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SAS Visual Data Discovery for Midsize Business is the ticket for StubHub

December 16, 2008 - StubHub, the eBay company that reinvented the ticket resale market, is reinventing how it targets customers with software from SAS.


Using SAS Visual Data Discovery for Midsize Business, StubHub business analysts quickly and graphically evaluate customer behavior, creating clusters of like-minded consumers for targeted outreach.


Before SAS Visual Data Discovery, San Francisco-based StubHub used SQL data extracts and Microsoft Excel for customer analysis and segmentation. Ming Teng, StubHub’s Head of Analytics, said those were good summary tools but they were not meant for data mining. 


“We needed a user-friendly data mining and analytic solution that provided better value. And we needed to build predictive models. SAS Visual Data Discovery meets our needs perfectly,” he said. “We get the desired results with less time and effort.” 


The SAS solution, which combines three of SAS' offerings (Base SAS, SAS/STAT and SAS/GRAPH) with JMP, provides a point-and-click interface to SAS software’s advanced analytics and exploratory data analysis.


Using the SAS solution, StubHub analysts create customer “personas” – say, die-hard Miami Dolphins fanatics. That persona group might extend beyond the Miami area to include fans that moved to Chicago. When the Dolphins play the Bears in Chicago, StubHub can email relocated Miami fans that tickets are available. 


“My team can now get more from the same data we’ve had for months and years with less effort. We can now create improved customer loyalty programs, while also cutting the time we spend on a given task by 25 percent,” said Teng. “Of course, we use the time saved to do additional analysis and get more value from our data.” 

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