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Data Warehouse Appliances Channel

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Data warehouse appliances are packaged (component, rack-mount or blade) combinations of hardware and software optimized for a particular purpose involving very high throughput of data and analytic functions. Arriving only recently (around 2002), DW appliances have quickly become a large and important segment of the data warehousing market due to cost and data processing efficiencies, which continue to scale against slower and costlier traditional methods. Appliances optimize different areas of data processing, but are not yet meant to supplant traditional business intelligence (BI) functions including warehousing, extract, transform, load (ETL), analysis and reporting. Led by startups, the data appliance market has increasingly attracted large traditional competitors that are expected to deliver most or all data warehousing in a high-performance form factor in the near to intermediate future.


A Generalized Approach to the Creation of Bridge Records

Applied to data warehousing, a bridge table relates a fact record to one or more dimension records. Where a fact has a one-to-many relationship with a dimension, or many-to-many, you may choose to handle that with a bridge table

Murphy’s Laws of Data Warehousing: What Goes Bump in the Night?

Murphy’s Law tells us that whatever can go wrong will go wrong. This axiom applies to all aspects of life, including data warehousing.

Using Data Virtualization to Maximize Return on Data Warehousing Investments

Today’s enterprises rely on the information in their data warehouses more than ever.

Essential Steps for the Integrated Enterprise Data Warehouse, Part 1

This article provides guidance to what an integrated EDW is and what design elements are needed to achieve integration.

Data Warehousing and Business Intelligence is a Service-Oriented Architecture

This paper examines how data warehousing and business intelligence fit into a service-oriented architecture.


Drill Down to Ask Why, Part 2

In this month’s column, I’ll continue with this example and explore how to implement analytic capabilities to explore “why” in a real data warehouse/business intelligence system.

Data Warehousing Meets Data Archiving in Information Lifecycle Management

Data warehousing without archiving is like a garage that a family has used for several generations.

Data Warehousing Appliances Fly into a Storm of Controversy

One author's view of data warehousing appliances.

Exploration Warehouse: The Final Frontier

The Next Stage in Data Warehouse Evolution, part 1

Ask the Experts

Could you please supply a definition for "exploration data mart?"

How could I train to be a good data warehouse business analyst?

What exactly is a corporate information factory, and the pros and cons of this approach?

White Papers

Data Warehouses: What are they and how will they benefit your organization?

By by Guident Technologies, Inc.

Data Warehousing Buyer's Guide


The Data Warehouse Method

By Tom Debevoise

Data Warehousing Advice for Managers

By Patricia L. Ferdinandi

The Data Warehouse Lifecycle Toolkit: Expert Methods for Designing, Developing, and Deploying Data Warehouses

By Ralph Kimball, Laura Reeves, Margy Ross, Warren Thornthwaite

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