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Current Issue of DM Review Magazine


February 2005 issue of DM Review magazine


Not Your Ordinary BI Vendor
Pete Cittadini, president and CEO of Actuate Corporation, explains how Actuate incorporates the aspects of querying, reporting, analytics and OLAP into a platform from which their customers build applications specific to their needs.


What's New and What's Not?
By Nigel Pendse
How has the world of OLAP changed over the past year? What are the trends and challenges for those using OLAP? Having completed The OLAP Survey 4, Pendse shares his results.
The Case for Data Stewardship
By William Laurent
Having first-class data significantly helps all aspects of your organization's business - helping to effectively gauge and manage risk, avoid redundant work loads, increase customer satisfaction and provide better business intelligence and decision-making support.
Business Process Management - The Holy Grail or Just Another Mirage?
By Steve Craggs
Vendors have been banging the drum loudly about the need for business process management while buyers have been attracted by its overt charms. However, the last year has seen a gradual shift in buyer perceptions, with concerns beginning to mount about business process management's capability to deliver real business value and return on investment.
Constructing an Evolutionary Data Architecture
By Srinivas Pandrangi
While there are several methods available for integrating data assets, many integration situations are too complex or require more flexibility than some traditional methods enable. This article introduces an enterprise information integration approach - how it works and how it addresses the critical issues.
Operational Risk Management
By Steven Lindseth
Operational risk management will make compliance management moot and business performance the driver for every decision, whether regulartory driven or not.


AFCOM: Data Center Management
ITIL: The First Stepping Stone to Standardization
By Jill Eckhaus

Enterpise Archtiecture View
A Systematic Approach to ETL Design
By Michael F. Jennings

Building Business Intelligence
Will Business Intelligence Replace the Business Analyst?
By William McKnight

Data Visualization
Grid Lines in Graphs are Rarely Useful
By Stephen Few

Plain English about Information Quality
The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Information Professionals, Habit 6: Synergize
By Larry English

Marketing Systems
Behavior Monitoring Systems
By David M. Raab

Maximize Business Performance
Five BPM Mistakes to Avoid, Part 1
By Craig Schiff

Knowledge Integrity
Abstracting Access
By David Loshin

Meta Data & Knowledge Management
MME Best Practices Case Study: Allstate Insurance, Part 1
By David Marco

IT Myth vs. Reality
Myth #2: Offshoring is an Option for CIOs and IT Departments
By Rajeev Rawat

Intelligent Solutions
Who You Know, Or Who Knows You!
By Jonathan G. Geiger and Claudia Imhoff and Lisa Loftis

Data Integration Advisor
Set the Stage with Data Preparation
By Rick Sherman

The Enterprise
Business Process Management Languages, Part 1: BPEL
By Clive Finkelstein

Data Management: An Executive Briefing
Business Class Priorities
By George Marinos

Information Management
World-Class Business Intelligence
By Bill Inmon

The Power of Metrics
KPI Reduction the Correlation Way
By Kent Bauer

Information Strategy
Telling Where It Hurts
By Jane Griffin

Intelligent Business Strategies
Knowledge Management: Reality at Last?
By Colin White

DAMA (Data Management Association)
A Message from the VP of Chapter Services
By John Schley

Data Warehousing Lessons Learned
Trends in Data Quality
By Lou Agosta

Customer Intelligence
Driving Toward Action: The Insight Stage
By Larry Goldman

Dollars & Sense
Suffering from Downsizing Distress?
By Susan Osterfelt



The Cancer Treatment Center Relies on ADVIZOR Visualization to Revolutionize Clinical Trial Analysis
ADVIZOR Solutions, Inc. - ADVIZOR Analyst Pro


GTC Biotherapeutics Finds Applix TM1 the Cure for Performance Management Solutions
Applix, Inc. - Applix TM1


dynaSight Dashboard Solution Reveals Efficiencies for Premier's Purchasing Departments
arcplan, Inc. - dynaSight


O&Y; Enterprise Streamlines Budgeting Process with Clarity
Clarity Systems - Clarity Performance Management


Corporate Radar Delivers Complete Information Solutions for the Entire Enterprise at North West Company
Corporate Radar - Corporate Radar


NBC Universal Focuses on Speed and Agility with Help from Geac
Geac - Geac MPC


SAS Strategic Performance Management for Healthcare
SAS - SAS Strategic Performance Management


The Bar Has Been Raised
SRC Software, Inc. - SRC Budgeting & Reporting


Celadon Implements Next Generation BI Dashboard Powered by Theoris
Theoris, Inc. - Theoris Vision Software


Network Appliance Responds Rapidly to Global Changes by Implementing Webplan RapidResponse
Webplan - RapidResponse


Easing Backup Pains: VistaCare Prescribes Linux-Based Data Protection

Infusing a Global Knowledge Portal with External Business Information

From the Editor

As we begin the second month 2005, you may be reflecting on your progress toward your self-directed goals for the year. Perhaps one of your resolutions for the New Year was to enhance your knowledge and expertise in business intelligence, not only for your personal edification but to benefit your company. This issue features abundant fuel to quench your thirst for such knowledge.

Steve Craggs of the Integration Consortium looks at the history, challenges and promises of business process management; Nigel Pendse reports on the results of his annual OLAP survey of almost three thousand respondents in 48 countries in total, of which almost one thousand provided detailed information about their experiences in buying and using dozens of OLAP tools; and Bill Laurent explains how data stewardship can assist organizations to effectively gauge and manage risk, avoid redundant work loads, increase customer satisfaction and provide better business intelligence and decision-making support.

Operational risk management is the topic covered by Steve Lindseth, who predicts that early adopters will realize substantial benefits over their competition. Srinivas Pandrangi presents his perspective on how an enterprise information integration platform hides the complexity of data sources being integrated and exposes a single data model, query language and programming interface to the end user.

As usual, our columnists have written on very timely topics. All of these are listed on the table of contents, so I'll just note a few to whet your appetite:

  • World Class Business Intelligence by Bill Inmon is on page 60.
  • Who You Know, Or Who Knows You! Influence Value in CRM Strategies by Claudia Imhoff, Lisa Loftis and Jonathan Geiger is on page 52. Special thanks to Lisa and Jonathan for their valuable input this month!
  • Business Class Priorities: The New Focus on Corporate Reporting Initiatives by George Marinos is on page 58.

The product reviews this month focus on business performance management, and you will find them beginning on page 68.

When our annual readership survey was in process, we promised to share some of the results with you. Here's a bit of interesting information gleaned from the survey. Readers' organizations report that the top drivers for business performance management initiatives are the executive team (41%) and the CEO (33%).

Good luck with your initiatives for 2005!

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