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The article you selected is on the following topics: XML and Content Management and Unstructured Data. Below is other editorial that matches those categories.

Other Editorial in the XML Category
Enterprise Architecture View:
Final Component of the Complete Meta Data Model
By Michael F. Jennings
Column published 10/01/04

A Perspective on Data Collaboration: EDI and XML
By Edward Kierklo
Article published 09/10/04

Knowledge: The Essence of Meta Data:
XML Standards are an Integral Part of Meta Data
By R. Todd Stephens
Column published 08/19/04

Data Access as a Business Asset:
The XML Data Challenge
By John Goodson
Column published 08/19/04

By Russell Ruggiero and Rex Brooks
Article published 06/18/04

Managing Meta Data for Corporate Savings
By JP Morgenthal
Article published 04/16/04

Data Acquisition and Integration: XML-Based Data Integration
By Rick Paleske
Article published 03/19/04

I have XML with n-tier structure (there are n level sub nodes in each node).
By Scott Howard
Ask The Experts published 08/22/03

SchemaServer Provides Interoperability and Information Flow for OntologyStream
By Paul S. Prueitt
Product Review published 07/01/03

Enterprise Architecture View:
What's in Your ETL Method?
By Michael F. Jennings
Column published 06/01/03

Intelligent Business Strategies:
OLAP in the Database
By Colin White
Column published 06/01/03

Other Editorial in the Content Management Category
Completing the Analysis Picture: Aligning Content with Response
By Katie Cole
Article published 09/14/04

Using Document Management in a Healthcare Organization for HIPAA Compliance and Improved Operational Efficiency
By Stephen H. Rannells
Article published 08/13/04

W.A. Wilde Company Uses Exstream Software's Dialogue to Deliver Highly Personalized Documents
By Robert Reeder
Product Review published 07/01/04

Escaping the Paper Paradigm
By Paul Berkman
Article published 05/21/04

Enterprise Content Management:
Exploring Text with Qualitative Data Analysis
By Dan Sullivan
Column published 05/01/04

Twentieth Century Fox Automates Records Management with Accutrac
By Elizabeth Albee
Product Review published 04/01/04

Knowledge Transfer Initiative Improves Support of QCSI's Rapidly Growing Customer Base
By Matthew Denison
Product Review published 04/01/04

Department of Defense Quality of Life Information Technology Center Streamlines Multi-Site Web Development With Ingeniux XML Content Management
By Ramon Lao
Product Review published 04/01/04

Thrifty Car Rental Uses Percussion Software's Rhythmyx 5 ECM as the Cornerstone of its International E-Commerce Effort
By Brad Rosenthal
Product Review published 04/01/04

UnumProvident Reduces Costs, Increases Productivity and Enables Geographically Distributed Business Processes Using Stellent Universal Content Management
By Mark Pavitt
Product Review published 04/01/04

Enterprise Content Management:
Conducting Your First Text Mining Project, Part 2
By Dan Sullivan
Column published 04/01/04

Other Editorial in the Unstructured Data Category
Two Worlds of Data – Unstructured and Structured
By Geoffrey Weglarz
Article published 09/01/04

A Perfect Storm is Brewing: Better Answers are Possible by Incorporating Unstructured Data Analysis Techniques
By Todd Wakefield
Article published 08/06/04

Information Management: Charting the Course:
Looking Ahead: Unstructured Data
By Bill Inmon
Column published 08/01/04

Business Intelligence: Recent Influences, Trends and Innovations
By Jonathan Wu
Article published 08/01/04

Better Predictions Using Unstructured Data in Mixed-Data Modeling
By Mike Meyer
Article published 07/30/04

Helping Visitors Help Themselves
By Ted Kelley
Product Review published 07/01/04

Enterprise Content Management:
Conducting Your First Text Mining Project, Part 2
By Dan Sullivan
Column published 04/01/04

Closing the Vocabulary Gap: Exploiting Unstructured Information for Intelligent Online Problem Solving
By Catherine Baudin
Article published 02/10/04

The Need for Text Mining in Business Intelligence
By Dan Sullivan
Article published 02/10/04

Enterprise Content Management:
The Most Important BI Merger Isn't Making Headlines
By Dan Sullivan
Column published 01/01/04

An Introductory Guide to Mining Text Data
By Hinrich Schuetze
Article published 09/26/03

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