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The column you selected is on the following topics: Data Management and Unstructured Data. Below is other editorial that matches those categories.

Other Editorial in the Data Management Category
Data Management Tipping Point:
An Introduction
By Peter Aiken
Column published 09/01/05

Get Your Data Management House to Enable Service-Oriented Architecture
By Jane Griffin
Article published 09/01/05

BI Strategy:
The Data Management Center of Excellence: What It Is and What It Does
By Rich Cohen
Column published 08/11/05

Data Management Association:
A Curriculum Framework in Data Management, 2005 North American Edition
By Deborah Henderson
Column published 08/01/05

BI Strategy:
Making Order Out of Chaos: Building an Enterprise-Wide Data Management Environment
By Rich Cohen
Column published 07/07/05

The Competition Data Warehouse
By Keith Ronald
Product Review published 07/01/05

Customer Intelligence:
We All Need Support
By Larry Goldman
Column published 07/01/05

Data Auditing Creates a Foundation for Good Governance and Risk Management
By Murray S. Mazer
Article published 06/07/05

Intelligent Solutions:
Can You Keep a Secret?
By Claudia Imhoff
Column published 06/01/05

Information Strategy:
Data Governance: A Strategy for Success
By Jane Griffin
Column published 06/01/05

Marketing Systems:
Privacy Compliance and Databases
By David M. Raab
Column published 06/01/05

Other Editorial in the Unstructured Data Category
Information Management:
Unstructured ETL
By Bill Inmon
Column published 09/01/05

Unified Business Intelligence:
UIMA - Is IBM Hearing Voices?
By Ronen Feldman, Ph.D.
Column published 08/25/05

Can SQL be Saved from XML?
By Michael M. David
Article published 06/24/05

Risky Business: Unstructured Communications in a Regulated World
By Bo Manning
Article published 06/03/05

Unified Business Intelligence in Action:
Managing Risk for the Financial Services Market in a World of Uncertainty
By Ronen Feldman, Ph.D.
Column published 06/02/05

Unified Business Intelligence:
Three Vs: Best Practices for a Unified Business Intelligence Infrastructure
By Ronen Feldman, Ph.D.
Column published 04/28/05

Unified Business Intelligence:
Voices of BI
By Ronen Feldman, Ph.D.
Column published 02/24/05

The Integration of Unstructured Data into a Business Intelligence System
By William N. McCrosky
Article published 12/21/04

Volume Analytics:
Structured + Unstructured Data = N-Structured Data
By Guy Creese
Column published 12/16/04

Information Management:
The Noise is Terrific
By Bill Inmon
Column published 12/01/04

Two Worlds of Data – Unstructured and Structured
By Geoffrey Weglarz
Article published 09/01/04

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