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Enterprise Decision Management Channel

Enterprise decision management (EDM) can be considered a subset of business process management which automates and streamlines transactions and interactions with customers and partners. Organizations apply EDM to high-volume transactions through the creation of business rules and decision trees, which, for example, set thresholds for approval or denial of credit or limit the ability to access information. EDM also requires a strategy for managing exceptions to defined business rules that can include alerts and human intervention. More recently, EDM is supported by the use of predictive analytics that can estimate likely behavior based on a small profile of information and thus shrink complex decision processes.


Customer Data Disorder: Part 1 - Defining Customer Data Disorder

Customer data disorder means there is significant variance between information about the customer party in the information entity and the party itself in the real world

Enterprise Intelligence Everywhere

The way in which organizations access enterprise information for analysis has undergone dramatic change.

Change Management

This article lays out an approach for managing change successfully.

The Value of Enterprise Data Management and Data Quality

The ability to effectively manage a company’s financial and operational data is quickly becoming a measurable component of profitability.


Data Archiving - A Quiet Market Reaches Take-off Velocity

Data archiving is a quiet market with significant potential. Given the growth in data volumes and intolerance for response time delays, interest in the capabilities of archiving, retention and restore software is reaching take-off speed.

Smart (Enough) Systems - BI Engage

Book review of Smart (Enough) Systems by James Taylor and Neil Raden.

The Data Governance Component of EDM

White Papers

Enterprise Information Management - Insights and Strategies into the Direction of EIM

By DataAgility

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An Enterprise Approach to Sarbanes-Oxley Compliance

By by Business Objects


How to Build a Business Rules Engine: Extending Application Functionality Through Metadata Engineering

By Malcolm Chisholm

Business Intelligence in the Digital Economy

By Mahesh Raisinghani

Principles of the Business Rule Approach

By Ronald G. Ross

Industry Vendors