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Data Management Channel


Too Simple, Too Soon

Thoughts on agile database development.

The Five Stages of Data Infrastructure Management

The more effectively an organization is able to meet rudimentary data management needs, the more likely it is able to move up the continuum to become a well-developed, peak performer.

Time and Time Again: Managing Time in Relational Databases, Part 11 - Foreign Keys in Version Tables Continued

This article continues the authors' discussion of foreign keys.

Bringing Order to Chaos through Data Center Automation

As today’s data centers struggle with constraints, companies should consider data center automation strategies that improve the way the IT infrastructure is managed and administered.

Video Surveillance and the Corporate Network

The use of video surveillance is growing among enterprises, and IP video requires new technology, new training and new departmental collaborations.


OpenBI Forum: Experiments in BI

Experimentation in business is proposed as next generation BI.

Data is at the Heart of Enterprise-Wide BI and DW, Part 3

Data Management and the Journey to High Performance

Too little focus has been on the underlying data itself and the architecture that delivers and manages this vital raw material.

Transparency of Data Management

Transparency is the degree to which your organization communicates to your producers and consumers of data management information.

Integrating a Data Management Wiki

Ask the Experts

When do you use a star schema and when to use a snowflake schema?

What are the pros and cons of including non-foreign key attributes in fact tables that are not metrics?

When should we use vertical partitioning?

What are the differences between ODS, EDW and a central repository and their specific uses?

Do you have a roadmap, preferably pictorial, to develop a data strategy or an online document that I can reference?

White Papers

Pragmatic Approach to Compliance Data Collation

Informatica - Handling Variable Length Files Using XML

By Arvind Kumar

Putting Metadata to Work to Achieve the Goals of Data Governance

By Informatica

Enterprise Information Management - Insights and Strategies into the Direction of EIM

By DataAgility

Automated Analysis Technology


Data Management: Databases and Organizations, 3rd Edition

By Richard T. Watson

Data Modeler's Workbench: Tools and Techniques for Analysis and Design

By Steve Hoberman

Effective Databases for Text & Document Management

By Shirley A. Becker

Vendor Showcase