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The ask the experts you selected is on the following topics: DW Design, Methodology. Below is other editorial that matches those categories.

Other Editorial in the DW Design, Methodology Category
Can agile development methodologies apply to BI projects and if so what are the main pitfalls to watch out for in using such techniques?
By Sid Adelman and Clay Rehm
Ask The Experts published 12/13/04

In an EDW architecture where data is consolidated and stored into a corporate data marts, how does the notion of conformed dimensions fit it?
By Clay Rehm
Ask The Experts published 12/13/04

Data Warehousing Infrastructure: Linux Clusters for the Enterprise
By Shankar Radhakrishnan
Article published 12/01/04

Information Management:
Straight Talk: Data Warehousing and Offshore Development
By Bill Inmon
Column published 11/01/04

Data Warehousing Lessons Learned:
A Time of Growth for Data Warehousing
By Lou Agosta
Column published 11/01/04

Gauge Your Data Warehouse Maturity
By Wayne Eckerson
Article published 11/01/04

Optimal Data Architecture for Clinical Data Warehouses
By Ralph Hughes
Best Practices published 11/01/04

Creating the Perfect Storm with Teksouth
By Larry Northington
Best Practices published 11/01/04

How do we map all the OLTP schema to OLAP to answer queries about historical information in the data warehouse?
By Chuck Kelley and Joe Oates and Les Barbusinski
Ask The Experts published 11/01/04

When designing the dimension for a call center do I keep the information in a denormalized form or break it into logical mini dimensions?
By Steve Hoberman and Chuck Kelley and Joe Oates
Ask The Experts published 11/01/04

How do 3NF and 1NF compare and contrast in VLDB? What advantage does the 3NF design have for a VLDB?
By Chuck Kelley and Clay Rehm
Ask The Experts published 10/14/04

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