Flash Advertisement Specifications

When submitting a Macromedia Flash banner you need to supply three files:

  1. Uncompressed .fla file
  2. Compiled .swf file
  3. Standard .gif or .jpg image file used as a backup to the animated .swf

Submit all three in a ZIP file less than 3 megabytes in size.
Include the URL/landing page for each ad campaign as part of the e-mail.

Flash file modifications:
(Before compiling your .fla file into a .swf file)
Create the Flash ad in the form of a button. (The user should be able to click on the ad.)
In the button Object Action:

Button Object Action getURL code below is case sensitive:

on (release) {
getURL (clickTag,"_blank");

Note: Use a single click-through URL for your campaign, so we will be able to track clicks on your banner.
Although, we will not be able to track clicks to multiple URLs separately.

File Name: (12 characters excluding the extension)
All files should begin with the same file name, for example:
120x60.fla, 120x60.swf and 120x60.gif
728x90.fla, 728x90.swf and 728x90.gif
160x600.fla. 160x600.swf and 160x600.gif

File Size:
10k maximum for each 120x60 swf and gif file
23k maximum for each 728x90 swf and gif file
30k maximum for each 160x600 swf and gif file

We do not support Version 8 at this time.