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More Articles - Business Intelligence (BI)

Dashboards: The New Face of BI

Arman Eshraghi
Four main elements will determine the success of your dashboard project

Predictive Analytics: Extending BI Infrastructure

Ramya Ramakrishnana, Rajashekharappa Madure
Predictive analytics is applied in a variety of industries to use historical data to anticipate future events

Business Intelligence: The Road Trip

John Zeller
This article demonstrates that Web-enabled reports and fancy dashboards and portals do not mean you have a BI solution in place

Mobile BI Supports On-The-Go Demands

Ian Gordon
The mobile phone is swiftly becoming the new business platform of choice over PCs or laptops

Integrating Intelligence and Process Management

Alok Mehrotra, Vidhyalakshmi Sundaram
This article shares the authors' experience in executing a proof of concept by integrating BPM with BI

When Three-Letter Acronyms Collide

Jim Ericson
Though entry points differ, user conference provides more proof that data, process and integration cannot be siloed projects

Measuring the Value of Intelligence In Business Intelligence

Soumendra Mohanty
Intelligence in business intelligence is the ability to realize business success with easy assess to actionable information through timely and accurate insight into business conditions

Is Unified Communications the New Business Intelligence?

Vincent Guihan
Business intelligence, once the domain of enterprise and large midmarket firms, is now gradually moving down-market into the SMB space

Debunking Mainframe Myths

Laurel Danielson Buck, Caryn Meyers
This article tackles claims that mainframe BI is more complex than server-based solutions, too inflexible and too labor-intensive

The Next Wave in the Search Revolution

David Besemer
The next generation of search will enable business users to eaily and immediately search and discover the mission-critical structured data they need, without burdening IT

The Mainframe is Dead, and Other Myths

Laurel Danielson Buck, Caryn Meyers
Despite common belief, the mainframe is a valuable asset to companies wanting to implement business intelligence and analytic applications

Reader Response to "Making BI Pervasive by Making BI Easy"

Donna Kelly
Donna Kelly takes issue with the concept that blank search input boxes intimidate novice users

Secrets to Business Intelligence Success

DM Review Editorial Staff
BI could be the killer app of the decade that helps businesses compete in the tough economy

Make BI Pervasive by Making BI Easy

John Piekos
By applying the metaphor of Internet search to BI, we can imagine a world where employees access and analyze business data as easily searching the Web

Microsoft BI: Little Big Plan

Jim Ericson
Conference points at future releases; 'managed self-service' needs a high-level message from Microsoft and consulting partners

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