metadata for the Business, Part 2 - Reducing IT Redundancy
By David Marco

Customer Data Integration
Master Data Management Milestones, Part 2
By Aaron Zornes

SQL Server Executive
Compliance & Risk Management - Roadmap for IT Executives and Data Stewards
By Sponsored Feature

Plain English About Information Quality
Information Quality in Reference Data
By Larry English

Information Management
By Bill Inmon
(online exclusive)

Maximize Business Performance
Implementing BPM - Choosing the Consultant
By Craig Schiff
(online exclusive)

Information Strategy
Improvement Levers and Pain Points: Turning Information Negatives into Positives
By Jane Griffin
(online exclusive)

Intelligent Solutions
Don't Blink; You Might Lose Your Vendor, Part 2
By Lisa Loftis



UATP Analyzes Transaction Data with DataFlux dfPower Studio
DataFlux Corporation - dfPower Studio


Harry & David's "Sweet" Data Quality Initiative
Firstlogic, Inc. - Firstlogic's Information Quality Suite


Melissa Data Cleans Co-Registration Data for Connectify Networks
Melissa Data - Data Quality Web Service


Autodesk Fights Dirty Data - and Wins
Trillium Software, a division of Harte-Hanks, Inc. - TS Quality


Electronic Medical Records: Helping Keep Disaster at Bay

From the Editor

Dear Readers,

As my attention was riveted on the Olympics for two weeks in February, I reflected on the similarity between Olympic athletes and world class companies. Common characteristics that immediately come to mind are focus, execution and flexibility.

Medal-winning athletes have a singular ability to focus on the objective at hand. Their well-trained bodies allow them to do physical feats that we couch potatoes could only hope to do. Conditioning both the mind and body helps them be fast and flexible in making the split-second decisions that are often the difference between winning and losing.

Our issue this month touches on these same critical success factors as they apply to business.

R. Todd Stephens, a wonderful presenter if you ever get a chance to hear him, suggests in his feature story that the ability to focus on strategic objectives is a hallmark of many successful organizations, and he advises smart companies to replicate these winning strategies. Sid Adelman, longtime "Ask the Expert" moderator on DMReview.com and now a DM Review columnist writing on tools and technology selection, recommends that you learn your company's mission and make it your goal to support that vision.

If you can't perform on the day of the race, all the game-day preparation is for naught. George Veth, co-founder of Palladium and a new DM Review columnist, discusses the importance of strategy execution and will write monthly columns about the science behind effective strategy formation.

Just as a world class athlete has to excel to succeed, so too must an organization be agile in order to respond to changing market conditions and maintain a competitive lead. In our executive interview, Ralph Kimball, longtime data warehouse proponent, comments that data warehousing professionals have moved up to the top level by providing a BI platform that can respond to the need for real-time, integrated, tactical, operational and compliant information.

With the Olympics a recent memory, the timing is perfect for DM Review to again sponsor the World Class Solution Awards. If you think you have a technology solution within your enterprise that is exceeding your expectations, providing unanticipated benefits or delivering exceptional ROI, we want to know about it. Please contact Valerie Latzke, valerie.latzke@sourcemedia.com, for guidelines and submission forms. In August we'll announce the award-winning companies and their best practice solutions.

Enjoy the issue and please send any feedback to me at maryjo.nott@sourcemedia.com.

Mary Jo Nott
Editor in Chief

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