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Scalar i2000 from Advanced Digital Information Corporation supports both SCSI installations and Fibre Channel SANs, eliminates external library control servers, enhances library functions to increase overall data protection and saves users time and money over the life of their backup system. Functions integrated within the Scalar i2000 include native partitioning of a single library into multiple logical libraries, mixed media operation, native Fibre Channel connectivity, advanced performance monitoring, proactive system readiness checks, self-guided diagnostics and policy-based user alerts that are sent over standard e-mail and pager networks. The iPlatform?s server-class embedded controller displays real-time backup performance data and gathers information to be used for future predictive analysis.


MAXM Database Advisor for IMS from BMC Software, Inc. proactively and automatically manages space usage for full-function and high-availability large database (HALDB) environments within and across IMS and z/OS SYSPLEXs. The solution?s built-in intelligence uses database performance and space metrics to identify and predict database problems. MAXM Database Advisor also forecasts when problems will occur and recommends the best available solution to solve or prevent the problems.This proactive notification gives the DBA advance warning so that required database maintenance can be planned and scheduled in such a way as to have minimal impact on existing service level agreements.

BusinessObjects Performance Manager from Business Objects represents the second phase of the company's enterprise performance management (EPM) strategy. Performance Manager helps organizations respond to changing business conditions through an easy-to-use goal management interface and provides a wizard-driven workflow environment for defining, modifying and distributing goals based on an employee's role. Performance Manager provides out-of-the-box, role-based scorecarding functionality which enables users to sort goals in categories most relevant to them. Performance Manager includes interactive strategy maps, which display the relationship between objectives and how these objectives support the overall business strategy.

Celequest 2.0 from Celequest is an integrated software suite for building and deploying business activity monitoring solutions across the enterprise Celequest 2.0 tightly integrates four complementary software components to provide a complete solution for BAM: Celequest 2.0 Activity Server delivers patent-pending streaming database technology that materializes and caches real- time temporal views of events and integrates historical context data; Scenario Modeler enables business users to model complex analytical scenarios dynamically and evaluate them in real time with a Microsoft Excel-like interface.; Activity Dashboard provides business users with visibility into real-time metrics and alerts and allows users to acknowledge and initiate action; and application workbench creates baseline business views and data models that provide a real-time representation of business activity; this information is then correlated with contextual information to provide a meaningful picture of the activity.

BizFusion from CopperKey Technologies is a comprehensive set of online business analysis services designed specifically for small and mid-size businesses (SMBs). BizFusion delivers meaningful and unique information about customers, markets and the competitive landscape with minimal input from the user. BizFusion's "Intelligent Targeting Services" combine uniquely advanced, proprietary data modeling techniques with national consumer and business databases.

CoSORT Version 8 from Innovative Routines International (IRI), Inc. (a/k/a CoSORT) features a redesigned parallel sort engine for UNIX servers, a new API for data warehouse developers and enhanced migration tools for mainframe and other sort users switching to CoSORT on open systems. Specifics on the major improvements in CoSORT V8 include: faster sort engine, callable SortCL API, sort conversion offerings, and New CoSORT platforms including all commercial UNIX and Wintel platforms, HP-UX on Intel Itanium 2 and Linux on IBM's zSeries mainframe.

CoSORT Version 8.1.2 from Innovative Routines International (IRI), Inc. (a/k/a CoSORT) is also available for Windows and features vastly improved sort throughput on single- and multiple-CPU implementations of Windows XP, NT and 2000. A 1GB fixed-length sort that took 10 minutes under 7.5.3 on a single-CPU PC now takes 4 minutes. CoSORT V8 for Windows also features ergonomic improvements to the unique Java GUI for CoSORT's sort control language (SortCL) program, unlimited user exit flexibility and a new sortcl_routine() API call for DW and other developers using C, Delphi, Java, VB, VC++, etc.

Media Management System (MMS) release 5.1.0 from LXI Corp. is an iSeries backup, recovery, media management and vaulting solution. MMS is a comprehensive family of storage management applications that efficiently preserves, protects and recovers data. Data availability is critical for successful recovery and, in the information life cycle, MMS provides end-to-end data protection.

Equivalent Script Version 1.1 from Red Earth Technologies allows users to develop entire SQL scripts once, then generate the equivalent SQL dialect for multiple database servers with a single button click, which eliminates the need for any manual conversion. Scripts generated by Equivalent Script require no post-editing and will run the first time, eliminating costly debugging or testing. Users can use the Intuitive interface provided to create and generate scripts, or they can programmatically access the Document Object from within their own applications. Equivalent Script generates SQL scripts for Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft Access and MySQL. Equivalent Script can be extended to cater for additional Database Servers.

DLx RPwriter from RedPrairie Corporation is an easy-to-use, flexible report generation tool with embedded graphics capabilities that replaces several third-party reporting engines previously used within RedPrairie applications. Providing a single, graphical report writing tool across all supply chain execution (SCE) applications will enable customers to make better decisions and reduce their total cost of ownership. DLx RPwriter is being incorporated into each new release of RedPrairie's DigitaLogistix suite of applications, including DLx Warehouse/P 6.0, which was released May 1. All RedPrairie applications will employ DLx RPwriter by year end.

Verity Ultraseek 5.1 from Verity Inc. is designed to allow users to spend less time searching for information and more time acting on it through a set of new features that optimize the way results are displayed and through intelligent analysis of content source. These new features include title replacement which creates accurate search result titles for documents that either have no title or a template title not relevant to the content of the document; results by location whichclusters or groups search results by site, directory, folder or other logical arrangement to enable users to easily navigate through Web sites; and in-document term highlighting which allows users to locate the term that they are looking for quickly and easily.

Verity K2 Enterprise (K2E) release 5.0 from Verity Inc. helps large-scale organizations maximize the return on their intellectual capital investment and assets. Verity K2E 5.0?s new multidomain feature recognizes that global organizations work with other global organizations, whether within their own corporation or externally. This capability lets users from multiple organizations conduct authorized searches in each other?s content repositories. Connections between different K2E-based intellectual management systems can now be achieved with full security, presenting the knowledge bases of numerous repositories via a single access point. In effect, this multi-domain function gives extranets a new meaning, taking them from being simple communication channels to serving as sophisticated vehicles for sharing and mutually optimizing intellectual capital.

ORION from Vision Solutions scheduled for release in Q3, is the first multiplatform based software solution that enables users to predictably manage the functional availability of servers, data and applications across an enterprise, regardless of platform. ORION supports the OS/400, Windows and Linux platforms and UDB, Oracle, Sybase and SQL Server databases. Its functions include data integration across disparate databases as well as managed application and server availability within both homogeneous and heterogeneous environments including multisystem coordinated failover and recovery.

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