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Current Issue of DM Review Magazine


March 2005 issue of DM Review magazine


Do You Really Know D&B?
Christopher Lucas, Vice President - S&MS at D&B, discusses how the Sales & Marketing Solutions division enables companies to maximize growth and revenue opportunities at each stage of the customer life cycle.


Maximizing Your ETL Tool Investment
By Matthew Everett Krudop
Is your organization struggling to justify an ETL tool purchase? If the tool is an enterprise level solution, the entry price is likely well into the six digits. At this price, the justification process may appear daunting. How can you ensure that your ETL tool implementation is successful?
The Dawn of the BI Director
By Wayne Eckerson
Today, the stepchild status is changing. One sign of change is the growing stature of BI Directors who oversee data warehousing and business intelligence projects. This article explores the exciting emerging role of the BI Director.
Unlocking Database Potential
By Jeffrey Spirn
This article discusses the problem of database locking - why it occurs, how it affects performance, which database functions are most susceptible and new choices that database managers have for minimizing or avoiding it.
Components of a BI Dashboard: Spatial Data & Visualization
By Michael L. Gonzales
Because humans think visually - spatially - the best BI environments provide advanced visualization techniques based on spatial relationships. This article defines the value of visualization and spatial data as two critical BI components and examines how leading dashboard technology effectively implements these components.
Data Modeling Essentials Book Review
By Steve Hoberman
Data Modeling Essentials, Third Edition, is a practical guide to one of the most critical stages in the development of a computerized information system - the design of the data model. In this edition, Simsion and Witt provide advice for all - from the novice to the expert.
Why Metrics-Centric Performance Management Solutions Fall Short
By Jonathan D. Becher
While metrics-centric performance management is an improvement over traditional reporting and business intelligence, it can fall short of an organization's expectations for several reasons.


Data Visualization
Dashboard Design: Taking a Metaphor Too Far
By Stephen Few

Plain English about Information Quality
Election 2004: IQ is Now on the Map
By Larry English

Meta Data & Knowledge Management
MME Best Practices Case Study Allstate Insurance, Part 2
By David Marco

Empowering the Information Enterprise
The Evolution to an Information Enterprise
By Jonathan Wu

Data Integration Advisor
Data Franchising
By Rick Sherman

Knowledge Integrity
Abstracting Access, Part 2
By David Loshin

Enterprise Architecture View
Query Analysis of the Data Warehouse Environment
By Michael F. Jennings

Maximize Business Performance
Five BPM Mistakes to Avoid, Part 2
By Craig Schiff

Data Management: An Executive Briefing
Optimizing the Vendor Master File
By George Marinos

Loyalty Best Practices
Substance, Not Sizzle, Earns Customer Loyalty
By Rajeev Rawat

Marketing Systems
Privacy Technologies
By David M. Raab

Intelligent Solutions
Corporate Governance
By Claudia Imhoff

Information Strategy
Life after Sarbanes-Oxley Compliance
By Jane Griffin

The Power of Metrics
KPI Identification with Fishbone Enlightenment
By Kent Bauer

Data Warehousing Lessons Learned
Hub-and-Spoke Architecture Favored
By Lou Agosta

Building Business Intelligence
Introducing the Data Warehouse Appliance, Part 1
By William McKnight



StorageTek Takes Control of Data Quality with DataFlux
DataFlux Corporation, a division of SAS - dfPower Studio


A Market Leader in Fund-Based Life Insurance Improves Business Record Data Quality with Evoke
Evoke Software Corporation - Evoke Axio


Blaze Advisor Drives Modernizing Legacy Systems at the California Department of Motor Vehicles
Fair, Isaac - Blaze Advisor


Avid Rolls Out Web Services-Based Enterprise Data Quality Initiative
Firstlogic, Inc. - IQ8 Integration Suite


Carlson Wagonlit Travel Delivers Unique Customer Value with Informatica PowerCenter
Informatica Corporation - PowerCenter


Innovative Systems Lends Quality and Compliance to Student Loan Servicer
Innovative Systems, Inc. - i/Lytics SECURE


Using Relationship Intelligence to Accelerate Sales Cycles and Close More Deals
Leverage Software - Relationship Intelligence


Total Card Inc. Validates Addresses to Comply with Patriot Act
Melissa Data - Data Quality Web Service


British Columbia Automobile Association Drives Member Satisfaction with Trillium Software
Trillium Software, a division of Harte-Hanks, Inc. - Trillium Software System


Making Data Conversions Less Painful

From the Publisher

This issue of DM Review is dedicated to the memory of our colleague - Rosemarie Galioto.

Rosemarie Galioto
Senior Art Director

In January of this year, DM Review's senior art director, Rosemarie Galioto, was taken prematurely from this world. A 19-year Faulkner & Gray/Source Media Employee, Rosemarie was a primary contributor to the redesign of DM Review that premiered with our October 2004 issue. A graduate of St. John University, Rosemarie is survived by her husband John and daughter Lauren. When Lauren was in grade school, Rosemarie founded the After School Program at PS98 in Douglaston, Queens, New York. Starting from scratch, Rosemarie developed an after-school program that is highly successful, has received several honors and meets the needs of the students and their working parents. We will all miss Rosemarie's talent and her compassionate nature.

In this issue, I think you'll find the following features of particular interest:

  • The Dawn of the BI Director, authored by Wayne Eckerson: The stepchild status of BI is quickly changing. One sign of this change is the growing stature of BI directors within major organizations, overseeing data warehousing and business intelligence projects.
  • Why Metrics-Centric Performance Management Solutions Fall Short, authored by Jonathan Becher: While metrics-centric performance management is an improvement over traditional reporting and business intelligence, it can still fall short of an organization's expectations.
  • Maximizing Your ETL Tool Investment, authored by Matthew Krudop: Is your organization struggling to justify an ETL tool purchase? Will your ETL implementation be successful? Gain insight into the daunting process of justifying ETL tool investments.
  • Components of a BI Dashboard: Spatial Data & Visualization, authored by Michael Gonzales: Building and deploying an executive dashboard takes time, regardless of the vendor or technology chosen.
  • This month's featured columnists include:
  • Life After Sarbanes-Oxley Compliance by Jane Griffin
  • MME Best Practices Case Study: Allstate Insurance, Part 2 by David Marco
  • Introducing the Data Warehouse Appliance, Part 1 by William McKnight
  • Corporate Governance ­ Corporations are Seeing the Rewards! by Claudia Imhoff

Please note the product reviews in this issue focus on data quality. They will provide great information to aid you in your technology evaluation processes this year.


Brian Cronin

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