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Master Data Management (MDM) Channel

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Master data management (MDM) is meant to deliver a near real-time, hub-based and synchronized master record of information to any seat or point of view in the organization. Master records are created with data that is defined, integrated and reconciled from multiple systems (customer relationship management, financial, supply chain, marketing etc.) and classified by type (e.g. product master, customer master, location master etc.). MDM is often pursued by data type through programs that address Customer data integration (CDI) or product information management (PIM), though many observers believe true MDM requires reconciliation of all data types. Critical to MDM are the notions of data quality and matching, which technology tools can help to automate.


How MDM and Data Services Platforms Can be Complementary

Accessing and integrating quality data is the next step in SOA

A Pragmatic Approach to Measure Master Data Management Success

For all its benefits, MDM cannot be thought of as a standalone initiative. MDM can be viewed as a philosophy rather than a project

Seven Steps to Agile Data Governance

This article describes the seven steps companies should follow when embarking on an agile data governance project

When Three-Letter Acronyms Collide

Though entry points differ, user conference provides more proof that data, process and integration cannot be siloed projects

Why Master Data Management is Such a Challenge

Master data management (MDM) will never be easy, but with the right information and approach, MDM can deliver significant gains to your organization


Easing Into Master Data Management

There are five essential elements of master data management. One of the challenges is making progress in all five areas at once, while simultaneously working across the spectrum of people, process, technology and information.

MDM: Evaluation and Architecture Approach

This month’s column addresses some of the key parameters that need to be evaluated before the decision to procure an MDM tool is made

Data Security in Master Data Management

New rules ordering businesses to better safeguard consumers' personal information got me thinking about the often-overlooked relationship between master data management, data governance and data security.

Taking Credit for Your MDM Success

After watching both the Democratic and Republican National Conventions I saw a pattern playing out that (believe it or not) applies to master data management projects and ongoing data governance initiatives.

Will Data Content Managers Displace IT in MDM?

A specialized area called data content management seems to be set to take the leading role in master data management

Ask the Experts

Do you have any idea why financial master data is not on the screen when MDM is discussed?

How much time is needed to clean the master data and get it on track?

Do you have any advice for providing some structure for a new master data management project?

What's the relationship between master data management, data warehousing and service-oriented architectures?

Are master data management solutions mature enough to talk about talk about client counterparty and securities master?

White Papers

An Architected Approach to Integrated Information

By David Waddington

Managing Master Data with KALIDO 8

By Andrew Davis, Andrew Ellicott

Master Data Management and SOA

By Pierre Bonnet

Secure Tracking, Managing and Deploying Business Rules Across the Enterprise

By by YASU

Effectively Managing Master Data to Help Improve Information Quality


The Functional Approach to Data Management: Modeling, Analyzing, and Integrating Heterogeneous Data

By Peter M. D. Gray

Master Data Management: Reconfiguring IT at the Speed of Business

By i2 Technologies

Master Data Management and Customer Data Integration for a Global Enterprise

By Alex Berson, Larry Dubov

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