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Online Columnists

The columns available here are written exclusively for our online readers. A new column is added every Thursday, and each writer offers expertise in several areas of business intelligence and data warehousing.

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Recent Columns

Thoughts from the Integration Consortium:
Web Services-Based Integration, Part I
Michael Kuhbock

Data Integration:
Business Intelligence and Business Performance Management – What Does It Really Cost?
Greg Mancuso and Al Moreno

Performance Management:
Paying to Play
The Performance Guys

Meet the Online Columnists

Malcolm Chisholm
Malcolm Chisholm is an independent consultant focusing on meta data engineering and data management. He is the author of How to Build a Business Rules Engine and Managing Reference Data in Enterprise Databases and frequently writes and speaks on these topics. Chisholm runs two Web sites and You can contact him at

Gabriel Fuchs
Gabriel Fuchs is a senior manager at La Suisse Insurance Company in Lausanne, Switzerland, and founder of the business intelligence department. Fuchs is presently involved in analyzing sales activities using data visualization and visual geomarketing solutions as well as implementing performance management applications. His column, "Reality IT" reflects a variety of different people's experiences, together with some common-sensed, creative imagination. He can be contacted at

The Gantry Group
Dawna Paton and Dale Troppito are managing partners of the Gantry Group. Paton has helped guide the Gantry Group's rigorous ROI best practice models based on a 25-year career as chief executive officer, CFO, sales and marketing executive, and venture capitalist in high technology companies. You can reach her at Dale Troppito, company cofounder, believes that the technology leaders of the future will be those that understand the crucial role that a market-validated, value delivery strategy and compelling ROI play in shaping corporate competitiveness and customer satisfaction. You can reach her at

Michael Kuhbock
Michael Kuhbock, founder and chairman of the Integration Consortium ( (formerly the EAI Industry Consortium), has dedicated the last three years to building the infrastructure of this global advocacy group developed to promote enterprise application integration through sponsored research, the establishment of standards, guidelines and best practices, and the articulation of strategic and measurable benefits. Acting as the CEO of Groundswell Revolution, Kuhbock has more than 18 years of experience providing strategic planning and consulting for clients ranging from high-tech startups to global organizations, he combines substantial expertise in business development with in-depth knowledge of the high-tech industry.

John Ladley
John Ladley is President of KI Solutions (formerly Knowledge InterSpace and short for Knowledge and Information Solutions,) a management consulting firm specializing in knowledge and information asset management and strategic business intelligence planning and delivery. He can be reached at

Joe Luedtke
Joe Luedtke is a principal of The Revere Group, a business and technology consultancy, where he leads their Business Intelligence practice in Milwaukee. Luedtke has more than fifteen years of IT industry experience architecting and implementing high-value BI, CRM and ERP solutions. He specializes in the design and implementation of business intelligence and analytic solutions. You can contact him at or to learn more visit

Greg Mancuso and Al Moreno
Greg Mancuso and Al Moreno are principals with Sinecon, a business intelligence consultancy specializing in data integration and BI/DW solution architecture design. Together they have more than 29 years of data warehouse and business intelligence experience and have implemented many large-scale solutions in both the U.S. and European markets. They may be reached at or

The Performance Guys
Guy Weismantel and Patrick Morrissey have more than 25 years experience in software, hardware and technology services and have worked with leading companies including IBM, HP, PeopleSoft, Business Objects, Cisco, Manugistics, Sun, Microsoft, Oracle and the usual suspects in consulting and services. In this column series, Weismantel and Morrissey will provide insight into how leading companies are addressing performance hype and operations reality. They can be reached at

Edward Peters
Edward Peters, president and CEO of DataDirect Technologies, Inc., has spent more than 20 years in various software and IT industry roles, such as CEO of Cerebellum Software and senior-leadership roles at MERANT and INTERSOLV, where he led the unit to become the leading ISV in the data access middleware market. Peters, an Ernst & Young 2003 Entrepreneur of the Year Finalist, has received numerous industry awards, including the GUIDE International President’s Award, the R/A/D Award for Excellence in Repository-Based Application Development and a Lehigh University Williams Prize.

Rick Sherman
Rick Sherman has more than 17 years of business intelligence and data warehousing experience, having worked on more than 50 implementations as an independent consultant and as a director/practice leader at a Big Five firm. He founded Athena IT Solutions, a Boston-based business intelligence and data warehousing consulting firm and is a published author, industry speaker, instructor and consultant. He can be reached at or (617) 835-0546.

R. Todd Stephens
R. Todd Stephens, Ph.D. is the director of Meta Data Services Group for the BellSouth Corporation, located in Atlanta, Georgia. He has more than 20 years of experience in information technology and speaks around the world on meta data, data architecture and information technology.  Stephens recently earned his Ph.D. in information systems and has more than 70 publications in the academic, professional and patent  arena.  You can reach him via e-mail at or to learn more visit

Simon Terr
Simon Terr is CEO and founder of KnowledgeSoft, Inc., a provider of products and services in the areas of real time data warehousing and business intelligence. Simon Terr can be reached at

Robert Wegener
Robert Wegener is the director of solutions for RCG Information Technology's Web services. He has more than 20 years of information and business engineering experience in operations, customer service, transportation, finance, product development, telecommunications and information systems. Wegener also has extensive experience in various process and development methodologies, quality assurance and testing methodologies. He can be contacted by e-mail at

David Wegman and George J. Loechl
David Wegman is the executive vice president of marketing and business development, and George J. "Lek" Loechl is a senior communications consultant at Vision Solutions, a leading developer of cross-platform managed availability software and services. Together they have more than 40 years of experience in the high tech field. You can contact them at or

Jeremy Westerman
Jeremy Westerman is the director of product management for BEA WebLogic Integration. He is responsible for product direction and feature set and was instrumental in the development of BEA WebLogic Integration 8.1. Westerman has been with BEA for six years in a number of roles that have all focused on integration – consulting, technical sales support, development and now product management. Prior to BEA, he was with Digital Equipment Corp. delivering SAP integration solutions using messaging middleware. You can contact him at

Jonathan Wu
Jonathan Wu is a senior principal with Knightsbridge Solutions, the largest independent professional services firm specializing in business intelligence and data warehousing. He has extensive experience designing, developing, and implementing information solutions for reporting, analysis and decision-making purposes. Wu initiated and contributed to the development of the Business Intelligence and Data Warehousing Certificate Program at the University of California, Berkeley Extension and is also a lecturer in the program. In addition to this quarterly column, Wu is the business intelligence online columnist for He can be reached at

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Archive of Online Columns, by author:

Business Rules Evangelist
By Malcolm Chisholm
06/23/04 - Do Business Rules Fit the Systems Development Life Cycle?
05/27/04 - In Praise of Procedure
04/22/04 - Forever One: Business Rules and Reference Data
02/26/04 - Business Rules and Black Boxes
01/30/04 - The Normalized Foundation of Business Rules
01/02/04 - The Case for Business Rules

Reality IT
By Gabriel Fuchs
07/01/04 - Data Mining – If Only It Really Were about Beers and Diapers
06/03/04 - BI Islands or a Whole BI Archipelago?
05/06/04 - Real-Time BI – The Step Before No-Time BI

Eye on ROI
By The Gantry Group
06/23/04 - Measuring the ROI of Increased Productivity
05/27/04 - Measuring the ROI of IT Consulting Services
04/22/04 - The "ROI" of ROI
03/25/04 - ROI Overview

Thoughts from the Integration Consortium
By Michael Kuhbock
07/01/04 - Web Services-Based Integration, Part I
06/03/04 - Service Oriented Architecture – The Right Side Up
05/06/04 - UBI Delivering Real-World Results, Part 2
04/01/04 - Moving to Universal Business Integration, Part 1
03/04/04 - Integration Everywhere – How SOA is Altering the Direction of EAI
02/05/04 - Avoiding EAI Disasters
01/15/04 - An Introduction to the True Definition of Enterprise Application Integration (EAI)
04/30/00 - UBI Delivering Real-World Results, Part 2

Beyond the Data Warehouse
By John Ladley
06/17/04 - Do You Need an Enterprise Information Architecture?
05/20/04 - What is a Data/Information Architecture Strategy?
01/30/04 - Information Management Full Employment Acts
07/14/03 - Convergence
06/12/03 - The Return on Information
05/09/03 - The Value of Information
03/07/03 - Beyond Rows and Columns, Part 4 – Collaboration
01/24/03 - Beyond Rows and Columns – Unstructured Information, Part 3
12/06/02 - Beyond Rows and Columns – Extreme Information Maturity (a.k.a. Enterprise Data Management)
10/10/02 - Practical Knowledge Management (or What Comes after the Rows and Columns?)
09/12/02 - Information Management Maturity, Part 2
08/09/02 - Information Management Maturity
07/19/02 - How Business Affects the Technology
06/07/02 - Affecting Business Change, Part 2
05/10/02 - Affecting Business Change

BI for the Masses
By Joe Luedtke
04/22/04 - What the Sales Rep Doesn’t Say; Lessons in Software Licensing
03/18/04 - Calculating the ROI of Your BI Project
02/19/04 - Finding Your Best Managed Reality
01/22/04 - Barriers to Entry
11/20/03 - Driving Pervasive Computing in the Fear Economy
10/16/03 - Unfulfilled Promises
09/18/03 - Managing Your Corporation’s New Technology Tax
08/29/03 - Camera Phones – Pervasive Computing’s Purple Cow
07/17/03 - RFID Tags: Pervasive Computing in Your Pocket, on Your Key Chain and in Your Car
06/12/03 - Pervasive or Utilitarian Computing?
05/16/03 - Pushing Against Your Psychological Inertia
04/18/03 - In Search of a Unified Communication Model
03/14/03 - Always, Almost Always or Occasionally: The Adjectives of Mobile Computing Architectures
02/14/03 - Pervasive Business Intelligence
01/16/03 - The Dawn of Pervasive Computing

Data Integration
By Greg Mancuso and Al Moreno
07/01/04 - Business Intelligence and Business Performance Management – What Does It Really Cost?
06/10/04 - Stopping Your Company’s DRIPs, Part 3
05/13/04 - Stopping Your Company’s DRIPs, Part 2
04/01/04 - Stopping Your Company’s DRIPs, Part 1
03/11/04 - Are Your Company’s Information Systems a DRIP?

Performance Management
By The Performance Guys
07/01/04 - Paying to Play
05/27/04 - The Top Performance Management Topic for CFOs is Data Quality
04/29/04 - Find a Path to a Quick Win
03/25/04 - Looking for Success
02/26/04 - The Five Myths of Performance Management

Data Access as a Business Asset
By Edward Peters
04/08/04 - Support Operations – What to Look for in a Software Vendor
03/04/04 - The Role of Data Connectivity in Business Intelligence
02/05/04 - Maximizing Performance and Security in the Microsoft .Net Framework
01/08/04 - Is "Free" Really Free?

BI Briefs
By Rick Sherman
06/03/04 - Seven Misconceptions about Data Quality
04/29/04 - Shedding Light on Data Shadow Systems
03/25/04 - How to Satisfy Business Users Every Time (Business User Myths), Part 3
12/04/03 - How to Satisfy Business Users Every Time (Business User Myths), Part 2
09/25/03 - How to Satisfy Business Users Every Time and Make Them Beg for More, Part 1
08/21/03 - Sponsorship and Governance for Successful BI Programs
07/25/03 - Are You Driving a Dashboard to Disaster?
06/26/03 - Mars, Venus and a Successful Business Intelligence Architecture
05/22/03 - The Four Legs of a Successful Business Intelligence Project Team

Knowledge: The Essence of Meta Data
By R. Todd Stephens
06/17/04 - What are Your Hitching Posts?
05/21/04 - Broken Windows, Data Quality and the Future of Meta Data
04/15/04 - Meta Data: A Tradition Like No Other
03/18/04 - The Meta Data Experience
02/19/04 - The Five Disciplines of Data
01/22/04 - Meta Data is the Great Big Book of Everything
12/18/03 - Meta Data Management Life Cycle Reviewed
11/13/03 - What Should You Expect from the Meta Data Vendor Community?
10/16/03 - Meta Data and XML: Will History Repeat Itself?
09/11/03 - Metatag – The Newest Member of the Meta Data Family
08/14/03 - Should We Have a Meta Data Management Maturity Model?
07/17/03 - Is the Library Card Catalog Analogy Good or Bad for Meta Data?
06/19/03 - Selling Meta Data is Not Like Selling Kudzu
05/16/03 - Metacide: The Killing of a Meta Data Project

Real-Time Data Warehousing
By Simon Terr
04/29/04 - GIS
03/11/04 - Applications
02/12/04 - Hardware and Software
01/08/04 - Customers, Budget and System Architecture
12/11/03 - Road Map
11/06/03 - Goals
10/09/03 - Real-Time Data Warehousing 101

Architecture Design
By Robert Wegener
04/15/04 - Design Patterns
03/18/04 - Service Oriented Architecture

Managed Availability Memo
By David Wegman and George J. Loechl
06/10/04 - A New Way to Look at RPO and RTO
05/13/04 - Are You Reactive, Proactive or Somewhere in Between?

SOA Today
By Jeremy Westerman
05/13/04 - A Real-World Example
04/08/04 - Organizing for SOA
03/11/04 - Business Value of SOA
02/12/04 - A Technical Discussion of SOA
01/15/04 - Introduction to Service-Oriented Architecture

Business Intelligence
By Jonathan Wu
04/08/04 - Enhancing "Real-Time" Analytics
03/04/04 - Training of Information Consumers, Part 3
12/01/03 - Training of Information Consumers, Part 2
10/24/03 - Training of Information Consumers, Part 1
08/29/03 - Conducting a Post-Implementation Business Intelligence Assessment
05/30/03 - Technical Considerations When Business Intelligence Applications Access ERP Databases
04/25/03 - Information Access Road Map – A Guide to Developing a Reporting Environment
03/28/03 - Assessing Your Organization’s Information
05/24/02 - Visualization of Key Performance Indicators
04/19/02 - Analytic Applications: Relevant Information for Decision-Making Purposes
02/01/02 - The Value in Mining Data
01/07/02 - Creating Islands and Continents of Information
12/03/01 - Creating a Successful Business Case to Advance Your Initiative
10/22/01 - Fostering Success through Managing Expectations
09/03/01 - Web Reporting Capabilities: Building Versus Buying
08/13/01 - The Value of Business Intelligence Applications: Part 3
06/25/01 - The Value of Business Intelligence Applications: Part 2
05/28/01 - The Value of Business Intelligence Application: Part 1
04/27/01 - Failure to Plan is a Plan for Failure
03/09/01 - What's in a Name?
02/09/01 - Balanced Processing to Achieve Optimal Performance for BI Reports and Queries
12/22/00 - Components of an Optimal BI/Ad Hoc Query Environment
11/22/00 - The Transition of Data into Wisdom
10/13/00 - What is This Data? End User Presentation of Meta Data
09/15/00 - Top 10 Warning Signs of a Troubled BI Project
08/11/00 - What is Data Mining?
07/13/00 - Calculating the ROI for Business Intelligence Projects
06/08/00 - Which Application is Best for an Organization?
05/11/00 - Why Provide User Training?
04/13/00 - User Requirements for Enterprise Query and Reporting
03/09/00 - Differences Between Web and Non-Web Applications
02/10/00 - What is Business Intelligence?
01/13/00 - Events and Introductions

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