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The column you selected is on the following topics: Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) and Web Services. Below is other editorial that matches those categories.

Other Editorial in the Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) Category
Data Integration:
The Advent of E3
By Greg Mancuso and Al Moreno
Column published 03/10/05

Grid Solutions that Target Data Virtualization
By Russell Ruggiero
Article published 03/04/05

Business Process Management - The Holy Grail or Just Another Mirage?
By Steve Craggs
Article published 02/01/05

Business Intelligence: Recent Influences, Trends and Innovations
By Jonathan Wu
Article published 08/01/04

Enterprise Application Development Limited Only by Our Planning
By Jason Sharp
Product Review published 07/01/04

Rubio's Fresh Mexican Grill Cooks Up Improved Enterprise Performance with Business Objects
By Paul Nishiyama
Product Review published 07/01/04

Pervasive Speeds HIPAA Compliance for Per-Se Technologies
By Tim Hannan
Product Review published 07/01/04

Thoughts from the Integration Consortium:
Web Services-Based Integration, Part I
By Integration Consortium
Column published 07/01/04

Thoughts from the EAI Consortium:
UBI Delivering Real-World Results, Part 2
By Integration Consortium
Column published 05/06/04

An Integrated Data Exchange and Sharing Architecture
By Nasha Huang
Article published 04/13/04

Thoughts from the EAI Consortium:
Moving to Universal Business Integration, Part 1
By Integration Consortium
Column published 04/01/04

Other Editorial in the Web Services Category
The Enterprise:
Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA)
By Clive Finkelstein
Column published 01/01/05

Web Services and Service-Oriented Architectures Success Depend on the Registry
By Jeff Tonkel
Article published 12/23/04

Thoughts from the Integration Consortium:
Web Services Evolvement – The Baby Starts Walking and Talking
By Integration Consortium
Column published 12/02/04

Novar Controls Leverages Excel for Web-Based Business Performance Management
By Charlie Gaddis
Product Review published 07/01/04

Helping Visitors Help Themselves
By Ted Kelley
Product Review published 07/01/04

Thoughts from the Integration Consortium:
Web Services-Based Integration, Part I
By Integration Consortium
Column published 07/01/04

Enticing but Dangerous: Assessing Web Services from a Data Quality Perspective
By George Marinos
Article published 05/01/04

Where Open Standards Fit into the Application Integration Puzzle
By David Linthicum and Michael Kuhbock and Leo Sayavedra
Article published 04/27/04

SOA Today:
Organizing for SOA
By Jeremy Westerman
Column published 04/08/04

Web Services: Find the Delicate Balance to Keep Your Options Open
By Terry Noreault
Article published 04/02/04

The Impact that XBRL and Web Services Will Have on Financial Reporting
By Mark Israel
Article published 03/12/04

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